Favourite MAC Lipsticks for Autumn


If theres one thing I love about Autumn it’s switching lipstick shades to deep vampy reds and earthly hues of brown. Heres my top shades for Autumn and ones I reach for everyday coming up to Winter.


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MAC TAUPE: My everyday nude, a gorgeous warm shade for those dull Autumn days. This shade instantly warms up my complexion with the earthly brown hue and doesn’t look out of place in my Autumn lipstick collection. The great thing about Taupe is the fact it works great alongside other deep brown lip liners for more definition, and my favourite at the moment is a more warm cinnamon shade called Spice. I’m a sucker for matte formulas and this one is perfect for the main reason that it doesn’t dry my lips and lasts hours once applied.


MAC VAMPLIFY in MODERN DRAMA: This is a shade I’ve been longing for and can’t actually believe I own it! I picked this up in duty free a couple of weeks back and absolutely love the deep vampy red shade this gives off. Perfect for halloween and dark Autumn nights, it’s also my weekend staple! The shades super flattering and sexy at the same time. The vamplify range is limited edition and every store I went into they’ve completely sold out of the nude shades and I was excited to own one of these too! However I’m still happy I got Modern Drama, as it’s perfect for Autumn/Winter.


MAC NIGHTMOTH: A deep plum hue for winter! I absolutely love this shade and find it stunning!! I’m always playing around with this lip pencil with different shades of red and berry hues for Autumn and can definitely see myself wearing this throughout winter too. It works just as great on it’s own as it does mixed with other flattering shades to add some contrast to your evening or everyday makeup, depending on how you want your makeup to look.


MAC DIVA: Stunning burgundy lipstick for Autumn and another great choice for your Halloween makeup! I always enjoy mixing this with Mac Nightmoth for added drama and love how well it applies. Another great option for a vampy lip if you can’t get your hands on Vamplify in Modern Drama, as its the perfect hue for Autumn.


MAC ETCETERA: A beautiful creamy beige for day wear and one I’m always raving about! The longevity of this formula really is out standing! I picked this up in duty free and honestly can’t fault it. The formula lasts hours, and the shade is subtle but definitely makes a difference! I don’t find this drying at all but normally top up with some hydrating lip balm to keep my lips hydrated through out the day. It has a great colour pay off and for a matte formula I’m very impressed with how well it applies and lasts.


What’s your favourite MAC lipsticks for Autumn?


xo, Jenny