Irresistible Me Remy Hair Extensions


Having not used hair extensions in a good couple of years now I was excited to try these Royal Remy Hair Extensions out by Irresistible Me. These are 100% human hair and this is what I prefer to invest in if I’m buying into hair extensions as they last much longer and the quality is significantly superior to non-Remy hair extensions. When ordering these I went with the longest length (24 Inches) to give my hair extra volume and of course much more length. My hair is naturally long so I wasn’t expecting these to be as long as they were when I unpacked them and tried them on for the first time!


Before – (Natural Hair)


With Hair Extensions Straight Out of The Box – (Without Pre Washing or Dying)



After – (With Hair Extensions Coloured using the Aveda Madder Root Conditioner & Shampoo)



Product Details:  Irresistible Me Clip in Remy Hair Extensions in Light Brown*


The packaging got me really excited with the simple design to the front but inside you will find a pretty illustration with details on how to share your finished look using the Irresistible Me hashtag across your social media platforms. I find the attention to detail very cute and it’s nice to see more effort put into the packaging when it comes to receiving something special and hair extensions come in perfect for special occasions or nights out. I used to wear hair extensions all the time a couple of years back for everyday wear but this soon started to strain my hair and now I only wear them for special occasions or every other day if I feel like it.

I must admit when I first sampled the hair extensions using the sample department you receive in the pack, the colour wasn’t really to my liking, however, it was the closest shade to my red hair. With that being said I did try the extensions on straight out of the box and you can see the results below; I wasn’t impressed, I felt the colour was much different when I finally attached them and much lighter against my natural hair. Another thing I didn’t like about them was the natural form, they looked really straggly and when brushed they looked slightly worse. Having given up at this point and feeling these maybe weren’t for me, I decided to give them another chance and went with the decision to shampoo condition and colour them to see if this gives a more natural appearance once dry.

Above you can see the final results after giving the extensions another try and I absolutely love them! I’m so happy I decided to colour them myself to give a much darker auburn against my natural red hair and adore the contrast. Having coloured these using the Aveda Madder Root range I feel the shade is slightly darker to my natural hair but it blends beautifully and gives my hair more definition and volume. I grabbed a couple of sections of hair and shampooed each section in the sink, then I went in with the Madder Root Aveda Conditioner and left this on for ten minutes to colour and condition the extensions. After leaving the colouring treatment to process I then washed this off in the sink and let the extensions air dry overnight, the results; Natural, shiny and sleek hair extensions. The frizziness on the ends went away completely and they blended in effortlessly with the rest of my hair! Another great thing about these is the fact you can straighten and curl them if you wish.


I couldn’t be happier with my extensions and if you have the same problem as me when wearing them straight out of the box, all you need to do is wash them and condition to give satisfying results. If you have a difficult hair colour to match with extensions like me, then I would suggest buying a shade lighter to then colour at home! I would have used a permeant hair colourant on these but decided to use my colour treatment conditioner(s), as these work just as good and it gives me a good idea of the outcome without committing to the final result as it will soon wash out.


What’re your thoughts on these Hair Extensions? Do you wear extensions?


xo, Jenny


  • Thanks Jess 🙂 x

  • Damilola Owoade

    it looks great on you. love it

  • I love the results after you colored the extensions, very beautiful! xo

    McKenzie |

  • Dylana

    Your hair looks gorgeous!


  • lauragale94

    I’ve recently posted a review on these extensions, too! I’m not a huge fan of hair extensions, as they’re a bit of a pain to fit; I hate all the faffing around! I think these are great value for money though xx

    Laura | Lala London: Beauty & Lifestyle

    • Thanks lovely and they can be annoying to fit but these weren’t so bad and comfortable to wear 🙂 I would only wear them for special occasions mind you as I don’t think it’s something I could do everyday hah! xx

  • One of the struggles with being a redhead is how hard it is to find decent extensions that match your colour! Years ago I bought some from a beauty supply store and wore them a few times, unfortunately I just found they were more hassle than it was worth for my already thick hair! These look decent- it would be nice to create a light ombre look with them perhaps? I’m glad they worked out for you in the end 🙂

    • It’s a pain as you can never find a natural looking red or auburn, it’s always bright reds that don’t look anything like your natural hair colour haha! I find these great for special occasions or maybe even the weekends when I have time to put them in but I wouldn’t necessarily use these everyday 🙂 the ombre effect is nice tho! I wouldn’t feel able to commit to this if it was my real hair however x