Beating the Autumn Chill in Khaki


Autumn has officially set in and I couldn’t be more excited. This is my favourite time of year for numerous reasons but more so for the fact, I can grab my thick jumpers and snuggle up by the fireplace in the evenings.



Outfit Details

Jeans: GUESS|  Jumper: Noisy May  | Hat: TopShop | Shoes: EGO Official | Lipstick: HUDA BEAUTY| Bag: Pieces | Coat: Gtar Raw (similar and here)



Beating the Chill in Khaki.


This past week has been a tough one for me and something I’ve been struggling with but I’ve been focusing on work and my blog content but still feel slightly lost inside. It’s been an emotional whirlwind and not the best start to Autumn but these things happen and time always heals. My skin was improving and I couldn’t have been more happier about this fact but since last week it’s started to gradually get worse again with all the stress and everything else on top. I’m hoping in time my skin will start to relax a little and not flare up as much as when this starts to happen it just adds to the stress I already have. Yes, it’s a horrible cycle but maybe one day I will have perfect, clear skin like I’ve dreamt of.


This outfit was actually something I quickly put together in a hurry but the outcome was pretty badass. I’m all about khaki tones for Autumn/Winter and teamed my favourite pieces at the moment together against different tones of blue and solid black. I really like the colour combination and think everything works in harmony together. The jeans are a new purchase from GUESS and I absolutely love them! Very comfy and loose fitting but still give that skinny jean look, it’s perfection. As for the khaki socks boots these where a steal from EGO Official and ever so comfy! I actually love them so much I bought another pair but definitely got my eye on more.


I think the overall outfit is the perfect off-duty pairing for beating the chill and rain. It was absolutely pouring just after we got these images and slightly during but I thought it would be fun to give it a dry and really like how the images turned out. The trench coat from GStar Raw is perfect for keeping me warm but also used as a long rain coat on day’s I feel like layering it up; it’s really light but the satin lining inside keeps you extra warm and it also features mesh detailing to the front. You’ve most likely seen this suede backpack lot’s on my Instagram as I can’t stop wearing it! I love how roomy it is for all my thing but it also looks super chic.


What’s your thought’s on this outfit?

Happy Halloween


xo, Jenny