Serenity Skin Dead Sea Bath Salts


If you’re looking for the perfect bath companion over the weekend I’d highly recommend the Serenity Skin dead sea bath salts. Not only do they help soothe aching muscles, but they also leave your skin super soft and happy! Perfect for times of stress and a great excuse to just relax and let the salts give your skin the vital minerals it needs whilst boosting hydration.


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WHY Do I like IT?

What’s not to like? These salts really are little miracle workers! They come in a pretty pearl white cardboard tube and this makes it easy to add your desired amount into the lid to then drop in your bath ready to soak in. The warm water quickly dissolves the salts, making it the perfect haven to restore moisture and banish any aches or pains you might have; Another great thing I love about these salts is the natural exfoliating process. This process helps to remove dead skin cells and leave your skin glowing and healthier looking. These are completely chemical free and sourced from the Jordanian sea, this containing a mix of minerals and salts from the dead sea.


Minerals and vitamins are really important for our health and I find these salts very therapeutic in that sense, as they’re packed full of magnesium, calcium, boron, strontium and potassium; to restore balance and detox the skin and keep it looking and feeling it’s best. You can really feel these salts getting to work as soon as you relax and I’ve also noticed how they’ve helped improve the appearance of cuts, blisters and bruises on my skin! My skin just feels so much happier after using these salts. I don’t suffer from dry skin but always love a good moisture boost, especially when spending a long period of time in a hot bath! It just helps my skin and these will definitely come in great for those who suffer from eczema or other dry skin conditions.


I mostly use these for relaxation purposes and for relieving aches and pains, so I mix these salts with three drops of Lavender oil and both complement each other really well. You’ll also be happy to know these salts slow down the ageing process too! Keeping skin younger and healthier looking in appearance with regular use. The exfoliation process also helps in the aid of keeping skin young, and it helps increase circulation for glowing skin and this also helps detoxify the body and increase the production of new skin cells.



Really loved these salts and you can’t really go wrong with these! There 100% natural and I’ve always known about the benefits of dead sea salt and can’t wait to try other product versions in the future.



The great thing about this is the fact you can really mix it up how you want! I sometimes enjoy using the salts on their own or mixed with lavender oil for a deeper treatment and relaxation properties. You can also include these with your favourite bath bomb or bubble bath, the options are endless.


What’re your thoughts on the Serenity Skin dead sea bath salts? Have you used dead sea salts before?


xo, Jenny


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