Have I ever tried Macarons this good? NO! Mademoiselle Macarons are a completely new edition of my love for sweet treats! I’ve tried macarons before but never this good! I was actually put off Macarons by my past experience, and just felt they lacked flavour and depth for the amount of money.


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Product Details:  Macaron box of 18


With these, you’re really getting the full depth of flavour from each ingredient, and in all honesty, these just make my mouth water! It’s completely changed my mindset around Macarons and I could definitely see myself buying these again and again. The bad thing about these is the fact they’re so addictive! I literally couldn’t stop eating these and had to really force myself to stop, as I’m sure that much sugar in one day can’t be good for you 😉 I did of course share some with family and friends, but I can get pretty greedy when it comes to cakes or anything sweet, haha!


I actually can’t wait until the next time I can buy these again, but trying to limit myself as I don’t want to have an overkill of too many sweet things in the month, no matter how good they taste! I’m trying to eat more clean, including fruits and vegetables in my daily intake, more than biscuits and cakes and just buy these as treats now and not everyday necessities. Mademoiselle Macaron is a store based in Edinburgh stocking lot’s of varieties of Macarons, but the good news is you can also buy these online! That giving YOU the excuse to treat yourself and indulge in these luxurious treats.


I was overwhelmed with the wide selection of flavours and basically decided to try one of each, with a couple spare for sharing! 🙂 I will give a rundown of all the flavours below and my thoughts! I did find some nicer than others but this is just down to personal preference and what I wanted more of…


Fleur D’Orange – Light flavours of orange, but not over powering. I liked how refreshing this was and sweet but again not overly sickly or strong!


Chocolate – Beautiful creamy consistency of rich Belgian chocolate and cream, definitely one I enjoyed 😉


Vanilla – Again this was very subtle in flavour but one that really surprised me as I loved it! Delicate, rich and one I’d get again for sure!


Lemon – Citrus burst with strong lemon flavours and sweetness! Very rich in flavour and refreshing for summer


Lavender – This was beautiful, I loved the subtle hints of lavender and it was really creamy too!


Innis & Gunn – I find beer pretty bitter and lacking flavour but it was lovely in this macaron


Scottish Whammy – The Light flavour of Irn-Bru, could have been more enhanced flavour wise, but very pleasing and sweet! A true Scottish classic, but I don’t actually drink fizzy drinks ha, ha but loved this!


Earl Grey – Made using loose tea leaves, I really liked how subtle the taste was and it wasn’t sweet


Chocolate & Passion Fruit – Rich dark chocolate mixed with delicate passion fruit, I think this was one of least favourites but still lovely, I just preferred whole chocolate personally as it was very sweet and had alot going on flavour wise.


Salted Caramel – This was one that really stood out for me and I just craved more!! This was very subtle on the palate with a nice balance of salt mixed with rich caramel


Raspberry – Very strong in flavour and taste, great for summer and I enjoyed the richness of this


Rose –  This was actually pretty strong but lovely! The flavour was really in-depth but not sweet, very light with a mixture of white chocolate and a smooth creamy finish


Pistachio – This was pretty salty with a nice texture filled with chunks of pistachio nuts


Hendricks Gin – I wasn’t so sure about this as I’m not a huge fan of Gin, but would have loved a whiskey version! 🙂 I was again blown away by this and loved the creamy consistency


Elderflower – I absolutely adore elderflower so this is something I knew I’d love the off chance, very delicate in flavour


Chocolate and Peppermint – Something else I knew I’d love and these actually reminded me of After Eights, strong mint aftertaste and very creamy, mmm!


Gingerbread – Another favourite of mine, packed full of flavour and very warming


Something I loved about these macarons is the fact they are suitable for vegetarian’s and come gluten and dairy free! I personally can’t wait to see other flavours arrive and hope they will do a whiskey or champagne version! I don’t actually drink, only on occasions but do love alcohol mixed with chocolates and any other sort of delicacy, it just gives a really rich flavour.


What’s your thought’s on these?


xo, Jenny



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  • Those macaroon looks delicious!

  • These look amazing! Thanks for sharing!

