Nakd Fruit and Nut Bars


These have been my recent addiction and something I’ve been carrying around allot recently as a quick pick me up! I featured these nakd fruit and nut bars on my Lunch Break Holiday post and they make the perfect snack during the day.


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Product Details: Mixed Nakd Fruit and Nut Bar Case c/o


The great thing about these is the fact these are healthy cereal bars and contain 100% natural ingredients and each bars the main compound is ‘dates’, this is the basic foundation to these bars with added nuts from almonds, cashews and pecan nuts depending on the bar you choose. When it came to trying the actual bars I was really surprised about the texture and the way each one tasted, the texture was very compact with an almost honey like glaze keeping the bar together but still moist. As for taste, it was definitely distinctive and you could definitely taste the nuts coming through and the natural flavouring of each bar! The taste wasn’t processed in any way and tasted very natural and clean.


Alongside the taste the main thing I noticed about these bars was the longevity of how these keep you full for longer! I normally snacked on one in the morning after breakfast or in the afternoon and it would sustain me for a good 1-3 hours afterwards, depending on the types of activities I was doing that day. I can only assume this is down to the high protein content of each bar and this comes in great for snacking on after a workout or jogging. These are great as one of your five a day and will definitely keep you going throughout the day without feeling guilty!


You’ll also be happy to know these bars don’t contain sugar or additives (something I wasn’t prepared for, this leaving the distinctive taste), so they will taste much different to what we’re normally used to on a daily basis. If your anything like me I do like to have the odd bar of chocolate or something sweet during the day but I’ve cut down massively, so these bars do help to curb sugar cravings whilst being healthy. I used to always take sugar in my tea but now I only use brown sugar in coffee and eat sugar-free cereal and freshly prepared meals; the only time I come in contact with sugar now would be when eating cookies or sweets if I want to treat myself.


Clean living has always been a main priority of mine that started a good two years ago now when I completely cut fizzy drinks out of my life and unnecessary sugar intake! This is a difficult and long process, as sugar is highly addictive but I still allow room for treats now and again. I’ve seen the Nakd bars in many health food shops and picked up the oat bars, this is more of what I’m used to and enjoy the texture and flavour, but the fruit and nut bars are something I’d definitely buy again from the main website in bulk, this giving me the excuse to ration and have them last a good two weeks that amounting to one bar per day.


When you get used to how healthy these are you can’t stop eating them! I actually finished all of these bars within the space of 3-4 day’s and couldn’t stop!


What’re your thoughts on these? Have you tried the Nakd bars before?


xo, Jenny

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  • Those are my favourite! They are delicious and very healthy. I always have one of those bars as a snack in my bag.

    • They’re so good! I need to buy more as they come in so handy for on the go snacking <3

  • Ohh, I couldn’t live without chocolate haha :O but your so right I mean these bars completely take your mind away from chocolate/sugary refined treats! I prefer these bars and would love to try the oaty ones but do love the occasional slice of cake or chocolate 😛 x

  • Ha,ha I was surprised at how many flavours they actually have! Great for different choices tho and loved trying every flavour out 🙂 loved the cashew one the most as it’s my favourite nut to snack on anyway! xx

  • The bakewell tart was so yummy! Tasted close to the real thing but of a healthier flavour and taste 🙂 really nice! xx

  • They’re so good! I’ve heard of Trek bars so will definitely try these out soon as I’m always looking for healthy alternatives these days <3

  • Marina

    I discovered these last year and absolutely love them.
    The rhubarb and custard ones are so delicious.
    They also do a bag of bite size ones, which come in super handy for car journeys!

    Marina x
    P.S. Your photography is lovely!

    • Mmm I liked the Rhubarb and Custard! In all honesty it was hard to pick a favourite but I did like the cashew one <3 I'll need to look into the bite sized ones and the oaty version, they sound great! xx

  • Thedottedbowblog

    I love these bars!!!! 🙂

    xx A

  • I always see these when shopping and hear about them but have never tried them! Feel like I should now!!

    • You should try them! I think they’re expensive per bar but totally worth it! They keep you full for hours as it’s a nut base so your getting protein and vitamins <3 highly recommend them x

  • I’m working my way through all the flavours to work out my fave! I realllly want to try the Bakewell Tart one. NOM!

    Tara x

    • The Bakewell tart was delicious 🙂 tasted close to the real thing but healthier 😉 might have to look into other bars now as it’s always great when you find healthier alternatives x

  • I’ve only ever tried one of these before and I didn’t like it but only because it was one of the oaty ones, I really want to try some of the other flavours. // courtney xo

    • I love the oaty ones ha,ha! These are much different in texture and taste so you might like these? xx

  • I haven’t tried these before as I’ve never spied them here in Australia, however I have heard so many amazing things about them and would love to give them a go! x

    • They’re amazing! You need to try them <3 It's different to your everyday oat bars which I love but still healthy and makes for a great snack bar x