Favourite Hair Removal Products


With Greece just around the corner I wanted to put together a post showcasing my favourite hair removal products for ultra smooth pins. No matter what time of the year I always feel most comfortable after removing unwanted hair! Have I considered laser hair removal? Yes, but it’s just so expensive and outside my budget zone right now. I would be one million times happier if laser hair removal was an option, but for now I’ve picked my favourite brands and devices to get the job done.


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The most obvious starting point would be shaving! I normally opt for any brand when it comes to picking up razors but do like these Wilkinson razors alongside Gillet if I feel like splashing out. Shaving is in-expensive and instant! A great way to remove hair quickly and effectively. This is only a short term method and hair does grow back much quicker as you’re not removing the hair from the root and cutting the surface of the skin. This can then lead to razor burn and unexpected cuts! In all honesty, I haven’t experienced this much and if I do I just dab a good natural body oil to help soothe the skin, a great one is the Balance Me toning oil full review here.


A new method that’s recently hit the drug store shelf’s just under a year ago now is shower hair removal creams also from Nair. Perfect for use on legs, underarms and bikini line! The Nair shower power cream is packed full of skin loving ingredients such as Argan oil and Cocoa butter, leaving skin super soft and smooth. This is another handy method if you’re in a rush and want a quick hair removal method that’s not pricey! I’ve found the cream effective but do find it more difficult to get used to compared to other hair removal methods. You put the cream on before going in the shower but leave it on for a good three minutes in the shower! This can be difficult to control if the waters powerful and it can tarnish good results, depending on how long you’ve had the cream on prior to showering.


Next up we have to wax! A new form of hair removal I’ve been experimenting with recently! I always get my eyebrows waxed but starting to enjoy the benefits on my legs too! I’ve never really thought about or went to a salon to have my legs waxed professionally, as I just find it expensive when it can be done cheaply at home. I was sent the Veet electrical wax roll on kit* and really impressed with how well this works! I’m a huge fan of Veet and always buy the hair removal creams so it was great to try the wax products too. It’s a great method for those with darker hair like me and wants hair to grow back more slowly! The wax comes in a box with other essentials such as strips and wipes to give you the full salon experience at home. Removing the hair directly from the follicle is my preferred method of hair removal now as it lasts much longer and saves me time having to shave every couple of days. I don’t find it painful as you quickly get used to the pain and this kit is so handy now that I’m currently switching between this and my epilator.


Depilatory creams are really handy for areas such as your arms or face if you want to remove unwanted hair that way! You get special facial creams from Nair that can be used on the face because of the skins more sensitive. These are chemical based creams that quickly remove unwanted hair over the period of five to ten minutes. Just like shaving, this causes no pain and it’s highly effective! I mostly use my cream for the underarms because I’m totally not up for waxing or epilating that area of my skin yet! It’s so painful and the last time I attempted it my underarms were left bleeding and I only managed to take five hairs out at the most before giving up ha, ha! Anyway, this Veetย hair removal cream is effective for removing underarm hair and also doesn’t leave a dark shadow on the skin. When shaving your underarms you might be left with a dark shadow, especially if you have darker/coarse hair because the hair hasn’t been completely removed from the follicle. These creams last longer than shaving so they do make for a great option if you’re after similar results but longer growth time! However, they can become expensive as you don’t get much in these smaller tubes that I’ve featured in the picture above.


Lastly, we have the Epilator, one of my favourite tools as it’s the closest thing you will get to laser hair removal and very similar to waxing too! I’ve had this Braun epilator for a good three to four years now ha, ha! It’s definitely served me well and I only use it on my legs as it’s very painful! More painful than waxing. An epilator is basically an electronic device with removes hair from the root using tiny ceramic tweezers. This meaning the hair is removed from the root and leaves skin smooth for two-four weeks. This is a great option if you can’t get to grips of home waxing or looking for an all round cheaper alternative to the methods I’ve pointed out above. It’s definitely a worthwhile investment piece and works out much cheaper in the long run! Epilators also make hair grow thinner over time! I can’t purely vouch for this just because I switch my hair removal methods so much but can see the potential in this. The beauty with epilators is the fact you can use it whenever and however you want! It’s very painful, to begin with as your skin gets used to it but I always find holding the skin taut helps ease the pain for the first couple of times and after that you’re good to go. People say you get used to the pain over time but I find every time I attempt it first it hurts! After a couple of minutes, my skin starts to calm down and the pain fades and it starts to feel really nice in fact. Epilators are not very common and I haven’t seen them mentioned much over the months/years so it’s always refreshing to hear other peoples stories! I always find when starting off with these devices your best testing it on the legs as it’s the least sensitive area! Arm pits are definitely a no go zone if you’re a beginner or even a novice with these devices.


