Loreal Volumetry Expert Duo


The only high street brands I use when it comes to my haircare routine would be Aussie shampoo and Herbal Essences but with that being said I actually haven’t used these brands in years! These day’s I shop online for more higher end products and find they work better with my hair routine. Colouring my hair does make my routine more high maintenance and I do put in the extra effort to avoid shampoos containing SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate).


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L’oreal Expert Shampoo and Conditioner*


To avoid nasty ingredients your normally expected to pay a higher price compared to your high street brands but this doesn’t phase me and I actually see paying out more worth it in the long run. The shampoos and conditioners last longer and in return provide your hair with the essential nutrients it needs to promote growth and prevent damage. I’m a huge fan of Aveda for it’s natural ingredients and then moving onto Tigi a not so natural brand but still one I love. The L’oreal expert range by Justmylook really caught my eye and it was something I wanted to try out as my hairs been lacking volume over the past month or so due to deep moisturising treatments. Justmylook offer a whole range of natural products but L’oreal range isn’t natural but again this is from the higher end line of L’oreal products and used in many salons nationwide. I’ve been looking for a volumising duo for so long containing natural ingredients but find it hard to come by, mainly because most natural products contain sea salt, this being the main ingredients to boost volume and shine. I however can’t use sea salt for the main purpose of it stripping the colour out of my hair and this is why I’ve turned to less natural products to help me achieve the volume I desire.


I still switch between the L’oreal Expert range and my natural shampoos and conditioners for a balance as it’s not an ongoing thing, but this range really blew me away! I wasn’t expecting much from this duo in all honesty. The formula is very light, meaning you achieve mega volume without it weighing down the hair from the roots.  It’s gel based and really easy to use and lathers instantly as soon as it touches the hair! It cleanses the scalp thoroughly and has a nice mild scent to it. You don’t need allot, so the product really does go along way and the packaging is really nice too! I have noticed a slight increase in volume since using this duo but wouldn’t say it was hugely noticeable compared to other products I’ve used in the past, but I’ve really enjoyed the affects the duo gives and how soft and shiny the conditioner  leaves my hair. The only let down for this product would be the fact it doesn’t contain natural ingredients but this isn’t a huge factor as I switch my products around anyway. My hair is thick so it’s harder to achieve volume at the roots but I do feel the mineral calcium in the shampoo does help but might work even better for those with fine hair.


Have you tried this duo?

xo, Jenny

  • I do prefer natural ingredients but don’t mind mixing my products around every week 🙂 it’s not the best volumising duo I’ve tried but it does the job! 🙂 x

  • Aww that’s not great 🙁 tbh I thought you would have L’Oreal as it’s a pretty big brand! And maybe we do I’m not entirely sure! I would say France has incredible beauty brands and we can now access some of them here online in the UK 😀 xx

  • This isn’t the best volumising duo I’ve tried compared to the TIGI Bed head range but it works great for cleaning the hair as it gives an incredible lather! Volume is great but not overly dramatic compared to other brands I’ve used in the past 🙂 x

  • I’ve used various L’Oreal products so it’s great to have come across this range 🙂 x

  • I like L’Oreal shampoos however I haven’t tried these ones. Mega volume sounds really promising. I have fine hair and lack of volume at the moment so I will definitely check this out. x


    • Like I mentioned in the post I never found this dup to give mega volume compared to other brands I’ve used in the past such as Tigi for example but the dup does give an incredible lather and really cleans the hair well! It’s a nice duo all round but if your looking for dramatic volume it’s not that great! xx

  • I have never tried this range before but it does seem pretty good. I always try to avoid products with SLS and try to go for the most natural shampoo and conditioners I can find.


    • Aw thanks Lauren <3 I'm the same as it strips the colour out of my hair so I try and keep my products natural or not as harsh with friendlier ingredients x

  • It sounds like a pretty good duo x


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