Eye of Horus Liquid Metal Eyeliners


I can vividly remember dabbling with metal eyeliners when the LUSH Liquid Eyeliners where first released a couple of years back now! Fantasy was a firm favourite of mine with its gold shimmer finish and surprisingly it went really well with my red hair. Coming across the new Eye of Horus Liquid Metal Eyeliners range really brought those memories back and I can firmly say that Alchemy Gold is spot on to the LUSH Cosmetics version in “Fantasy“, both shades are very similar in texture and colour.


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Product Details: Eye of Horus Liquid Metal Eyeliners in Alchemy Gold and Copper Sphinx  c/o


Eye of Horus Liquid Metal Liners in Alchemy Gold and Copper Sphinx 


Just like all of the collection behind Eye of Horus these new Liquid Metal Eyeliners where inspired by the ancient Egyptian Goddess and definitely live up to that with the stunning finish and longevity. I can’t even tell you guys how pretty these liners are as the photos don’t do them justice! Each one is highly pigmented with flecks of shimmer throughout and the staying power is out of this world. If your going to use these liners be prepared for spending a little extra time in the evening removing them as soap and warm water doesn’t budge the formula! You will need a good eye makeup remover to remove these and any leftover residue. This could be a good or a bad thing depending on how easy going you like your make-up to be and if you are looking for a quick, effortless removal process in the evening; however I personally see this as a positive thing. Let me explain, if like me you’ve used liquid or pencil eyeliner formulas in the past or present that doesn’t seem to last a good couple of hours never mind a whole day these are a godsend! Yes, the removal process might be slightly longer but you are guaranteed to have perfect eyes all day and even night until you remove your makeup and this is especially important if you spend ages creating that perfect smokey eye.


I guess this one comes down to personal preference! I actually enjoy using these during the week for work but would find them more beneficial for the weekends because of the longer removal process if you want a more effortless look during the weekdays. Coming away from the removal process and onto something more close to my heart, that being natural ingredients and animal-friendly. Yes, Eye of Horus doesn’t test on animals and each product from the collection is paraben free and most importantly each ingredient is natural. These Liquid Metal eyeliners are enriched with Lavender water, Aloe Vera and Primrose oil. You can imagine how nourishing these must be on the gentle skin around the eyes and this has got me even more excited to try more products from Eye of Horus. As mentioned above about the metallic of these liners they are smudge free and having such gentle ingredients I’m pleasantly surprised at how well these perform! The formula is quick drying and super easy to apply with the long felt tip nip and it does take some practice getting used to the application process, but once nailed you can’t fault it! Just remember to shake the bottle beforehand to let the ingredients mix.


The uses really are endless with these liners and you can create multiple makeup looks with them! I’ve gone for a classic winged eye in these photos and love the outcome. It’s dramatic but subtle at the same time, making it perfect for weekdays with minimal make-up and a nude lip or you could go all out on the weekends with false lashes, which I will get a tutorial up on soon. You have other ways to use these for pretty festival make-up looks by applying dots around the eyes for a unique look with the longevity nip to give stunning results or you can highlight the inner corners of the eyes to make them pop. The packaging of these is very luxurious and the bottles themselves are stunning with the branding in gold on the front! These are expensive but I think it’s worth the extra splurge as the finish is out of this world and the longevity sells these for me! If your someone who will only use these occasionally I would still suggest trying them as they will last months and you might even be converted into using them more regularly, maybe every day! I know I have….


What’re your thoughts on these? Would you regularly metallic liners into your everyday makeup or keep it just for the weekends?


xo, Jenny


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