ASH my new found LOVE!
I have been eyeing these up for some time now and decided to take the plunge, to my excitement I could not put them down they were just so nice to look at and the fabric was ever so luxurious. Don’t get me wrong I actually owned a pair of ASH wedges in leather two years ago but I put them on eBay and regretted it ever since :(. The packaging really is something the shoe box has a very nice leather texture to it with a bold ASH logo in shiny gold metallic which really adds the personal touch. I will be buying most of the S/S 13 collection as the pastel colours are so pretty and will go with a variety of styles, especially in summer!
As you may notice I do like to include many pictures, but I feel pictures are better than words when it comes to anything, as I love looking at pictures as it gives me a good idea of what something looks like so I hope you like these pictures as much as I do. The next few pictures are the actual shoes and you can see how well stitched these are and the huge amount of detail that has gone into producing these. The fabrics are very sturdy with a mix of Suede and Canvas because the fabrics are easily damaged from the likes of dirt or water you do need to buy a spray protector for these to get a good amount of use from them. However, from my personal point of view, I only use these for special occasions like out shopping for example or cinema, dinner as if you use these every day they will become damaged easily. 
These are a size EU 37/UK 4 and come with a 3inch hidden wedge heel and a white 2cm platform, rubber sole. You will never know they had a heel though as they are super comfy, in fact, the 2nd comfiest shoe I have ever worn! Each panel has been intricately stitched to create a stunning patchwork of suede and canvas. These also come with laces and a nice velcro strap for added support. 
ASH Wedge High-Tops Rose Cool – £149
Well, I hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I did snapping them!
What do you guys think of these?
xo, Jenny


  1. Sarah Kapoor says:

    I have the same shoes but in brown !!!
    Love it !!!


  2. Gaby de Modacapital says:

    You look great! Love your pair of sneakers! 🙂

  3. Jenn says:

    ah these are cute!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment!


  4. Inez says:

    Love these, been eyeing them myself but not sure which colour to purchase, xoxo.

    • Krystel says:

      I have my eye on a range of colours still to get ;D really want the orange as it looks amazing haha x

  5. Adela says:

    Those are cool. Love the colour!
    Adela x


  6. Shiny Bliss Ortilano says:

    wow! Beautiful shoes,,. (^-^)


  7. Krystel says:

    They are comfy haha! 🙂 and thanks for following I hope to hear more from you too 😀 I will make sure to check out your post also thanks for commenting and leaving the info 😀 x

  8. Kri says:

    you look great in them!! and i love the color! it’s like cotton candy 🙂

  9. Glam up your Lifestyle says:

    The rose wedge are so great

    I like your blog. What do you think about following each other with bloglovin and GFC. Let me know, I follow back


  10. sleepandwater says:

    Glad to hear they’re comfy! The colour is so girly and cute. I really want to try wedge sneakers but I’m so hopeless in any kind of heel that I’m not sure I’d be able to pull them off :p

    • Krystel says:

      These are super comfy which is great as you do not even notice they have a wedge in them tbh but for the price you would expect them to be comfy well I would anyway ;D. I never wear heels the highest I walk in is 3inch on boots mostly so these are super easy to walk in and I would recommend you try wedge trainers out as they are great for casual wear 😀 x

  11. Fiona Terry says:

    Lovely shues!
    Your blog is cool
    I’m following

  12. Kaila Karolina says:

    Love your sneakers! <3

  13. Krystel says:

    Thank you and I will do 😀

  14. Laura Dittrich (Fashion Landscape) says:

    Totally loving your kicks! They are so cool! I am really considering buying high tops! x

    Fashion Landscape

  15. ROXTHEFOX says:

    That is such a gorgeous color! As for my instagram, it’s @roxthefoxx. Would you like to follow each other on fb/bloglovin as well?


