Haircare Favourites of 2015


My haircare favourites of 2015, one of my most sought-after posts and I can swear by these products if you are looking to grow your hair longer and add more volume. The products below have been part of my daily hair care routine for months and even years now and this help prolong my hair colour and grow my hair longer. (If you want to see my 2014 favourites then you can view this post right here).


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The Aveda range was my first port-of-call for restoring years of damage mainly by colouring my hair often and using hair straighteners daily. This range has to be the most powerful I’ve come across to fix hair back to its natural state and enhance shine, moisture and boost hair growth. The Aveda Rosemary Mint Conditioner adds volume to my hair and nourishes the ends, leaving my hair much more manageable and silky smooth.


Split ends have always been a huge problem for me but over the past year or so they’ve not been a problem and that’s down to Argan Oil, I’ve used other oils in the past from Moroccan to Macadamia and they all work perfectly with my hair and leave it in excellent condition. I wouldn’t be without my hair oils now and notice how much they can increase hair length and prevent split ends.


Speaking of Argan oil I’ve been using extra hydrating treatment masks and love this one by Insta Natural Argan Oil Hair Mask, a gorgeous blend of natural ingredients that help to restore strength and shine to the hair. I normally apply this in the bath and leave it in for a good 15-2 0minutes but do enjoy using it as a longer treatment with a towel wrapped around my head as it leaves my hair super soft once washed out.


As I mentioned above if you’re looking to grow your hair then one of the fastest products that can give you great results is the Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum. This serum is applied directly to the roots and you start noticing effects after the first week! It’s brilliant and I enjoy using this every other day to add length and give my hair a vitamin boost.


If you colour your hair the first thing you want to invest in is a colour enhancing mask/treatment that helps to lock in colour and shine. This is a must have especially if you have red hair as it’s the most likely colour to fade quicker compared to other hair colourants on the market. I switch between the Aveda Madder Root range and the new Maria Nila range which I just recently come across in my local Sally Salon supplies store. I love the Maria Nila Colour Refresh treatment and use it every two weeks! It gives intense colour but still looks natural and lasts weeks! I always top it up but you could go a good three weeks before needing to use this again. You need to be very careful when using these colour enhancers as they do stain the skin when applying and I would recommend using gloves when applying these colourants.


You might have noticed my recent review on the Organic Surge hair duo and the shampoo has been a firm favourite of mine and something I’d keep buying as it leaves my hair full of volume and very shiny. The natural ingredients make this more luxurious and how soft it leaves my hair, I highly recommend you give this a try as it’s brilliant.


LUSH Henna has been my go-to hair colourant for a good three years now, ever since I started this blog actually and I’ve never looked back since so it’s a complete must have for me and a treatment I enjoy doing every five-seven weeks to give my hair the natural red finish I lust after. This block doesn’t just colour your hair but it also provides mega volume, strength and shines with the natural ingredients and volume enhancing properties. It gives my hair stunning highlights of red and looks completely different under different light settings depending on the weather so it’s great if you are wanting something unique to you and completely different.


The Bumble & Bumble pret-a-powder has been the best volumising/dry shampoo product I’ve used to date and I think the fact this gives you a two in one makes it totally worth the splurge and the effects are totally mesmerising! My hairs left with lot’s of volume and it thickens the hair up nicely to give lot’s of texture and keep oiliness at bay whilst working as a dry shampoo.


Whats been your favourite haircare products of 2015?


xo, Jenny


  • Aww thanks so much Katie and I’ll need to give the beaut balm a try! I’ve actually used other products from this brand and love the results! As for the growth serum they actually have a new one out which has much more positive feedback and reviews so I’m excited to try this out once I’ve finished this oil xx

  • That B&B powder sounds awesome – I just wish it was a little cheaper!
    T xx

    • Ohh it’s expensive but I feel it’s worth it as you only need a small amount 🙂 I actually got it on sale so that helps a little haha xx

  • I haven’t tried any of these products but I would really like to try B&B powder, it sounds amazing! My hair definitely needs some volume! x

