It’s been a great start to the New Year and I am excited to introduce my favourite Skincare products for 2014! Keep an eye out for my other three posts soon to follow; including my favourite Hair care, Body care and Makeup products of 2014.


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My skins have been really good to me throughout 2014 with fewer break outs and excess oil, it could be down to the fact my routine has been pretty basic, and I have stuck to the same products. I always find my skin more dryer during the winter and oilier in the summer; I do have combination skin with the odd blemish here and there but all in all, I feel the happiest I have ever been with my skin. I look forward to 2015 and finding new cult products, but for 2014 you will find all my cult favourites below:
LUSH | I will begin with my favourite toner and that would have to be the LUSH Tea Tree Toner! Gentle enough for everyday use, morning and night. I also like to apply this during the day in the summer to keep my skin cool and fresh and find the tea tree helps with blemishes and the grapefruit really brightens the complexion. I love applying this in the morning to wake me up and revive my skin before applying makeup, it gives a nice natural glow and softens the skin. 
ALPHA-H | I still haven’t got around to fully reviewing this yet, so stay tuned for that! The Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser smells divine, very refreshing and soothing! It’s also cooling on the skin and leaves my skin ever so soft and glowing! This gives such a deep cleanser and removes makeup very quickly. It has a nice gel like consistency and applies very thick but once you start massaging it into the skin it soon dissolves all traces of makeup and leaves your skin feeling super fresh and rejuvenated.
ALPHA-H | My all time favourite skin treatment would have to be the Alpha-H Liquid Gold, I just find this gives the best results when I am in need of a deep treatment and want fast results. This leaves my skin so dewy and really tightens and firms, not only this but it actually helps treat blemishes and reduces pores. I just love this and the effects, it gets really deep into the skin and you can feel it tingling slightly and it picks up surface dirt, I also find it makes the perfect quick fix treatment if you’re looking for something that’s strong and really makes a difference, I normally apply this neat on a cotton pad and don’t follow with moisturiser for a deep, intense overnight treatment. (Full Review)
LUSH | You might have noticed my cute little LUSH Lip Scrub from the Christmas collection and these scrubs are a god send! I must admit my favourite is ‘Bubblegum‘ just because I love candy smells and just love how these polish the lips and moisturise. They leave my lips super soft and exfoliate them ready for applying lipstick! I have also noticed that these plump the lips slightly too! 
GLAMGLOW | Face masks again would have to be from the GLAMGLOW range, and I haven’t really switched my face mask routine up from last year! I have tried some other masks and one that stands out is The Body Shop 3-in-1 Deep Cleansing Scrub MaskI find this makes a nice cheaper alternative, and it really exfoliates the skin with scrubby in the mask and it just leaves my skin naturally glowing and super soft. (Full GLAMGLOW Youthmud Review & Thirstymud Review)
KARIN HERZOG | As for moisturiser, I actually haven’t found a ‘true’ favourite yet but really like the Karin Herzog Vita A Kombi 2 face cream at the moment, and notice the effects instantly! I actually use a foundation brush to apply this as the oxygen is active and if applied using your hands you could lose the key benefits of this product. You apply it to the skin and just leave the product to sink in, you don’t massage this product and just leave it to dry naturally. It dries almost instantly and you can really feel the product going deeper into the skin, it doesn’t tingle but you can feel something if that makes sense! :’) This is supposed to help treat blemishes and stimulate cell renewal. I have been using this for a month now and loving it and definitely buying it again so figured I would include this! I am hoping to get a full review up in a couple of months just so I can get full results, before reviewing the product.
EPIC BLEND | I first heard of Epic Blend a couple of months back when the company got in touch for me to review some samples on my blog and ever since I have fallen in love with this brand. Every lip balm is natural with the purest of ingredients and they’re the best lip balms I have ever used and really hydrate! I can’t wait to try some of the Limited Edition flavours and don’t think I could live without these now. (Full Review)
ALPHA-H | This Alpha-H Micro-Cleanser has to be one of the best exfoliators I have ever used! It’s very scrubby, not harsh, but it might be on sensitive skin! It really gets into the skin to remove dirt, dead skin cells and leave you with a much fresher, brighter complexion. It also contains glycolic acid, which I love as this really benefits my skin and just makes it look naturally healthy and treats skin problems. The great thing about this exfoliator is the fact it also comes with a handy pump to dispense the product and you only need to use this twice a week as it’s a very harsh scrub and does a brilliant job! I highly recommend this.
GATINEAU PARIS | This rather long tube from Gatineau Paris is a lip volumizer and basically, its main purpose is to plump the lips and repair the skin tissue, this is fantastic for those who suffer from dry lips during the winter like me. I also use this as a plumper as it gives incredible volume! This volume actually lasts after using it and works as a deep lip treatment, ever since using this, I have noticed my lips looking more naturally volumized and definitely recommend you check it out if you have thin lips or want them to look more plump and refined.
That’s it for my favourite skin care of 2014 and you might have noticed a slight Alpha-H obsession but honestly, these products are incredible! Definitely, a brand I recommend checking out and unfortunately I have not included an eye cream as I haven’t really found one that stands out this year! 🙁 I did like the Nip and Fab bee sting eye cream and Origins but they haven’t made it into my cult products! I will be trying them again alongside other brands and hopefully, I will find my cult one for 2015. 
xo, Jenny

