How crazy is it to think 2015 is here already! The past year has gone to quick for my liking… I can’t even remember the last time I done a facts about me post, and now seems like the perfect time. The more I think about it the more I’ve realised I don’t actually talk about myself much on my blog, but then again I don’t really share much with people in real life, let alone online; enjoy! 🙂 

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1. The Walking Dead, New Girl, Under the Dome, Breaking Bad, 

Gossip Girl and Game of Thrones are my life and series I will never get

tired of no matter how much I watch them on repeat! 
2. My favourite blogs are Native Fox, FAIIINT, In The Frow
and much more which I can’t possibly mention them all but I always 
find myself going back to these blogs every day/week for new content 
and love them!! 🙂
3. I have never been to a wedding 
4. I’m 5 ft 1, but wish I was that little bit taller 😉
5. My morning always starts with a fresh cup of ground coffee either madein my French press coffee maker or the Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine using

ready made pods. 
6. Most used makeup brands are Nars, Illamasqua, 
Anastasia Beverly Hills and Mac 
6. I love sweet food, especially cakes, chocolate and biscuits
7. I’m incredibly shy and quiet when I meet someone for the 
first time, but oddly enough I am a pretty confident person
8. My star sign falls on Aquarius
9. I love reading other people’s opinions whether I agree 
with them or not, as it gives a different perspective on things
10. My feet are a small size 3
11. My favourite drug store brands are: Sleek, Bourjois and Maybelline
12. My natural hair colour is light brown
13. I believe in the afterlife and extraterrestrial life
14. I always look out for petite clothing as I find regular 
trousers super long on my short legs and jackets just swamp 
me and come up to over fitting! Sleeves are another problem, 
and I find myself with a big grin when sleeves actually sit on 
my wrists nicely and don’t come up with my hands.
15. Best Skincare Brands: Korres, Alpha-H, Ren, GLAMGLOW, 
The Body Shop, LUSH and Karin Herzog 
16. I prefer wearing dark/neutral colours over bright colours
17. My hair has been red for over two years now using 
Auburn Henna which I pick up from LUSH or Amazon by 
an in-dependent henna seller.
18. My favourite colour is Turquoise, hence the blog layout 😉 
19. I always wear boots and trainers for casual wear and 
heels during the evening or in summer when the weathers a little warmer
20. Although I love sweet things like cake, I hate junk food 
such as food out of a packet or anything processed, especially 
when it comes to meats, I can be very OTT about that kind of 
stuff and prefer home-baking.
21. I love all types of music from hip-hop to rock, but I do prefer rap music over all 
22. When I was younger I broke my left wrist trying to save my phone from falling in the river 
23. I have a cat named Blackie, and one hyperactive pup called Olly 
24. Favourite childhood cartoons would have to be Scooby Doo, 
Tom and Jerry, Naruto, Power Puff Girls, Ed Edd and Eddy, 
and Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends 
25. I have flat feet 
26. I used to be hooked to the Play Station/Xbox 
and always enjoyed playing Call of Duty, Lara Croft Tomb Raider, 
Grand Theft Auto, Need for Speed, Splinter Cell, Assassin’s Creed, 
The Sims, Driver, Forza and Metal Gear Solid. I have played some 
of the Dead Space and Fallout story lines, but soon wimped out as 
things got pretty intense:’D I watched other people complete the 
story lines, however, but find these games too scary to play :'( 
27. I used to be quite the negative thinker, but now I feel much 
more positive and always try to find the good in everything, even 
the most difficult of situations
28. I love my food and always enjoy trying out new restaurants, 
and little homemade boutiques selling all kinds of snacks and sweet foods. 
29. I don’t use hair extensions, fake nails or false eyelashes 
30. I am not the most patient of people, but working on it, promise 😉
31. Favourite ground coffee brands would be a mixture of 
Taylors After Dark, Starbucks House blend, Taylors Hot Lava Java, 
Costa Roast Ground Coffee and the Tesco Italian Blend, 
mostly the strong stuff 😉 with a dash of brown sugar 
and lashings of milk. If I am going all out I do like cream 
or Bailey’s/whiskey cream which we always have at Christmas!

