How to Style Ripped Crop Jumpers this Season


The mornings have been getting much much colder and I'm finding it harder to resist staying in bed for the duration of the day... with that being said I have come across an unlikely but stylish saviour for the colder months with my new obsession over ripped cropped jumpers. 



Why I Cropped My Jumpers This Season.

This isn't any old cropped jumper picked up off the rail, in fact, it's one of my own from years and years ago that I purchased at a rather nice discounted price from H&M. This specific jumper has been sitting in my wardrobe unused for years and even worse I have three jumpers of the exact same style but different colours. You might be wondering as to why this piece was never sold or sent to the charity shop and sometimes I wonder that myself... A part of me was holding onto these pieces as when winter comes it really is a must-have for keeping warm and I loved the chunky knit more than anything else. What I really disliked about these pieces was more the elasticated hem detail and how long the jumpers appeared when worn. They were in a way dominating my petite frame and although I loved the chunky knit and classic polo neck it just wasn't cutting it for me. The other week I decided to grab my fabric scissors and give all three jumpers the chop and what can I say? It was the best decision ever... Now my unused jumpers are the main part of my winter wardrobe and each one has a different cropped length depending on how cold it is outside! I've managed to get more value from these unused garments than I would have selling them on the likes of eBay. After chopping off my desired length I then put the jumpers in the wash and tumble dried to give the rips a more natural edge and this process makes them or authentic and frayed. 



Outfit Details

Jumper: H&M (similar), Ripped Jeans: ASOS, Wool Coat: REISS (Similar style), Boots: Ego Official, Lipstick: LimeCrime Pumpkin

  How to Style Ripped Crop Jumpers This Season.

I've styled this particular jumper with black ripped skinny jeans from Liquor and Poker to fit in with the theme and then a classic black wool trench for added warmth. Luckily this cropped jumper isn't short in length so it still provides warmth but looks great paired with skinny jeans or even midi skirts for evening. Keeping in with the knitted fabrics I opted for my Ego Sock Boots as these give a stunning slimming effect to the wearer and it balances out the more oversized pieces within the outfit. You can really be as creative as you wish with this kind of look if you want to try it for yourself and if you do I would recommend going for a similar jumper to this to get the benefits of the turtle neck.  


 Why I'm Loving this Trend.

What's not to love about this trend? It's everything that I stand for with a good element of classic tailored pieces mixed up with more frayed pieces to give a nice contrast to your everyday wear. It's definitely something I will be sporting this season to get the perfect balance of new and old. If you can pick up vintage pieces, ever better! Newer pieces work just as good or anything in your wardrobe that you don't see yourself wearing anytime soon but want to keep it! Why not customise it to your own specifications.


What's your thoughts on cropped jumpers this season? Will you be ripping yours?


xo, Jenny