How to Contour with Beautiful Brows Contour Kit

This is the kind of palette you pick up and instantly know it’s going to be a good one. I’m not the kind of girl to contour every day but I must admit after using this it’s hard to resist contouring every day! The results are very impressive and just makes my skin look even more flawless with that extra layer of definition and coverage around the eyes for days when you’re looking more tired or after a long weekend.


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Product Details: Beautiful Brows Contour Kit*



Achieve Flawless Cheek Bones with The Beautiful Brows Contour Kit.


I normally keep my everyday makeup simple with a thin layer of foundation for a more natural, breathable look because my skin can be very troublesome with blemishes and flare-ups. I must admit I do add a small touch of bronzer or deep contouring powder to my cheekbones from day to day if I want a more defined look but I haven’t touched concealer in months now, maybe even a year. That’s when it comes down to this stunning palette from Beautiful Brows, it allows you to contour and conceal at the same time, very easy at that with the rich creamy consistency. As always I went with a more natural contour for this post as I wouldn’t want anything too dramatic or noticeable for a day, during working hours but really like how easy this palette is to work with to create the desired look you’re aiming for whether it’s for day or night.


I’ve wanted to get my hands on a cream contour kit for ages now and had my eyes set on the Anastasia Beverly Hills kit! I’m currently using her powder kit and love it but do feel it’s harder to work with because it requires much more blending to get the beautiful effects this creamy contour kit gives by Beautiful Brows. If I had to choose between the two it would have to be the creamy version just for its texture and formula and how natural it looks on the skin once blended, you wouldn’t even know I contoured that morning!! (that’s how good it is). I must admit I was slightly hesitant about the whole creamy formula of this palette and the ABH one, this is one of the main reasons why I was holding off buying it because I heard the creamy formulas are not well suited for oilier skin tones, but after trying this I totally disagree and actually love it more.


Champagne | The ultimate gold/peachy highlight. I’m extremely pale and it looks stunning on my skin and would work really well with all skin tones, it’s super pigmented!
Vanilla | Your typical pale banana yellow shade, Vanilla looks incredible used under the eyes in a deep V shape to brighten up the area and give great coverage.
Nude | A very pale subtle pink, I use this above the jaw line and just below the cheekbone for that defined look that blends effortlessly to lighten up the skin and give that perfect finish.
Chocolate | The darkest brown of the three shades, it is exactly as it says a chocolate shade, I love mixing this with Chocolate for the weekends for a more pronounced finish.
Mocha | This is more on the cool side with an ever so slight grey tint, one of my favourites for every day.
Caramel | Your light warm shade, This comes up really orange on my pale skin so I avoid this shade from the palette as it’s more suited to medium-dark skin tones.



This kit is very sleek and chic with the magnetic closure and just gives a hint of luxury to the overall minimal design and it’s perfect for travelling with. You get six shades in this palette with one shimmer highlight (champagne), two brighteners (vanilla and nude) and three contour shades in a variety of colour depths (chocolate, mocha and caramel). My most used shades are Mocha, Chocolate, Vanilla and Nude to create the desired look I love and these are the shades I used in these images for this post. These shades are beyond buttery and non-drying and I’m just blown away by how incredible this palette is! I find everything about this palette brilliant and can’t really fault it.


Have you tried this palette yet?Β What’re your thoughts?


xo, Jenny
  • Kristina

    This is great! Love the post. Your pictures are stunning OMG <3

    Kristina Ang,

  • Bernadette

    I definitely need to pick up this kit! These shades look gorgeous and very wearable!

  • Claire Cavanagh

    I love trying different contour kits, and this one looks amazing. I’d get so much use out of that Vanilla shade πŸ™‚

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx

  • Such as great post! I’ve yet to learn how to contour as I think it would really help accent the features. Wish I knew how πŸ™‚

    Tatyana x

  • Style hue

    I’m not much for contouring.. I’m too lazy, but this palette looks great for a newbie like me πŸ™‚ Your pictures are also lovely. Great quality and composition πŸ™‚


  • Love the different shades in this palette as there’s a good mix between warm & cool tones. You look lovely and you’ve definitely created a sculpted look x

    Beauty with charm

  • This looks like a brilliant palette! There are so many good contour kits out there at the moment sometimes you’ve got to have a look around before going with the trends!

  • This contour palette looks stunning! Definitely need it in my collection

    Beauty Candy Loves