37 responses to “FAVOURITE SKINCARE OF 2014”

  1. Jenny says:

    It’s so good <3

  2. Kiki Mincks says:

    Lush’s tea tree toner has been my favorite for years! I couldn’t live without it. (:


  3. Annabel B says:

    Well I think I would be rather silly not to try out Alpha-H now!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. Jen27 says:

    These are some great picks! I really want to add more Alpha-H to my stash in 2015 🙂



    • Jenny says:

      Me too! I have 3 products from them so far but really want to get more! Such amazing results from this brand x

  5. Orlagh Marie says:

    They all look amazing!

  6. Genevieve L says:

    Glamglow masks are great! I want to try that tea tree toner, does it reduce redness?


    • Jenny says:

      Thanks lovely, and I would say it does as my skin used to be red but this toner really calms and hydrates the skin. Its refreshing and brightens with the added grapefruit, it also reduces blemishes x

  7. Oooh such a variety of products and I spy the lush christmas lip scrub! 🙂 The bubblegum one is the best as I love the colour and scent but this one is good too especially the cola flavour haha! 🙂

    Hope your 2015 is filled with love, joy, happiness and above all health! 🙂

    Layla xx


    • Jenny says:

      The bubblegum scrub is my favourite too! The Christmas one is cola flavoured but tbh I picked it up just because it was on offer and I was really needing a scrub at the time! I don’t drink fizzy drinks now so the cola flavour was not the most loved but I really like the bubblegum and the scrubs are all the same anyway 😉 they do a great job x

  8. Kristina Vrgov says:

    Love your blog!! *o* Btw really like the way you write 😉
    Check out and follow my fashion blog ,too! I will be so happy 🙂 Kisses xoxo
    <<< DIY rings >>> ••• vrgov.blogspot.com ••• INSTAGRAM: @vrgov | Bloglovin: @VRGOV | lookbook: Kristina Vrgov

  9. Catherine says:

    I’m definitely going have to check some of these out, I most want to try the Lush Tea Tree Toner!


    • Jenny says:

      The Tea Tree toner is great! It helps treat blemishes and the grapefruit brightens and refreshes the skin x

  10. Jana Helandi says:

    So many amazing products! I have always wanted to try Alpha-H skincare products, hopefully this year!
    I wish you a very lovely 2015!

    Life of Jana

  11. Rebecca says:

    I find the Lush Tea Tree Water amazing but mainly use it in the summer 🙂 really want to try a new GLAMGLOW mask this year!

    Rebecca Coco

    • Jenny says:

      Its fab in the summer! so refreshing but I love using it every morning as it helps waken me up ha,ha x

  12. lily mint says:

    I’ve wanted to try Glam Glow masks for so long, this seems like the perfect time as my skin is really suffering from all the rubbish I’ve eaten over christmas!xx


  13. Caroline says:

    glam glow masks are amazing! x

    caroline | http://www.sparklethiscity.blogspot.com

  14. Angie says:

    Alpha-H really does make some brilliant skincare, pretty much everything I’ve tried from the range, I’ve absolutely loved – their Balancing cleanser is pretty much my HG cleanser. I absolutely loved my Glamgldw (black jar) this year as well and I’m all out, need to get a replacement stat!

    Angie || the maquillage

    • Jenny says:

      It so does! I really want to try other products from the range now <3 and the Youth Mud is the best face mask from GLAMGLOW i’d say 🙂 x

  15. Lily says:

    I really need to give Glam Glow a try. Lush do some amazing skincare products, the tea tree water is one of the best toners I’ve tried x


    • Jenny says:

      You do its amazing! and the tea tree water has been a firm favourite of mine for years now! Great for refreshing and awakening the skin in the morning x

  16. The Style Rawr says:

    I could definitely do with a bit of lip volumising and you’ve reminded me I need to buy some more GlamGlow! 🙂

    Tara x

    • Jenny says:

      I need more GLAMGLOW too actually :O maybe next month ha,ha and that lip plumper and the Manuka Doctor one are great! x

  17. Janika Bubela says:

    Jenny you are just so beautiful! I love your blog and pictures 🙂

    Happy new year!!!

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