SENSO May Sandals in Camel Suede


We all have those key wardrobe staples that we've eyed up for ages and finally make the plunge to invest in those key pieces that go with absolutely everything! I must admit I've become quite partial to bargains and savvy shopping when it comes to key designer/staple pieces that fit into my wardrobe seamlessly season after season.


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Product Details: SENSO May Suede Ankle Tie Sandals in Camel Suede


What it comes down to is choosing the right colours, styles and designs. My personal style has developed a lot since I first started out this blogging journey, back in the day I would spend money on unique pieces instead of staples that just never worked and this in return made my wardrobe and dressing situation a nightmare. In recent years my styles somewhat matured and I've grown to key pieces that work perfectly with everything and this will save me time and money when it comes to picking the perfect outfit day to day and on the weekends.

I guess that's where these SENSO May Sandals in beautiful camel suede come in to play as a key piece for my summer and spring wardrobe. Ever since I clapped eyes on these I wanted them so bad as the design oozes simplicity but also looks super chic paired with cut mini skirts or classic denim. I've worn these so much now that I can't believe I don't even have a style post up yet showing you all how beautiful they are in the flesh! (To follow soon). 

If your planning a little footwear update this season then I would highly recommend these as your first choice for the sheer versatility and cute ankle tie finish that adds the perfect element of interest to your finished outfit.


What's your favourite statement piece of footwear this season?

xo, Jenny