Merumaya Mud Marvels Mask


I think face masks have to be one of my most loved skincare products that I always end up investing in a lot of different brands and formulas. Face masks are definitely my most bought skincare product and it’s somewhat of a weekly ritual of mine to apply one every second day to keep my skin in good condition and help clear up redness and blemishes.


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Product Details:  Merumaya Mud Marvels mask*



WHY Do I like IT?

By now you will know that I absolutely love mud masks and the formula as it really draws out impurities and works great for those with oily/combination skin. What’s most inspiring about this Mud Marvels Mask  is the active charcoal and volcanic ash that helps to give a deep cleanse and detoxify the skin. The ingredients aim to unblock pores, draw out impurities, brighten and mattify the skin. It’s the perfect face mask for brightening the complexion with its exfoliating properties and comes in great as a two in one formula!  I’ve spent much more on face masks but could definitely see myself buying this again as the results are noticeable after first use. It leaves your skin feeling really clean and hydrated without tightness or drying the skin out, it’s perfect for using the night before a big event or as a pamper treat as your skins still glowing the next day; this could be down to the natural AHA’s that help to loosen and remove the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal healthy new ones below the surface. This process leaves you with fresher and smoother skin and makes for a great combination to help treat acne/blemish prone skin.




The formulas very thick and I do find it much harder to dispense and apply because of this! It’s easier if your skins slightly damp as this allows the formula to spread out more evenly and thin out a little upon application. I normally leave most of my face masks on for 15-25 minutes and find 20 minutes enough for this face mask as I normally apply to the face and neck and then relax in the bath whilst the mask gets to work.  When its time to remove the mask I use a hot cloth and use this in circular motions around my face to give a deeper exfoliation to reveal brighter, healthier skin. It’s not messy to remove which is a bonus compared to other Mud Masks I’ve used in the past and doesn’t dry up hard on the skin or cause discomfort.




I do find the mask pricey for the small tube but could definitely see this lasting a good couple of months and the fact it helps my skin is another bonus as it actually works!


If you have hormonal or occasion breakouts I highly recommend you give this mask a try to dry them out and reduce redness, it’s definitely won me over!


xo, Jenny



  • You should give it a try as it does wonders for the skin but it is pricey 🙁 I wold use this every second week like my GLAMGLOW masks as more of a pamper product xx

  • It’s very pricey, it works but its more of a second week pamper mask 🙂 I don’t think I could use this every other day/week xx

  • Loved this post! Thanks for the tips!!


  • For 50 ml, it is definitely not cheap, however it is good to know that it works! I will definitely recommend it to my sister-in-law, shes’s having hormonal breakouts and complains about not being able to find a good mask. xx

    • It’s not is it? Its a great mask and works for my skin but it is very pricey 🙁 it would definitely be more of a second week treat mask like my GLAMGLOW ones 🙂 x

  • Damilola Owoade

    I love face masks, lovely pictures. Great post .

  • Bobby Regnier