I also love independent food markets that sell different flavours of

coffee such as Irish Whiskey. 
32. I always try and stick to natural skin care when I can 
33. My favourite kinds of cheese would have to be Vintage, 
Red Leicester and Wensleydale with Cranberries and Blueberries, 
Apple Wood smoked, Caramelized red onion chutney 
and Vintage Apple Wood 
34. I would rather be at home chilling in my pyjamas than drinking at a bar:’D
35. The only films I have ever watched more than once 
are Alien, Pineapple Express, The God Father, Happy Gilmore, 
Mean Girls and Scarface
36. I don’t have any tattoos 
37. My hairs naturally poker straight with volume to the roots, 
so every morning I don’t really have much of a hair routine, sometimes 
will straighten it twice a month or use my Babyliss heated 
rollers for extra volume now and then for special occasions.
38.  I don’t watch a lot of You Tube videos, I much prefer reading blogs, 
but my favourite You Tubers would be Heyclaire, Tanya Burr
39. I have my ears pierced
40. I own a Subaru Legacy but still haven’t passed my 
driving test to drive it yet, I will get there at some point hopefully 
41. I have only ever had three boyfriends most of whom I dated for months/years
42. My least favourite feature is my nose 
43. I never used to be much of an emotional person but 
now I can find myself randomly crying at the silliest 
of things, lately this has stopped but it just comes out of know where ha, ha 
44. My favourite scent at the moment is Flower Bomb by Viktor and Rolf 
45. I would like to think of myself as pretty organised, but 
sometimes this is not always the case and things can just pile 
up and get slightly out of control
46. My Favourite take out lattes are Starbucks Pumpkin Spice, 
Costa Gingerbread and Costa Toffee, yummy!! 
47. I always prefer to use pens over pencils as I just find them 
horrible to use and the lead always feels weird on paper, Pen always 
gives me a much smoother experience and it doesn’t feel weird 
48. Painting my toe nails is the best thing ever, just because 
it stays on for weeks and it’s pretty low maintenance
49. Every month I always pay to have my eyebrows professionally threaded

or waxed as this is my most important feature and something 
that really frames my face. I touch them up at home but always fail 
miserably at shaping them myself! 🙁
50. This post took on average 1-2 hours to complete 
I hope you all liked this post and it’s something a little different to take you into the new year! Happy New Year and all the best for 2015 xXx
xo, Jenny

55 responses to “HAPPY NEW YEAR: 50 FACTS ABOUT ME”

  1. Jenny says:

    Thanks and I love the red <3 and you too! x

  2. Jenny says:

    Thanks Maria x

  3. Jenny says:

    Aww thanks :’) Henna looks so natural it’s hard to tell, and that would be scary! I do beleave in spirits from experience but I guess it’s something that you would never really know about because its unreachable in a physical way, hard to explain but it’s hard to say for definite if spirits have a clue as to who they are but I think they do xx

  4. Ella Ro says:

    I agree with number 34.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog
    Happy New Year!!


    • Jenny says:

      I don’t drink often tbh maybe twice a year if that ha,ha! I don’t mind a nice mulled wine or bucks fizz at Christmas but that’s about it 🙂 I always think of how much money I manage to save, so it makes it worth it 😉 Happy New Year xx

  5. MERI WILD says:

    Happy New Year beautiful !! <3

  6. Sarah Laird says:

    This was fab to read, I love learning new things about bloggers. I can’t believe you’re only 5’1! You look so much taller in your posts! Happy new year 🙂 xx

    Viva Epernay

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks Sarah <3 lot’s of people have mentioned this but it’s maybe just the way the camera is angled 🙂

  7. Gabrielle says:

    It was so interesting to learn more about you.. I share some of your favourite blogs and I had no idea that you were 5’1”, how sweet! 🙂



    • Jenny says:

      Thanks lovely and I sometimes hate being this small 🙁 specially when it comes to trousers and tops if the sleeves are too long or the leg length haha x

  8. Such a cool and interesting post. 😉
    Lovely greets Nessa

  9. Love From Simmie says:

    rap musics my fave too 😉 loved reading through this honey! 🙂
    check out my christmas photos at http://www.lovefromsimmie.com
    happy new year! lots of love. xoxo

  10. Charlotte Hawrylak says:

    I love Miss Makeup Magpie’s blog too! xx

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  11. Kelsey & Kenecha says:

    Been to one wedding it was my sisters, of course I was a bridesmaid never wanna do it again but have no other choice seeing on how my other sister is getting married soon haha. Not my cup of tea I tell ya!
    Scooby Doo & Powerpuff girls are the best, I am now trying to get my niece interested in these shows now haha 😛
    Never been to a bar nor do I want to, I am more of a stay at home kinda girl as well 🙂
    Your pets names are the cutest!! 😀
    Love pens as well, in school I hated to use pencils!
    Wow 1-2 hours to complete? I totally understand though I find it hard to give out facts about myself 😛


