Afternoon Tea with Links of London


If your after sweet treats, Mademoiselle Macaron is the place for you! You might have noticed me mention this small business before on my blog here when I fancied a little treat and ordered one of the 18 macaron boxes. Nestled away down Grindlay street with Edinburgh castle over looking, this little cafe brings a warm atmosphere and a great place to relax when visiting Edinburgh.


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MademoiselleMacaron, krystelcouture, pepperminttea

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mademoiselle, macaron, cafe, krystelcouture,

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krystelcouture, linksoflondon, edinburgh,

macarontower, mademoisellemacaron, krystelcouture,


Links of London: Charm Bracelet and Tea Cup and Saucer Charm  c/o


We were in Edinburgh for the weekend to check out the different acts at the Fringe Festival as a little get away so wanted to pop to somewhere nice for lunch. Links of London treated me and Kyle to afternoon tea so we picked Mademoiselle Macaron. This is actually my first time doing this type of post and I really enjoyed the experience and it’s inspired me to do similar posts in the future. I was generouslyy gifted this stunning sterling silver charm bracelet and cute tea cup and saucer charm for the outing and absolutely adore the materials used and how minimalistic the bracelet is. The tea cup and saucer comes with an 18ct Gold insert to the cup and sterling silver finish, such a chic piece and I can’t wait to start collecting more charms for my new bracelet. We enjoyed ham and cheese stuffed crepes with peppermint tea and a large cappuccino. I couldn’t go without having one of the large macaron cookies, which is something I’ve never come across before! It comes with a macaron bottom and a cookie top sandwiched together.


The peppermint tea was absolute dive and very refreshing too! Freshly brewed from pure tea leaves and piping hot when served, it really was a much-needed refreshment after spending the morning walking around the cobbled streets of Edinburgh. The cafe was very small and cosy with a friendly atmosphere! The presentation looked just as good with pretty macaron towers in the main windows and cute macaron themed stools underneath the marble desk. When visiting, the cafe was very busy and the staff! This was down to the festival, leaving the organisation, not to its highest of standards but we still enjoyed our time and the food was delicious. We treated ourselves to some delicious macarons as a sweet treat and they were packed full of flavour and the texture really does give you that melt in the mouth experience. We lounged on the French style single ended sofas whilst enjoying our afternoon tea and loved the whole French theme, as it just makes afternoon tea that more fun and interesting!


After tea, we strolled outside to enjoy the sunshine and eat some macarons before heading off back to see more performances from the festival. The hustle and bustle of the town were refreshing and it’s always busy but when events are happening it’s impossible to get around! We managed fine however and got a couple of photos/videos of the acts and then popped into Pizza Express for a cheeky take away before heading off home.


xo, Jenny


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  • Thanks Rachel 🙂 and you should! I always love popping out for afternoon tea and some lunch to catch up with friends and family 🙂 It’s time away from work to enjoy myself xx

  • Thanks Jessica and I wasn’t either until I tried these! These macarons are the real deal 😉 I ordered some online to try them all and will be doing so again! The charm is super cute and I adore the simplicity of the jewellery 🙂 xx

  • Edinburgh is beautiful 🙂 I live in the country side just outside of Edinburgh but would love to live in the city one day 🙂 that’s a shame maybe next year? I always find summer is the best time to visit Scotland as we have pretty bad winters here not that summers any better ha,ha! 🙁 xx

  • aw this place looks really cute and nice!


  • Omgosh, this place looks awesome and your jewellery is gorgeous!

    Tara x

    • Thanks so much and the jewellery is beautiful :’) just adore the simplicity of it x

  • I love Edinburgh, it’s such a romantic, lovely city! I’ll have to track down Mademoiselle Macaron next time I’m there!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


    • It really is :’) I always love visiting when I can as I live just outside Edinburgh in the country but would love to move to the city one day and always enjoy visiting when I can 🙂 Definitely check them out next time you visit the cafes really cute and small but the Macarons are delicious! xx

  • Love your photos: that rainbow pyramid of macarons is to die for, and the bracelet matches your day out perfectly!

    Close enough to visit, too 🙂

    Lis / last year’s girl x

    • Thanks lovely and it does 🙂 really liked the charm too! xx

  • This place is adorable!! I definitely need to go one day! So so so cute!
    Sincerely, Sara

    • Thanks Sara and I highly recommend you do! Such a cute little cafe and the Macarons are delicious x

  • Those macarons are so colourful and just makes me want to eat them all! Great photos xx

    • Thanks Ela and they taste incredible btw! You should check out the website as they deliver to the UK and maybe even out with 🙂 xx

  • Those macarons look amazing! Such beautiful colours 🙂 Love having/the idea of afternoon tea! Such great photos 🙂

    • Thanks Ellie and me too! I find it so relaxing and nice to catch up 🙂 xx

  • Everything sounds and looks so beautiful and lovely! Especially this Macaron tower looks amazing 🙂

    • Thanks Ana <3 and the Macaron tower was super cute and couldn't help but take a million photos of it ha,ha! xx

  • Everything looks so colourful and fun. I love the hanging coffee cups 🙂 X


    • I know I loved the decor it was super cute and unique 🙂 x

  • Everything looks so lovely & how amazing is that macaron tower?! You look like you had an amazing time. // xo

  • The Sunday Mode

    This looks like it was so much fun; love a good tea and macaroon!

  • This tea with Links of London looks so fabulous! I love this macaron tower, looks delicious!

    • Thanks Joanna and the macaron tower was so cute :’) xx

  • Michèle

    oh these macarons. wanna eat them all *_*

  • Katie Atkinson

    That looks like the perfect afternoon!

    Gold Dust


  • Justyna F

    Would love to go there one day & try their macarons! xo

    • Thanks lovely and you can order them online which I’ve done and they come fresh 🙂 best macarons I’ve tasted! x

      • Justyna F

        I don’t live in the UK, but maybe one day…;)

  • Ramida Dusdeevutikul

    looks like a lovely cafe!