Having red hair can really take up a good amount of time in my weekly regime to maintain, and that’s why today’s post is going to be all about the Aveda Madder Root Conditioner.


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Details: Aveda Madder Root Colour Conditioner


I’ve had red hair for a good two years now, if not longer, and it’s been an incredible journey for me! In a matter of saying, I’ve actually not felt the need to change my hair colour in this length of time, as I just feel content being a redhead now. I used to long for luxurious black locks and loved having black hair back in the day, as it’s always much easier to maintain and just stays in your hair for months! However, with red hair, it’s much harder for me to maintain and definitely doesn’t last as long. Lucky for me I have AVEDA to the rescue, and whilst browsing Lookfantastic.com I noticed a wide range of colour treatments for coloured hair that I just had to try around Christmas time in the sales. AVEDA is more of a high-end luxury brand, so it is typically more expensive than your average inexpensive brands, but each product is packed FULL of naturally derived ingredients. It’s definitely a brand I’ve grown to trust, and from all the products I’ve been using so far I’m left very impressed with the results and would highly recommend anyone to check them out! Today we will be talking about the ‘Colour Conditioners‘, now AVEDA have a great variety of shades to choose from, depending on your hair colour and you can pick from Black, Brown, Red/Auburn, Blonde and Grey Hair.


I’ve only tried the ‘Madder Rootcolour enhancing conditioner for Red/Auburn hair; so I can’t really give a good review for the other colour enhancing conditioners, but going by my experience with the Madder Root conditioner I can only say, you need to try these. I think the other colour enhancing conditioners will work just as good as this one, just because red hair is much harder to maintain, you can notice the effects more promptly, compared to the other colours from the range. This little conditioner has actually won an award, and also comes with rave reviews, so that’s what tempted me to buy this in the end. This is treated like a weekly pamper ritual for me, and every Sunday evening I will run a bath and shampoo my hair with the Aveda Madder Root shampoo, then apply this to the lengths and ends of my hair. Once applied I will then comb the product through all of my hair, using a wide tooth comb. You can leave this on for 3 minutes or longer, thus giving enough time to penetrate the hair and get the full potential of this miracle product. I normally leave mine on for more than ten minutes, for a deeper result and enhanced colour result.


This really get’s deep into the scalp to clean out impurities, and you can really feel the natural ingredients feeding your hair and almost relaxing the scalp. After washing the product out my hair feels instantly lighter and silky smooth! I will then let my hair air dry and it’s left with lot’s of volume and gives an almost 3D effect of different colour tones of red throughout my hair. My roots also look more blended in with my hair, which is a huge plus for me as my hair grows so quick, and it’s hard to keep up with root growth and have the time to do it every couple of weeks. I noticed in some reviews people complained about this product staining hands, skin and the bath! Honestly, this is not true! After applying just make sure to wash your hands straight away, and you’ll have no problem with this and my bath is also very porous. I’ve used many vegetable dyes in my day’s, that stain the bath really bad and this product is nothing! It doesn’t stain what so ever, so I guess it just depends on, but coming from someone who’s bath does stain easily, I can guarantee this is not a problem!


Honestly, I don’t know where I’d be without this conditioner now and it’s definitely part of my weekly regime now as it locks in colour for longer, this meaning I don’t have to henna my hair as often now! I used to do it every 4 weeks, but this helps prolong it for up to 7 weeks. It has a very earthy smell to it, much different than the shampoo! This is down to the red henna and 100% pure plant aromas, which I personally find very relaxing. So if you’re looking for a colour enhancing a product, I would definitely recommend you try this range out and you only need to use it 1-2 a week for optimum results.


What’re your thoughts on this? Do you use colour enhancing products?


xo, Jenny



  1. Maddie says:

    Hey, do have an ingredients list for this product? I’d love to try it but have allergies and need to read ingredients first!

    • Hi Maddie, I was going to take a photo of the ingredients list for you, however it’s very long and small with a mixture of natural ingredients and more scientific names! My best suggestion would be to contact the company or check retailers/main website for the ingredients list! Most websites contain this through law so have a look 🙂 It would take me ages to type it all up and that’s the best way to get the information you need x

  2. Thank you and you can also use these on natural uncoloured hair for extra shine and a colour boost! It’s natural ingredients so it wont damage your hair either! xx

  3. Carina Ž says:

    This one sounds amazing!


  4. Thanks so much lovely 🙂 and most people do! The henna looks really natural so it’s hard to tell unless I mentioned it ha,ha! I have mentioned it a couple of times on my blog about using henna instead of chemical dyes but not often 🙂 xx

  5. Honestly I’ve looked high and low for colour enhancing products and when I seen this I was so happy and the fact it’s natural makes it even better ha,ha! Definitely a must have for natural or dyed hair 🙂 x

  6. Acanski Adela says:

    Great post! Nice products!


  7. Kiera :) says:

    Sounds and looks amazing, I’m planning on going red so this might be something to pick up


  8. I used to use Aveda ages ago but stopped using it for no reason, it used to do wonders for my hair so need to go back to using it. Haven’t tried this exact conditioner but it sounds lovely, especially since I dye my hair!

    Rebecca Coco

    • I don’t think i’ll stop using AVEDA it’s great! Definitely pricey buy I buy the huge bottles on sale and they last months! It’s a great conditioner for natural or coloured hair to enhance colour and make it look shiny xx

  9. TheStyleRawr says:

    This sounds like such a wonderful product! I’ve never dyed my hair but if I did, I’d definitely look into getting something like this. 🙂

    Tara x

    • Even if I never coloured my hair I think this is perfect for enhancing natural tones in your hair 🙂 it’s lovely and gives incredible shine and smoothes frizz xx

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