What’s your favourite hair removal method?


xo, Jenny


  • OMG the Veet easy wax is my fave too!! <3

    Stephanie | Beauty Bucketeer

  • Oh so would I! Laser would be the ultimate dream ha,ha!! I’ve never been to a salon that’s why I just invest in at home kits but do find the epilator fine but during the winter it can be sorer due to the skin being more tender xx

  • Thanks Vanessa, it’s brilliant and it leaves my skin so soft and doesn’t irritate at all! x

  • Thanks Sarah, I love my epilator but find it harder to use in the winter when it’s so cold ha,ha it hurts more! :’D x

  • I also use Wilkinson razors! That Braun hair removal looks great though! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’m always switching my razors about, normally it’s what’s on sale at the time ha,ha! The Braun epilator is brilliant! However during the colder months I do find it more painful to use xx

  • I REALLY didn’t get on with this Veet kit! I had such an awful reaction to it. I do have sensitive skin but this has genuinely put me off Veet for life. I do however want to get into epilating! I think I’ll probably but one in the next few months, I’ll definitely keep an eye out for Braun ones!

    Tara x

    • Oh wow that’s not good at all! I found it great and it never irritated my skin! I’ve used main veet products and the hair removal cream is something I always have to hand. Epilating is great and definitely worth investing in! During the colder months I do find it more painful to use however as your skins more tender but results last for weeks and it just leaves my legs soft and smooth x

  • I love that Veet Electrical Wax Roll On Kit I used it yesterday and it’s very effective just a bit time consuming but still not as painful as the Epilator!! I’m still looking for a good one maybe a waterproof so I can use it in the bath, who knows it will be more comfortable! Very nice post ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sara | http://www.marybloomy.com

    • Its amazing! I love both but do find epilating worse during the winter as my skins more tender resulting in more pain haha! The one I have can be used in the bath/shower and I actually find it more painful! You can use shaving gel with it but I find the gel cloggs the tweezers, making it less effective! ๐Ÿ™ xx

  • Thank you so much for recommending these as I always struggle with hair removal – I hate shaving all the time but I’m too scared to wax. I really want to try an eppilator so I’m going to check out the Braun one <3


    • Thanks Abigail, happy you liked it ๐Ÿ™‚ I highly recommend the epilator as it’s a great investment and this one can be used on dry or wet skin in the bath/shower ๐Ÿ™‚ results also last weeks xx

  • My favourite one would be epilators and then waxing! When I use these methods then I don’t need to worry about hair for awhile haha ๐Ÿ™‚ x


    • Totally, that’s what attracts me most to these methods! I do still shave when I don’t have much time as they can be time consuming but results do last weeks instead of days which is a bonus! xx

  • You are very brave to use the epilator! I tried waxing this summer, and that made my eyes water! I much prefer hair removal creams, so will be trying out the Nair in shower one. I just turn my back on the jet stream and it stays on longer(3mins) so that’s good! Great post ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks lovely and you get used to it quickly but in the winter it’s worse! Its more painful as your skins more tender due to the cold weather ๐Ÿ™ Hair removal creams are pain free and do a good job! I actually prefer them to shaving xx

  • I hate epilators but they’re the most effective (:
    Nati xx

    • They definitely are! I love mine but hate using it in the winter as I find it much sorer as my skins more tender with the cold xx

  • I am very lucky to have little hair, so I shave every 2-3 weeks. When I use hair removal creams though I definitely prefer Nair over Veet, I think they have a gentler formula.


    • I wish I was as lucky as you!! I have to shave 2-3 times a week ๐Ÿ™ unless I’m waxing or using the epilator, and Veet is a firm favourite of mine x

  • I made the mistake of trying an epilator on my pits and I think I very nearly cried, so painful! I stick to shaving mainly but I hate those dreaded shaving rashes. I really want to try home waxing.

    prettymadthings.blogspot.co.uk // xo

    • I don’t get shaving rashes and do find it great when I’m in a hurry but I would never use the epilator on my arm pits again ha,ha it’s the worst experience ever! Very painful :S xx