  16. Mili says:

    yay for wedge sneakers!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  17. nokhuthula nyoni says:

    They are sooo pretty! Love them xx


  18. Stephanie X. says:

    i want a pair of Ash ‘wedge trainers’ too, they looks so good.
    Are they comfy?
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.blogspot.com)

  19. Shopaholic says:

    great shoes <3

  20. Levande says:

    Beautiful shoes! Really love it. Kiss from Holland

  21. Charlotte says:

    Oh my god I love them so so much! So stylish yet really wearable and comfortable 🙂


  22. Elien | dogsanddresses.com says:

    I have a thing for Ash sneakers myself but I absolutely LOVE your pair. The perfect colour for spring!
    xo, Elien
    Dogs & dresses | blog

    • Krystel says:

      I seem to have an obsession to collect all the colours as they are super pretty and comfy to walk in 😛 so going to do just that thank you for your comment 😀 x

  23. Courtney Melville says:

    Woah, you pink high tops are gorgeous! xx

  24. Monika Ozdoba says:

    Hello, Hun!
    So lovely! ♥ Why don’t we follow each other? 🙂


  25. kcomekarolina says:

    they look great!

    xoxo from rome

  26. Paulina Siedlecka says:

    love these! the colour is so gorgeous!!



  27. Sisters Marie says:

    ooh, these are pretty! i love the rose color!

    Sisters Marie
    Start your Closet on BISTM!

  28. Peet says:

    These. Are. GORGEOUS!!! I agree, even the box looks great.:D

  29. Sandra Martinez says:

    Hi sweety!! You have a lovely blog 🙂
    Great post, i specially like your shoes¡¡
    Check my blog in;

  30. L says:

    love them!x


  31. The Style Rawr says:

    Beautiful and perfect for the summer! I wish they were a bit cheaper though, *SNIFF* 😉


  32. Bo4Go Iphoneography of fashion says:

    ohh…I’m obsessed with these sneakers, so cute 🙂
    follow you 🙂

  33. La borsa di Mary Poppins says:

    beautiful pics my dear!

  34. Krystel says:

    Thank you x

  35. M+K says:

    We haven’t been a fan of wedged high tops in the past but these are cute! We especially love the colour. I think you’ve converted us!


    • Krystel says:

      Aww that’s great that you like them and wedge high-tops can be a hit or miss as some styles do not look very nice or odd but I feel this brand creates the perfect shape and colour range, I am happy you liked them 🙂 x

  36. Mila says:


  37. Mira says:

    Love your shoes!

  38. Instant Milk says:

    Hi hun! Guess what? I just got a Fb Page (finally!)… Let’s ‘like’ each other’s pages :D!!
    Mine is: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Instant-Milk/151446691682805

    I’ll like yours as soon as you like mine:D:D!


  39. rosina palesado says:

    check out my blog & follow if you like 🙂

    xx http://rorolovesbeauty.blogspot.com/

  40. Fragile Bird says:

    Oooooh they are awesome, I love the build up to you unwrapping them in your pics, I was excited for you haha

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare 🙂

    p.s. I’ve given the blog a bit of a face lift!




  41. Fanny J. ABSOmarilyn says:

    OMG… LOVE your pink sneakers!!! Cute blog dear!!!

    *See you soon on my blog.
    Fanny J. ABSOmarilyn | The Marilyn Monroe of 21st century

  42. AlittlebitUnique says:

    These are amazing, I’ve really got into wedge high tops recently and the colour is a winner for Summer!

    A little bit Unique – Blog // Facebook


    • Krystel says:

      Yeh I mean I have always been a trainer person for comfort but as soon as the high-tops started coming out from all directions they where the perfect buy 😀 x

  43. daniella-r says:

    These are sooo nice, I love the colour, it’s my perfect pink 🙂
    Daniella x


    • Krystel says:

      Thank you and the pink is subtle its not to dark but a nice light pastel shade which is really nice I think 🙂 x

  44. Shauni says:

    I love these and the picture’s are great 🙂

    Shauni x

  45. Emm says:

    Cute! Love them. Who can resist a new pair of shoes x

    Visit me at http://spindizzyfall.blogspot.com.au/

  46. Kerry Preston says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous! And I love that you take a lot of pictures, it’s definitely the best way to show something off!

    Kerry x


    • Krystel says:

      Thank you and I just love viewing pictures on other blogs as it gives you a good idea of what something looks like but I love taking them too ! :)x

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