Two Deep Cleansing Hair Treatments I Swear By

As the title suggests, these are my one stop hair treatments that you have to try for yourself; either at the weekend as a pamper treatment or during the week as a little treat for getting through a hectic work day - either way these treatments will not disappoint.


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Marula, The Perfect Treatment for Dry Hair.

This mask is really luxurious with the deeply nourishing ingredients that just smother the hair in natural goodness. This really helps my dry ends by repairing damage and lost moisture after not conditioning my hair for long periods of time. I condition my hair twice a week and shampoo in-between to get added volume; however, my ends can end up dryer because of this so when applying my treatment mask it works straight away to repair my ends and give a huge moisture boost back. This works even better if your working in-between high and low temperatures with the weather changing frequently, as this can really play havoc with my hair and this mask is a life saviour for re-balancing my scalp and ends. The Marula deep moisture repair mask* contains high levels of oleic acid and keratin amino acids to help the marula oil penetrate the hair shaft and treat it from within, to tame frizz and boost shine. What I personally love about this mask is the ingredients are gentle enough to boost coloured hair whilst protecting it and locking in colour. You have the added bonus of pro-vitamin B5 and wheat proteins to improve hair's smoothness, shine and durability. What can I say? I'm completely smitten with this wonder mask and even better it smells amazing on top of the amazing benefits it provides. My hands glide through my thick hair after applying this and it just feels so much lighter in weight once washed out and super shiny compared to just using shampoo alone...



Mega Volume? Look to Hair is Fabric Volume Support.

That's right, mega volume is a stone's throw away with this volumising concoction. This treatment is like nothing I've ever tried or come across before with its shampoo like consistency and the way it gives incredible volume to limp locks. I wouldn't consider my hair limp as such, but some days I do find it lacking life and in need of a boost to get the oomph back! Yes, my hair is long and getting much longer as the weeks/months go by but I don't think I would have it any other way; however, with that being said, I do miss the volume and thickness I used to achieve with slightly shorter hair. This Hair is Fabric volume support conditioner brings much-needed life to my hair with pea bio-peptides to add volume and shine to lacklustre locks. The consistency of this conditioner really surprised me at first and I can vividly remember myself checking the label numerous times to see if it was a shampoo rather than a conditioner by the way it lathered up instantly, and even more so than most shampoos I've used. This specific conditioner is also packed with nourishing ingredients such as conditioning technology oils, hyaluronic acid and fruit extracts to protect the hair and leave it soft and supple once dry. 


Which Mask is forYou?

Truth be told you have to try both to get a feel for which one is more suited to your hair needs but coming from my personal perspective I can't live without either formula. I have the added benefit of volume one night and then a deep conditioning mask the next! What's not to love? If you're still unsure then look to the condition of your hair and what it's in need of? Is it dry/damaged, then try the deep conditioning Marula Oil treatment? Is it maybe normal or oily? Give the Hair is Fabric Volume Support a try to combat oiliness and bring back volume to overworked hair; either way, if it's normal you have the best of both worlds to try whichever formula you prefer or even both!....

 What's your thought's on these masks? Will you be trying them?


xo, Jenny



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