There’s always something so timelessly elegant about pearl earrings, these ones by Pandora catch the light so gracefully, to really lighten the face-up and brighten your smile. These come in a beautiful milky white shade, that makes the perfect gift or piece to have in your jewellery collection as it can be used time and time again without losing its value or beauty.

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Pandora Freshwater Pearl Earrings: Joshua James Jewellery c/o


Pearls always smarten up your outfit and just look appealing to the eye in all kinds of light, and really bring everything together perfectly. There great for casual and evening wear for a really pulled together look and look just as great with your hair down as opposed to up. Pearls are very sophisticated and a natural gem organically deprived of oysters and molluscs, which adds more value and interest to these precious gems. I received these pearl earrings just after my twenty-second birthday, and will forever treasure these as something special, and I can’t stop wearing them! They just make such a special gift and something that will last the test of time. 

If you read my blog often you might have noticed my love for pearls goes way back, and you can view my review on the Kasun London Pearl Ring; such a gorgeous piece with beautiful wrapped sterling silver turquoise leaf/vine detailing around the pearl. I think pearls really appeal to me because of their natural authenticity, just like crystals and gemstones. These Pandora earrings are made from freshwater pearls cultivated in mussels, as opposed to oysters, making them more affordable, but still just as lust-worthy. The surface of each pearl is very smooth and they have a perfect round shape with the beautiful milky white tones against the sterling silver floral post, that encases each pearl into the earring. 
What’re your thoughts on these earrings? 
xo, Jenny

29 responses to “PANDORA PEARL EARRINGS”

  1. Jenny says:

    Me neither! This is my first Pandora piece and I love it <3 would definitely buy more in the future x

  2. Jenny says:

    Thank you and you too! x

  3. Jenny says:

    Thanks 🙂 x

  4. meandmr.com says:

    Those earnings are pretty! I love them!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  5. The Style Rawr says:

    These are so beautiful! I always think of charms and stacking rings (my personal fave) but never earrings. These are just really sweet and would make a perfect gift! I don’t think I own any pearl earrings but they’re a must-have for all women! 😉

    Tara xo

    • Jenny says:

      Ohh I need more stacking rings for the summer! And they would make a wonderful gift I think 🙂 x

  6. Thank you for the comment on my blog!

    Im not a massive pandora fan but there are so simple and pretty! x


  7. Jana Helandi says:

    So beautiful! x

    Life of Jana

  8. **Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ditsy Sprinkles Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ** says:

    Beautiful! <3
    Following you on Bloglovin.


  9. Kiki Mincks says:

    How random, Joshua James Jewelry…. haha that’s my boyfriends first and middle name. These are beautiful. Pearls will never be out of style. (:

  10. Sandra Leiva says:

    So beautiful and chic!!



  11. Andrea Lang says:

    These are utterly stunning! I used to dislike them when I was younger because I thought they make you look old haha I gladly changed my mind! I might should get them as well, they look very sophisticated.

    Andrea xx

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks lovely and pearls do have a slightly ‘old’ look to them but I guess that’s what makes them look so pretty against more modern pieces 🙂 x

  12. El Willmer says:

    Wow these earrings are gorgeous! So nice 🙂


  13. Carolina Krews says:

    Pretty earrings 😉

  14. Vicki Skitt says:

    These are stunning! I wish I could wear studs again xx
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks Vicki! I always forget to put earrings in and so surprised my ears haven’t closed up 🙂 definitely wearing earrings more these days to avoid that from happening x

  15. Mariah Ruthel says:

    Happy belated birthday Jenny! The pearls are gorgeous. Very classic and timeless.

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