My Experience with Vision Express

Strained eyes? Well your not alone! Vision Express, however, has changed my whole perspective on eye care and how to make sure you care for your eyes by getting regular eye tests and the right glasses. Having spent numerous hours immersed in my favourite websites, blogs and series it soon starts to creep up on me that my eyes are getting strained and dry from spending too much in front of the screen. 


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Product DetailsHeritage Black Glasses with Blue Protect c/o


Blue Protect

Being shortsighted isn't all that bad as you don't need to regularly wear glasses, but only when you need too. I wear mine when watching the TV, reading and when working from home on the PC. The one thing I was lacking was Blue Protect, something I was introduced to through Vision Express during my second year check up. Just recently I was invited to the Edinburgh branch for a tailored eye test and really enjoyed the experience with the wide range of designer brands on offer and then the Vision Express own line which I decided to go with from the Heritage collection. 

The eye test was very satisfied with your usual procedure of health questions, equipment such as the visual field screener and digital retinal photography to see how well your eyes focus and give an accurate prescription tailored to you for when it comes to the final stage of choosing your glasses and style to suit your face shape.

Eye Examination Process

You then go through the test chart process showing different letters and sized using different lens strengths. Each eye is tested individually at this stage to give a more accurate reading. The optometrist will change the lenses until you have the clearest vision possible. One important factor in getting your eyes tested is the benefits of the examination, basically, this can detect changes which can indicate high blood pressure, diabetes and other underlying health issues.

I always make sure to pencil in a date in my diary for my eye examinations as they're important and can detect potential brain tumours or abnormalities which you might not be aware of. This is not the only reason, of course, I do suffer from bad eye strain when I don't use my glasses for long periods of time. After my full eye examination, I then got to select my glasses which was an in-depth process of finding the perfect frames to suit my face shape to the overall design and functionality.

I always opt for functionality shapes as these suit my face shape and look super chic for the office and wearing around the house when needed. Overall I was left happy with the customer service at the Edinburgh branch and really like the added finish of the Blue Protect lenses for reducing excess blue light which emits from TV, Computer and Phone screens. This protector helps to keep my eyes in better condition without the downside of excessive eye strain, fatigue and even rectangular. Even better these lenses stay cleaner for longer and also come with an anti-scratch coating with a blueish tint to the lenses.


Do you get your eyes sleepiness tested?


xo, Jenny

  • So, I’ve never had an eye test which is awful, I know. These frames are lovely, such a great shape – I bet they look awesome on! I really like the idea of the special lenses.

    T x

    • Wow, you should go for a free test it’s actually pretty enjoyable haha! The lenses are perfect for computer use, love them x

  • Ellie Adams

    These glasses are so cute, I have such a similar pair from Chanel that were extortionately expensive but these look just as good. Fab find!


    • Thank you and wow would love to own a pair from Chanel ha,ha! x

  • My glasses have a similar shape, I think it`s a very flattering one. One think I am guilty of is not wearing them as much as I should, but I am working on that.

    • I love the shape of these, classic and neat 😀 x

  • Shannen

    Oh these are lovely 🙂 x

  • Carina Ž

    The glasses look so lovely! Nice post, dear!

  • These frames are so lovely, and unusual! You know, I haven’t actually had my eyes tested in a couple of years now – so thanks for the reminder! 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    • Thanks lovely! xx

  • I love the details on the side… how unique! these glasses have such a great look! =)

    – Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  • These a lovely pair of glasses! I only have to wear glasses for driving which I’m personally so glad about, I’m just not a fan of them on me!

    • I thought I would have to wear glasses for driving but turns out I don’t! I use these on my computer but forget for the TV ha,ha! I personally don’t mind glasses xx