When it comes to my hair I always like to use the best products I can buy/afford, I always find hair an important factor in my beauty regime alongside face masks. I always receive such wonderful compliments from you all on my blog and my Instagram about my hair and couldn’t wait to share my hair regime with you all. Hair care is very important, especially if you are trying to achieve shiny healthy locks that grow month after month, so it is vital you invest in good products that work for your hair and help maintain its health by avoiding damage from the environment to heated appliances. Neglecting your hair can cause some serious problems and I think we have all been there 😉 but luckily we have a wide range of oils and masks on the market to combat this, and sort our hair straight out to restore shine and volume.     As some of you might know I used to use chemical hair dyes in the past, around 3 years ago now and my favourite brand was the LIVE COLOUR XXL, but after using this frequently it had done some serious damage to my hair and I … Continue reading HOW TO HENNA YOUR HAIR