I haven’t done a make-up review in so long, so figured today I’ll post one of my favourite lipstick duos at the moment! That being the Lancome Edgy Sheen Lipstick and MAC Nightmoth lipliner.


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Product Details: MAC Nightmoth and Lancome Edgy*


Two gorgeous shades, and a fantastic combination I’m loving at the moment for the evenings and weekends, it just adds a bold edge to my makeup as I normally like to keep it pretty simple, so by combining these together it just brings added definition to the overall makeup look. The Lancome packaging is so sleek and the shade ‘Edgy’ is a sheer formula with a high shine finish that looks really pretty used alone or paired with a darker lip liner for added definition. I find the formula very hydrating and it also looks amazing on the lips when used alone and lasts ages!! It’s definitely a firm favourite of mine at the moment and I also like the texture contrast of the sheen finish against the matte base of MAC Nightmoth.


Nightmoth looks great with deep purples and reds and really enjoying mixing this up with different shades in my collection for different texture results. The Lancome lipstick comes with tiny glitter particles for that natural sheen finish that really helps to keep the lips hydrated, and look much larger in appearance than they normally would. The formula really is beautiful and easy enough to work with as the formula is very rich and creamy and just leaves my lips looking smooth and plump.


Have you tried any Lancome lipsticks?


xo, Jenny