Taking a Break


It’s been awhile since I wrote something more personal and wanted to let you all know that I will be taking a short break over the coming two weeks. I’m going away on vacation to Greece and wanted to take a step back from blogging during this time and let all commitments go as I haven’t had much of a break in my two years of blogging. I was going to schedule posts to be publishes whilst I’m away but completely decided against this and just want to drop everything altogether. I just feel it’s not good enough to be publishing posts and not have the time to keep up with my other social media accounts and notify everyone of my latests posts.


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I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s supported my little blog and always come back to catch up on my latest posts during the week! I’m hoping to return with a clear mind and lot’s of new content for you all. I’ve been blogging daily over the past month and this is to make sure I have lot’s of fresh content for you to read during my vacation and hopefully you’ll all stick around for my new post on my return. Onwards and upwards is my motto and hopefully this break gives me the time I need to take my blog to the next level and get some new content published for the end of the year and develop my skills. I always strive to reply to all comments but haven’t been able to do this recently due to it being a busy time in my life! I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t even had time to update my twitter or other social media accounts. The only account I do post on regularly is Instagram, but this break will give me the time I need to just let go and get my creative flow back.


You might see a couple of updates from me but I’m trying to keep this trip internet free and enjoy the time away from everything. I will be doing various style posts and such and looking forward to sharing these with you all when I get back and maybe some tourist reviews mixed in on my favourite spots in Lindos, Greece. In my life allot has been happening recently and it’s been really draining emotionally and it’s just good to finally have a break and relax. I’ve also got some exciting news that should be happening just after I return from vacation and that’s a brand new living space. I’ve wanted to get my own space for some time now and hopefully that’s going to become reality in the next couple of months.


I’ve already started planning the decor and other little bit’s and pieces for the new place and it will be great to have a fresh environment to work in. If all goes well I will make sure to keep you guy’s in the loop and if it doesn’t then that just gives me extra time to figure out my direction. I don’t like going into detail on personal things but it’s not been an easy month or so and it’s just great to have that fresh start on the horizon. I can’t wait to get blogging again and please do stick around while I’m gone and enjoy my other posts from this month! Also don’t forget I’ve made the finalist category in theΒ Beauty Blogger Awards 2015 under “Best Blog Design” and Β “Best Beauty Blog” it would be the best news in the world to come home to an award after being shortlisted in the Company Blow Awards last year! If you attending the awards yourself good luck for your chosen category and I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to this years awards personally due to just getting back from Greece that same week but excited to see posts on the day’s events.


Hope your all having a great week and speak soon! πŸ™‚


xo, Jenny