    Heba xx ||

  • I know right! I loved how vibrant the colours are and the pretty packaging, they’d make a great gift tbh but also good to treat yourself with too! 😉 x

  • They where amazing! So pretty to look at but even better to eat 😉 gingerbread was lovely and not sickly! just the right amount of ginger xx

  • I’m so picky when it comes to macarons, I’d love to try most of these flavours!

    • I only tried a macaron last year and wasn’t blown away by it and never really got the hype around them, until now! Something inside me kept pushing to order these and try them out and so happy I did! I wasn’t disappointed and even want to buy more in the future <3

  • Justyna F

    I have never tried macarons! I want to change it this summer 🙂 Yours are very lively in colour 🙂

    • Definitely try these if its your first time trying macarons! You wont be disappointed xx

  • Diana Horsfall

    I’m so jealous! I can eat them all day!

    • I could too! I had to restrain myself not to ha,ha! Just so addictive xx

  • oh my god, the Early Gray sounds incredible! As if I needed an excuse to buy macaroons haha xx

    • Ahh it was so good! You need to try these, seriously! <3

  • bryony

    I’ve been wanting to try macaroons for so long but still haven’t got round to it! They look so good though!!

    • Well I could highly recommend these as your first macaron taste 😛 you wont be disappointed and the pricing is very reasonable xx

  • Rafaela

    I must be the only person that hates macarons ahah maybe i’m just trying the wrong ones!! But they are beautiful!!

    • I hated them too, tbh I never understood the hype around them until now! I’ve tasted ones in the past that never wowed me, but these certainly did! x

  • Meg Casson

    Oh my gosh I need to try these.

    • You really do! Not sure if they deliver outside the UK but they where so good, have a look at the website but these are freshly made so would need dispatched quick! xx

  • Aisha

    I LOVE macarons! So yummy 🙂 xx have a nice week


  • Stacey Louise

    These look amazing! I love macarons! – A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


    • Thanks lovely and I can definitely say I love macarons now 🙂 just depends on where you buy them xx

  • I’ve never understood the hype around macarons and have tried one was and wasn’t particularly impressed but these look incredible!!

    • Me neither ha,ha but I can totally see why now after trying these <3

  • Ellie Adams

    Oh lord, these just look far too delicious for my own good. Can’t beat a good macaron 🙂


    • You really can’t and these are definitely a winner <3

  • I’ve never tried macarons. These look delicious!

    Jenna . Beauty And The Style

    • You should try these as your first macaron you wont be disappointed! <3

  • Alice

    These look amazing! Especially the chocolate ones xx

    • Thanks Alice and the chocolate was incredible mmmm wish I had them now ha,ha definitely excited to buy more soon 🙂 xx

  • Antonella_7694

    Very nice post:))))


  • I’ve seen these before and made a box for myself up on their website, but didn’t end up purchasing them. I’ve never actually tried macarons but I really want to and these sound delightful! // x

    • Ahh you need to order them! The prices are actually cheaper compared to other Macaron website/stores I’ve seen, but the postage is pretty high I thought. Still happy I made my order and loved these so much that I’d definitely buy more <3

  • Excuse me while I scream at tHE CUTENESS OF THIS. HOW CAN SOMETHING THAT IS MEANT TO BE INGESTED BE SO BEAUTIFUL? Humanity, what have we become but pretty food-making manufacturers? Ahh, I want to try this but I also don’t want to try this?! Salted Caramel sounds right up my alley. Jennnyyyy, you’re killing meeeee!

    May x • THE MAYDENbloglovin’

    • Ahh I know right… It’s beyond me but these tasted divine <3 Salted Caramel is definitely one to try 😉 x

  • Eeep! The macarons look so cute and sooo tasty! What I’d give to try Chocolate & Passion Fruit! It looks amazing <3

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin’

    • They do don’t they? best macarons I’ve tried yet! xx

  • Carrie

    Posts online about St. Anton, Provence, South Africa…

  • Gosh, they look so delicious! I love macroons!

    Tara x

    • They where incredible, honestly best macarons I’ve tasted ha,ha and even better I can order online any time 😉 x

  • Alexis Gildea

    These all sound amazing! Personally I love just a plain coconut macaroon.. but I’ll have to try some of these 🙂 xoxo Alexis

    • Thanks lovely and they actually don’t do a coconut version 🙁 x