I wanted to dedicate this post to Atelier 21, a luxury design boutique and a huge credit to me and Krystel Couture. You might have noticed my blog has been temporary down under maintenance this morning/afternoon, and that’s down to Krystel Couture getting a whole new blog design and header illustration. This has been a long going process over the past few months when I first put in my request to Atelier 21 to re-design my header, and you might have already heard me talk about this in my Blogging Platform and Design Tips post. I’ve worked with them before for my last illustration and just loved the finished design; that I knew the vision for my current header would be met.


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They do an incredible job, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my new header, and just feel it gives a whole new lease of life to my blog and looks much more updated. I’ve always been serious about blogging, and over the past couple of months I’ve found myself uninspired and really wanted a huge change, this is the change I needed and I feel more determined than ever to keep my blog going and getting back into the swing of things again! 🙂 Not only did Atelier 21 design my beautiful header, packed full of the things I love in life from macarons, crystals, make-up and my most prized position to date my retro olympus pen (which I currently use for all new outfit posts).  I can’t thank the wonderful Grace enough for her hard work and talent when it comes to designing beautiful websites and illustrations, she really is an inspiration.


Focusing the attention on my new design, you might have noticed it has a fresh new layout, which I absolutely love as it gives more variety to each topic I blog about, and just looks allot more organised; compared to what it was before! I would like to thank the lovely Gemma from for guiding me through the process and introducing me to Theme Forest. I was after a more organised layout format that focuses on every subject I cover on my blog, and when Gemma introduced me to Theme Forest I was spoilt for choice! They have so much incredible themes for users and I asked Atelier 21 to help me install my new theme alongside my header for a small price on top of my header payment.


Honestly I couldn’t be happier right now, and could highly recommend Atelier 21 if your looking for a custom made header that really stands out! You can contact them for a quote and they will then send over the price, depending on how you want your illustration to look. I’ve always been happy with the price of my headers and find it very reasonable for the amount of detail that goes into each illustration and the beautiful hand writing for the logo; each design is done by hand using watercolour to finish the design.


What’s your thoughts on the new blog design and do you like it?

xo, Jenny