    PS, sorry about the longest comment ever, just really enjoyed reading this 😀

    • Jenny says:

      Haha I will hopefully be attending a wedding this year in Greece and pretty excited about it and the fact it’s my first ever wedding! 😀 I loved Scooby Doo and definitely a stay at home person myself! The only time I actually drink is Christmas haha and thanks so much 🙂 xx

  12. Elena Tovar Pascual says:

    Lovely post!!

  13. Beth Ellison says:

    This must have taken a long time to write haha but great post & lovely blog!
    Have a great 2015!

    Beth x


    • Jenny says:

      It did :’D sometimes it’s hard to think of facts about yourself even when you know lots but your mind just goes blank :O x

  14. Genevieve L says:

    I loved reading this post (thanks for taking 1-2 hours to write it haha!) Good luck with your driving test!


  15. I second #6!! I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth, it’s so bad!


  16. Jana says:

    Great idea and very lovely written! All the best for 2015!


  17. Heather Herod says:

    Great post! My fav color is also turquoise! I followed your social medias!


  18. Caitlin says:

    I liked the one about your toenails being painted haha I agree! Happy New Year!

  19. Annabel B says:

    Great idea for a post, more original that most! Had NO idea you was only 5’1?! You look much taller!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks lovely and yep 5’1 tbh I had the illusion I was 5,3 but after getting measured it turns out I am much shorter than I originally though! :'( x

  20. Janneke says:

    Loved learning more about you! Best wishes for 2015!


  21. FAIIINT says:

    Love this post Jenny! It’s always nice to get to know people a little better & this is such a fun way to do it. I can’t believe you’re only 5’1″, you looks so much taller in photos, I assumed you were around my height (5’7″)! I’m a huge Xbox/Playstation addict too, though I don’t get to play it anywhere near as much as I used to now, I wish I had more spare time to!
    Thankyou so much for including me in your favourite blogs as well, I’m totally honoured & flattered, especially as so many of my own favourites are there too! Have a wonderful 2015! 🙂

    • Jenny says:

      I know I actually thought I was 5,3 but turns out I am much shorter than anticipated :’D I really want to get into the Xbox again as we don’t have a Play Station anymore but its harder to fit in now that I love blogging as my hobby 😀 and that’s okay and you too! x

  22. Shopaholic says:

    great post, Happy New Year <3

  23. Georgia Nicolaou says:

    Happy New Year!
    I also feel like 2014 should have lasted a bit longer 🙂

    Beauty Inside Art

  24. libys11 says:

    wow.. lots of facts about you here! I’m gonna have to check out the blogs you mentioned!! 😀

    happy new year!
    Animated Confessions

  25. Abi Kempen says:

    Thank you so much for mentioning my blog, this has made my day 🙂 I love reading facts about people and I enjoy your blog. keep up the amazing work lovely

    Happy New Year

    xx Kemples


  26. Gemma Magpie says:

    I was just catching up on your blog, and noticed you mentioned my blog.. thank you SO so much. Happy new year Jenny xxx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  27. El Willmer says:

    I thought you would be so much taller for some reason! Also your natural hair colour isn’t red?! Well either way your hair is so incredible 🙂 Thank you for sharing your facts, love this post!


  28. The Style Rawr says:

    Happy new year!! 🙂 Oh Jenny, I loved this. Thanks so much for the shout out – I feel so honoured! I can’t believe you’re only 5’1 and have size 3 feet, you look so tall! Also jealous your beautiful mane is naturally perfect hehe. 😀 Such a fun post!!

    Tara x

  29. Lulladoll says:

    I loved hearing all these facts! I loved scooby doo too :3 Best cartoon ever! 🙂 I still watch it now sometimes XD
    <3 Katie

    • Jenny says:

      Scooby Doo was amazing!! Ha,ha I need to watch cartoons more but never do! 🙁 just not the same as it was as a kid xx

  30. Panty Buns says:

    You really wrote down a lot about yourself! I’ve always considered myself to be somewhat of an odd duck but it’s fun discovering things I have in common with people. I’m surprised to learn you haven’t been to a wedding yet. I really loved reading about you. A happy New Year and all the best to you as well in year 2015!


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