Balance Me Super Toning Body Oil


This oil has been a little lifesaver over the past few months and something I always love slathering on after a nice long bath to restore balance to my skin and lock in moisture.


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Product Details: Balance Me Super Toning Body Oil*


WHY Do I like IT?

The balance me super toning body oil has a gorgeous thick texture that applies beautifully to the skin and gives maximum coverage; (for such a thick oil I never knew this could be possible!!). It locks in moisture and gives great hydration making it perfect for use after a long shower/bath. The best part about this oil for me has to be the strong scent of natural essential oils crammed into the formula! It’s definitely potent and it’s something I like as it helps me to wind down after a long day and really gets me into relaxation mode.


I haven’t noticed the toning benefits of this yet, but do feel it firms my skin nicely and would work great over a long period of time if you decided to use this more frequently during the week! Normally I just add this to my pamper routine every Sunday, and then add it to areas I want to firm up during mid-week. This is more of a treat and something I always enjoy using as it’s packed full of natural ingredients that make my skin glow.


Another great use I found with this oil a month or so back was the properties actually helped to reduce my sunburn and take redness away and reduce the burn sensitivity. I noticed after using this on my burned shoulders for the first time it reduced the redness significantly and left my skin hydrated and soothed! The pain was gone and the dryness from the sun exposure; it left my skin feeling more soft, happy and healthy.



Really love the product, again it’s pretty expensive but does make a great investment if you’re looking for something packed full of beautiful organic ingredients that last!



I would apply this to a long bath or shower to lock in moisture and leave my skin glowing the next day and looking really healthy! You can also apply this to dry skin to help tone up certain areas as it works as a deep body moisturiser if you suffer from dry skin.


What’re your thoughts on this body oil?


xo, Jenny

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