So here we are coming into Spring/Summer and I can honestly say I’m so happy to feel the warmth of my skin and the sun starting to make a re-appearance, goodbye rain! 
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Suede Ghillie Heels: TOPSHOP Premium


Every year I’ve started a tradition where I save up to buy my dream Summer shoe(s), normally around two new pairs that are luxurious and go with most of my outfits for the season. Around a couple of years back I’ve grown in age to really appreciate the work that goes into creating a pair of shoes from the gorgeous fabrics to the construction of the actual shoe. There’s nothing worse than a shoe that’s unbearable to walk in and really puts pressure on your feet, yes I’m talking about heels here 😉 I just always love to invest in a special pair that is so comfortable, that I can even wear them for casual wear if I wanted to. 
So here we have it my two new babies for the season and these really were a no-brainer! Simplicity and style combined and the fabrics are even more dreamy, from butter-soft nude suede to pretty reptile engraved leather. What can I say, I’m head over heels with these TOPSHOP Premium heels, like seriously these look so expensive and something you’d expect from a high-end designer, I’m thinking ‘Aquazzura‘ here. These heels really are dreamy, and honestly, I can’t stop looking and feeling them constantly! I keep them in the box like all of my shoes, but always find myself tempted to take them out just to appreciate them even more. Not only are these a dream to look at but they’re also just as mesmerising to walk in! Let’s be honest here, I had a lot of doubt in my mind as to how comfortable these would actually be, coming from the fact they’re a mule style, and you don’t have much support. Putting fear behind me I just had to buy them to see, and honestly, these are seriously easy to walk in and just so sexy! You have a lot of toe cleavage with these, and the way the lace wraps up the leg it’s just simply stunning. These really do take a simple pair of cropped jeans to the next level! Keep in mind that you’ll experience no blisters or pain with these because they’re backless. 
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dune london hobra, krystel couture, style blog, leather shoes, dune shoes,

Leather Reptile Lace Up Flats: Dune London

Next up we have these beautiful reptile engraved leather Hobra ghillie sandals, just like the TOPSHOP Ghillie Heels these where also made in Spain which is a huge plus for me when investing in shoes, as I do prefer them to come from Spain or Italy, but these are however flat and perfect for every day where with a sexy twist that really transforms any outfit. Now I must admit this is my first pair of Dune shoes and honestly, I’m so happy with these and the incredible quality of the materials used, and the overall unique design! I’ve got such a lust over pointed toe shoes at the minute and just find them so flattering. The pointed toe shoe just oozes elegance, and also gives the appearance of much longer legs, what’s not to love! These are just so chic and I love the reptile print engraved on the leather and find it much different to my usual lust for suede shoes. You can really dress these up or down, depending on the occasion and I can definitely see these attracting a lot of attention through the summer months. 
If you’re looking for a ‘special’ pair of shoes this season I’d definitely recommend the ‘Ghillie‘ styles, whether it be flats, heels or sandals. 
What’re your thoughts on these? Do you have a special pair of S/S Shoes? 
xo, Jenny


  1. Emily Valentine Parr says:

    awwww man they are so nice wish I’d seen them when they were avilable! xx

  2. kaley says:

    Love the booties and really love the flats!



    My Closet Life Blog

  3. Natalia Krause says:

    the pink shoes are gorgeous!

    I would appreciate if you check out and write your opinion about my ‘new’ blog:

  4. Becca Louise says:

    so gorgeous, shoes are my weakness and these are perfect for summer (:

  5. Fay says:

    I love those pink shoes,you can pair them with anything.!!!!

    If you have time please check out my new blog.Thank you so much.!!



  6. Alina says:

    Absolutely love those pink heels! I think they’ll go with literally any outfit. It’s pay day and I know where I’m going tonight… 😉

    Hope you’re all good lovely x

    The Fairytale Pretty Picture

  7. Jasmine Hwang says:

    Those shoes are gonna be so fun to style up in the Spring time! I love a good strappy anything: heels or flats! 🙂

    be the plebeian

  8. Jessica-Lee Cicogna says:

    Absolutely stunning shoes!! I need both of those shoes in my life 🙂 Great post xoxo

  9. Jessica Edmunds says:

    This is hands down my favourite style of the moment it is completely divine. I have opened them both in tabs I am not sure if I can afford them yet but man I bet they look incredible on xx

  10. The heels from Top Shop are gorgeous, they look designer and so expensive xx

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  11. The Style Rawr says:

    We need a photo of your shoedrobe one day! 😉 These Topshop shoes are beauuuuuuutiful!

    Tara x

  12. These are just so DREAMY. I need them. Both.

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  13. ellie says:

    These are both so gorgeous! I’m definitely going to have to get on this pointed lace up shoes trend, they’re so beautiful. Lovely blog too sweetie 🙂 x

    ellie etc | a fashion & lifestyle blog

  14. Alexandra Tsirimokou says:

    Both of these pairs look absolutely stunning 🙂 I really need to check them out x


  15. I love your Topshop shoes – I have similar shoes with python pattern and also from Topshop 🙂
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  16. meandmr.com says:

    Those top shop shoes are really cool! I had no idea they had a higher end brand!
    melaine @ meandmr.com

  17. Carina Ž says:

    Beautiful shoes, especially the first ones!


  18. Aishettina says:

    I love the first one ♥♥♥


  19. Connie Bea says:

    Those shoes are absolutely beautiful! I WANT THE SUEDE ONES NOW!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

  20. want to know how you wear it !!



    Can I just make a prediction? Those suede Ghillie heels are going to be the ‘it’ shoe in the blogging world and will sell out BIG TIME, just like it did with the black leather version. They’re gorgeous! X


    • Jenny says:

      I actually though the same! They’re gorgeous and I noticed the black leather ones online but they sold out super quick! xx

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