    Ela BellaWorld

    • You should definitely give this a try as it works great as a dry shampoo and adds great volume 🙂 I’m hoping to get a review of this up at some point next week with before and after images xx

  • Love reading haircare posts and these are all products i have never tried before so this is really useful. The hair growth serum sounds amazing, I’m tempted to try this out xx

    • Thanks lovely and the hair growth serum is amazing! You definitely notice results 🙂 They actually have a new one on lookfantastic that received more positive reviews so I’m eager to get this next xx

  • I’m in serious need of some new haircare products and all of these sound promising. Especially love the sound of the Organic Surge duo and the argan oil hair mask – anything Argan/Moroccan oil based seems to work wonders for me. The Bumble & Bumble powder also sounds amazing, I hate the cakey dry shampoos so this sounds like a perfect substitution x

    Bridie |

    • Thanks lovely, The organic surge duo is incredible and leaves my hair so shiny and sleek! The B&B powder works great as a dry shampoo and adds volume 🙂 it’s the best one I’ve tried yet anyway x

  • Ooh I really need to try the B&B powder as it sounds amazing! I’ve loved trying their products this year xx

    Gemma | ❤️

    • You really should it’s amazing! I’ve tried the surf spray and loved this too but hoping to try some other products this year from the brand xx

  • I wanted to start by saying- I absolutely adore your blog design! And second- that Aveda Shampoo sounds like it would smell so darn good.
    I love Argan oil/ Morrocan oil products for helping to hydrate hair/ deal with frizz- coconut oil works really well too if you rub some in when you hair is a bit damp!

    Great post hun 🙂

    • Aww thanks so much Elyse! The Aveda shampoo is incredible but so expensive! In all honesty it works out cheap as I’ve had my full bottle for a good year now so it’s totally worth it 🙂 I’ve also used coconut oil and find it makes a great budget option and works just as well as higher end brands but to much and it does make my hair greasy 🙁 xx

  • Lovely products ! I love the sound of the Argan Oil hair mask a lot 🙂

    • This mask is incredible and so is the brand! Everything is natural and you can also use this mask as a regular conditioner x

  • I need to try the Grow gorgeous hair serum!!

    Lauren x |

    • It’s a must! I notice they have a new one now which seems to have gained a huge positive response, I’m hoping to grab this next <3

  • Adalias C

    This has been so useful! I actually don’t have a hair care regime at all, I’m just always so lazy with it but my hair is in such a state that it needs some therapy! xx

    • Aww, It does take allot of work and tbh I’m pretty lazy myself ha,ha! I just do a hair mask at the weekends now as I don’t really have much time but you should definitely give one of these products a try! The B&B pret-a-porter is great for giving volume and working as a dry shampoo x

  • Claire Cavanagh

    My hair is definitely in need of some lovin’ so this post is a god-send to me right now! Will be popping these on my wishlist.

    Claire | xx

    • Thanks so much and hopefully you give some of the products a try as they’re amazing! xx

  • Carina Vardie

    I haven’t tried them, but they sound awesome!


  • laura anne

    I need to up my game with hair care!
    I usually try and use coconut oil in my hair once a week!


    • I loved using coconut oil! It works as a great cheaper option but just as good as higher end brands I’d say but I love trying out new products anyway so always switch my products up xx

  • Charlotte Luisa

    Haven’t tried any of these products yet but the Argan oil sounds great. I also always struggling with split ends and this might finally help with that 🙂


    Charlotte Luisa |

    • Thanks Charlotte you can pick up this specific Argan oil from superdrug but I love switching my oils and the best luxury brands would be macadamia, aveda and moroccan oils xx

  • The Sunday Mode

    Love the sound of the pret-a-powder, I’ve been tossing up whether or not to buy it for a while but reading this really makes me want to try it! I’m always looking for products that add volume.

    • Ohh you really should it’s incredible! Totally worth the splurge 😉 I’m hoping to get a review up at some point within the next week of the pret-a-porter with before and after pictures! x