Origins Clear Improvement Mask


Charcoal based face masks have to be the one hit wonders of the beauty world, especially for oily complexions. I’ve tried my fare share of charcoal formula masks over the years and swore by Dark Angels by LUSH until I found the Origins clear improvement mask!! Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love Dark Angels and will continue to use it but it’s always great when you find other brands doing different takes on the charcoal based formulas. It’s not only the likes of LUSH and Origins getting into this wonder ingredient but the likes of GLAMGLOW, which I’ve always used and will continue to do so….


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Product Details: Origins Clear Improvement Facemask



It deep cleans and dries in once applied to the skin for a deep treatment; the perfect sunday night ritual mask to pamper the skin and treat blemishes and oil. It hydrates the skin beautifully whilst targeting blemishes and redness! I have noticed a slight improvement in my blemishes and more so redness after using this but again it’s nothing drastic. The most noticeable thing this masks provides is the beautiful glow it leaves when wash offed, and it just leave my skin looking and feeling healthy with a matte finish.


This completely takes excess shine away and leaves the skin matte but hydrated with a healthy glow! I think that’s the true beauty of clay masks, especially for oily/troublesome skin as they penetrate deeper into the skin to renew skin cells and exfoliate dead skin away. I might not have noticed significant results with this product when it comes to my blemishes but my skin really is hard to please and it does take time to treat blemishes/acne, but one great thing is the reduced redness and how my skin looks after using this mask.


It’s definitely worth a try and I’ve been satisfied with the results so far, and wish to buy the full version of this soon to use once a week alongside my other masks. It’s also superb for pores and reduces the size after use and just leaves my skin looking allot more firmer and bright. It doesn’t dry out my skin and this is a huge plus point when it comes to products targeted towards oily skin as I find some masks can leave my skin really tight and dry afterwords, this making the situation worse and can aggravate blemishes more.



Nothing, love anything with a charcoal base as it works great with my skin type and it doesn’t smell strong either!



Straight from the tube and I will either apply with my hands or a face mask brush all over, taking more care around the nose, cheeks and chin, as this is where I have more blemishes and enlarged pores. I normally let it sit on my skin for a good 20-30 minutes for a deep treatment, then wash off with a face cloth, making sure to scrub so the product exfoliates the skin on removal for fresh, glowing skin.



Product Shelf Life: 12 Months

Have you used this? What’s your thoughts?

xo, Jenny

  • I´ve been using Clear Improvement for years now and I just recently totally jumped on the charcoal wagon with lemonade, cleaning sponges, toothpaste and such – so amazing and the results are a total game-changer too! Just started using Boscia´s Charcoal warming cleanser – yes it´s as awesome as it sounds 🙂

  • I bought this last year and haven’t even opened it yet! Guess I better start using it, seems so good!

    Stephanie | Beauty Bucketeer

  • Wow that’s so strange! Especially coming from the fact the Origins products should provide natural ingredients! :O GLAMGLOW is a great choice tho and it’s 100% natural so I’m sure you will be fine! Let me know how you get on as I absolutely love the brand and feel it’s well worth the extra splurge xx

  • Aisha

    It seems soo good ! xx

  • I love your reviews they’re always so detailed and in depth! I haven’t actually seen this product so thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Aww thanks, Happy you like them and you definitely need to try this it’s amazing! xx

  • I NEED THIS MASK. I never tried the charcoal based mask formulas before.

    Creepers & Cupcakes

    • It’s great and really helps with blemish prone skin 🙂 I’m all over charcoal/clay masks at the moment and just feel my skin looks so much better after using them <3

  • The Sunday Mode

    12 months for a shelf life is pretty great, this mask sounds really lovely. Might need to give it a go as I’ve never tried a charcoal mask before!

    • You really should it’s incredible! I’m loving charcoal/clay based masks at the moment xx

  • Victoria Nightingale

    This sounds absolutely perfect for me as my skin is just really difficult, I’ve actually never used a face mask like this so I should definitely give one a go! x

    • My skin is a nightmare :’D this helps and other clay/charcoal based masks! Definitely try them out if you suffer from blemishes/oily skin xx

  • Carina Ž

    I haven`t tried this one, but it sounds amazing!

  • I haven’t tried any charcoal mask however been reading great things about them in general. If it takes the excessive oil, that’s the product I need! I should try this out! xx

    • Ohh you really should! I swear by charcoal/clay based masks now! You should definitely try this one out or even a small sample 🙂 xx

  • I definitely wanna give this mask a go! Sounds pretty good for what I’m looking for!

    Sara |

    • Thanks Mary and it’s perfect for blemish/oily prone skin! x

  • This sounds awesome! I’ve read so many great Origins reviews but I’m yet to try any of their products – I also want to try the drink up mask!

    Tara x

    • I’ve tried a couple of products from Origins now and this has to be my second favourite! I loved the GinZing eye mask but never really thought much of the moisturiser but this mask is great for blemish/oily prone skin! 🙂 I’m definitely interested in trying the other masks now and the mascara sounds awsome! xx