You might not have come across Teagime before and this is my first time too! It’s a brand new company offering a unique monthly subscription service. The packaging is really cute and well presented with everything you need included in the box such as your morning, afternoon and evening tea sachets and information leaflet.


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The great thing about Teagime is the fact each tea is tailored to you and your body’s requirements. The sachets come packed with fresh tea leaves ready to add to the tea filters provided in the box or your own cafetière. The taste of these teas really are overwhelmingly good and definitely desirable! The teas very crisp and refreshing on the palette, once brewed you only need to leave the fresh tealeaves steeping for three minutes to have a piping hot tea packed full of flavour; but you can always steep it for longer.


You get three different fresh tea leaves in the box to enjoy through out the day, one for morning, afternoon and evening. The specific blends I got are listed below and these have been specially prepared to work alongside my dietary requirements.


Fresh Start* (Morning Blend) – Hints of peppermint to give you a morning pick me up without the need for coffee. This blend also contains regenerative milk thistle with metabolism-boosting alishan. Increases Metabolism, Eliminates Toxins, Boosts Energy.

Radiant Rose* (Afternoon Blend) – This blend combines fat burning and immune boosting properties with Rose and Oriental beauty tea. Curbs Cravings, Burns Fat, Improves Circulation.

Immunity Boost*  (Evening Blend) – An after dinner mint in a cup. Aids digestion and cleansing toxic residues from your system, this tea soothes your senses for a proper nights sleep. Aids Digestion, Clears Skin, Reduces Stress.


I’m not normally a huge fan of beauty boxes but absolutely loved this subscription box and really enjoyed the blends included. I’d definitely sign up to this after finishing the current sachets from this months box and still have a good amount of dried leaves in each. I’ve been drinking these for a good month or so now and definitely noticing a huge improvement in my skin and overall health. I’ve been feeling less stressed and noticed a slight influx in energy. I understand these carry vital health benefits and have different properties but the taste sells these for me alone! I’ve not tried a tea so fresh before and definitely looking to buy into fresh tea leaves from now on, just for there flavoursome properties. You can tell these hand blended teas are fresh and even come with a sell by date of November 2015, so you really should have these used up within two months of receiving for ultimate freshness.


You can subscribe to the personalised programme here with a mega 50% OFF and the freedom to cancel at anytime! 🙂


What’s your thoughts on this?


xo, Jenny


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  • Ohh definitely! I’m actually preferring loose tea leaves now! X

  • I liked the name “Teagime”. I think there should be more subscription boxes like this one. 🙂


    • Me too!I loved this box and definitely wanting to subscribe to it again once I’ve finished these sachets x

  • Carina Ž

    This looks interesting!


  • rae

    Now THIS is the kind of subscription box I could really get behind. I am so insanely crazy about tea as it is, I would definitely love to be getting different sorts each month. Great post, and thanks for introducing me to this subscription company.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    • Thanks Rae, happy to help! Definitely check them out and let me know how you get on! I’ll be ordering again soon as love the idea of loose tea leaves now xx

  • I love drinking tea in the colder months and really like the fact that these teas are tailored to your requirements. What a nice idea!


    • I love tea during Autumn/Winter especially it’s just warming and love all the different festive flavours that come out at this time of the year! xx

  • I’m a huge fan of tea and would love to try them all, I wish I could try out that subscription box. I usually drink Green tea or Chamomile tea.

    Chaicy recently posted.. Denim Love

    • Thanks lovely and I always drink green tea it’s so good for you! 😀 definitely check the website out I’m sure you’ll love it xx

  • This is such a great idea for a subscription box! Especially for a tea fiend like me x

    Martha Jane | http://www.marthajanemusic.com

    • I love tea but more so coffee! After trying these I’ve loved the loose tea leaf and just feel they pack so much more flavour and a stronger taste xx

  • I haven’t heard of it before however it sounds really good! Also it is nice that you could actually see that they are all natural and no additional stuff in xx


    • Definitely! That’s the main aspect I like! The loose tea leaf also packs so much more flavour and its stronger 🙂 xx

  • I’ve never heard of this before but it sounds pretty awesome, especially the immunity boost!

    Tara x

  • Tal

    Excuse me whilst I go and spend all my money… thanks for the great post, lovely as per usual! xx

    My Little “Fashion” Box Review

    • Thanks so much lovely 🙂 if you do decide to buy let me know how you got on? xx

  • The re-usuable teabag looks so cute, I am a big tea drinker ( tea is life) so I think I will have to try this


    • Thanks lovely and let me know how you get on if you do! xx

  • Iza

    I love your blog, keep goin! Follow for follow? Let me know, I always follow back♥

    my DIARY/klik/

  • This sounds amazing and their teabags are so cute! Thanks for fueling my tea addiction 🙂

    Allie | RainyAllie

    • Aww thank you: 🙂 and I loved the cute idea of the tea strainer xx

  • Emily Austin

    Wow, I’m definitely going to try this! I’ve been really getting in to drinking tea lately and have been looking for new things to try. This sounds amazing and almost too good to be true. I can’t wait to see what it tastes like after reading all the good things you had to say about it :]


    • Thanks Emily, check the website out and let me know how you get on if you do decide to make an order! I loved my teas and can’t wait to order again soon 🙂 I find the loose tea leaves pack so much more flavour xx

  • Natalie Da Silva

    ooo thats interesting to hear about this tea brand! Nothing better than having natural remedies that helps with your skin and overall health! x


    • Thanks Lovely and definitely! I’m enjoying the loose tea leaves now and find they give a much stronger flavour x