Welcome to my hair care collective of 2014, a great selection of my most loved products of this year and the past. The macadamia oil mask has been a yearly favourite of mine, and nothing else compares! I also found the perfect hair care range from Aveda this year, with products suited for red hair that helps lock in colour and shine, read more below;
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AVEDA | Being new to Aveda I was eager to try the hair care range after seeing it pop up in some YouTube videos over the past year, and this has been my number one hair care brand for months now! I love the “Madder Root” shampoo as it keeps my colour protected, and it also enhances it with the clever colour technology. The Aveda Madder Root Shampoo is red in colour and smells incredible! Almost like sherbet candy, and just leaves my hair feeling much stronger, shinier and volumised. This shampoo also cleanses the scalp for a deep clean treatment and just leaves my hair feeling very clean and soft.
MACADAMIA OIL | This is the spray version of the oil I normally use, but unfortunately I have finished the bottle and only had this spray oil treatment to photograph! The great news is it’s the same product, but just in a spray formula for all over coverage. The Macadamia Healing Oil is thicker and comes in a glass bottle just like the Moroccan oil, and it’s mainly used on the ends of the hair to stop split ends. This is the spray formula and it can be used all over, to hydrate the hair and add lots of shine! This spray is great for use before blow-drying the hair, as it speeds up the drying process and makes my hair much healthier and shiny. I can’t live without these oils and still need to try the Moroccan oil range, but I personally feel both will be similar in results!
AVEDA | Another favourite of mine is the Aveda Madder Root Conditioner, packed with red henna to restore colour over time and keep it protected, this product really is a godsend for red hair! This conditioner enriches warm tones to red, auburn and chestnut coloured hair for three-dimensional effects, whilst it nourishes and conditions. It packs in lots of volume to the roots and purifies the scalp and hair, just like the shampoo. Great for protecting coloured hair and they also do different treatments depending on your hair colour, from black to blonde hair; it stops colour fade and uses henna and other natural colourants; this smells more earthy compared to the shampoo, and this could be down to the henna.
GROW GORGEOUS | Introducing the Grow Gorgeous Scalp Treatment, it’s something I have been using twice a month for the past 5 months now, and just enjoy how invigorating and refreshing this is to use. I apply this every two weeks to stimulate hair growth and volume, it’s very cooling on the scalp with an overpowering minty smell, which I love! Again packed full of natural ingredients and vitamins, plus caffeine to improve circulation and provide lift at the roots. I haven’t tried a mask like this before! It’s pretty expensive and I only need to use this twice a month, but love the effects and like how it’s targeted for the scalp, unlike other masks on the market that seem to only focus on the ends. 
MACADAMIA OIL | I have always tried other masks to try and find one that tops the Macadamia Oil Hair Mask, and always seem to fail on that mission! No mask compares to this and the results it gives. This was the first mask I used when coming off chemical colourants and it completely transformed my hair after the first use! It’s just something that always stays with me now, and it smells like candy and leaves my hair very shiny, volumized. This helped my hair to grow, healthy, strong and nourished, it’s just one of those masks that completely transforms your hair and makes it more manageable, and it really penetrates the hair shaft for optimum results. I am eager to see how the new Moroccan oil masks live up to this one and if they’re somewhat better?
AVEDA |This Aveda Volumizing Tonic is something I always use before blow drying my hair and I haven’t seen results like it before! It instantly volumizes without weighing down the hair, and it just feels and looks like you haven’t applied any product at all. This adds so much shine and lustre to my hair whilst increasing body and volume to my roots and lengths, maximum volume with organic ingredients such as aloe and wheat amino acids
LUSHLush Henna in Rouge has been my firm favourite henna for years now, and it just gives the best colour pay off and results compared to other ‘boxed’ henna brands I have used in the past. It’s much messier and takes more work to break the product down into a powder and it has gone up in price massively over the past month! This used to be £7 something, but now it’s a mega £9! :O I use this alongside a brand I noticed a couple of months back on Amazon. I henna my hair every 6-7 weeks maybe longer, it depends on my mood as it can take ages to make and process once applied! The lush henna takes around 4-7 hours to process on the hair, but I find 2 hours gives great results. The Amazon henna comes ground in a fine powder, ready to apply and only takes 1 hour to process; it’s much easier to use and the colour pays off great but doesn’t give as much colour as the LUSH henna. These colourants are natural and give intense body and shine, which is another reason why I am hooked! A great product to try if you’re wanting to go down the natural root.

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xo, Jenny

36 responses to “FAVOURITE HAIRCARE OF 2014”

  1. HighlandFling says:

    I can’t believe you dye your hair with Henna, such a beautiful colour. I’m too lazy to dye my hair (I judge my twice-yearly haircut on when my hair starts dangling in my food- always a good sign), but if I was going to dye my hair it would be the same as yours. Perfect colour!

    Em x

  2. Rebecca says:

    I absolutely love Macadamia Oil but haven’t tried out their hair mask, I dye my hair regularly so think I need to pick it up as it can get dry at the ends xx

    Rebecca Coco

  3. Jenny says:

    Aww that’s not good! It works great for me 🙂 it’s good you managed to get a refund tho! x

  4. Jenny says:

    Thanks Lu and I never used to either, but since doing so its really made a huge difference x

  5. Jenny says:

    Aww thanks 🙂 x

  6. Jenny says:

    I never even knew about henna until noticing it on the LUSH website a couple of years back but never looked back since! Best hair colourant I have used compared to chemical dyes, it lasts much longer and looks natural x

  7. Jeannette says:

    Very nice Inspirations

    FOLLOW my Blog!!! Maybe we can follow each other!!!

  8. Simply Linh says:

    I love the Macademia Deep Repair Masque so much!

    Linh | SimplyLinh

  9. Lyn Chow says:

    Oh god I have been wanting to try that Henna from Lush for ages! Love your review, so detailed! x

  10. I’m always searching for new products to use on my hair! Thanks for the tips, your reviews are always so great. x Jenn

    http://www.augustweekend.com | Every look tells a story.

  11. El Willmer says:

    I always love hearing about great haircare products! Just love keeping my hair healthy 🙂 there are a couple of products in this post that sound perfect for that!! 🙂


  12. Matea B. says:

    Your advices are always helpful, I think I will try these products! :))


  13. Jeanne says:

    Judging by your gorgeous mane, these must work wonders!Thanks for sharing Jenny!

  14. Jana says:

    Great picks, no wonder you have such beautiful hair 🙂


  15. ellen warner says:

    You’ve picked some amazing bits. I personally love argon oil for my hair x


  16. The Style Rawr says:

    I really want to try a Henna dye, I’ve heard such good things! Your hair looks so beautiful so it must be worth the price tag. 😉

    Tara x

    • Jenny says:

      Aww thanks Tara :’) I recommend you do! Like I mentioned above they do lots of different colours if your thinking of changing your hair colour or sticking to a natural shade that makes your hair more volumised and shiny x

  17. Becky Fearn says:

    The henna products sound so interesting- I didn’t even know they existed!


    B xx

    • Jenny says:

      Definitely check them out, they do all different colours to suit your natural hair or you can change your hair colour completely in a safe/natural way x

  18. Paige Mckinnon says:

    Ohh I should give a couple of these a go~ ^ ^
    I need to take better care of my hair! ^ – ^


  19. Sophie Lily says:

    Wonderful post xxx

    Deadly Is The Female || Beauty Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

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