Iconemesis has been me all time favourite place for unique custom made iPhone cases…


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Details: Iconemesis Lily X Coffee iPhone 5s Case c/o


You might have noticed Iconemesis pop up a couple of times since my blogging journey and for good reason! I’ve always loved the illustrations and they really do stand out compared to more original cases. You can pick a case that fits in with your individual style and personality, and that’s why I went with the ‘Iconemesis Lily X Coffee Case‘, being the huge coffee lover I am this fitted in perfectly with the cute coffee illustrations, and just blends in nicely when working at my desk.


In the past, I’ve had other designs which you can read about here, and these have lasted me a good couple of years now, and prevent my phone from getting scratched and damaged! They protect your phone whilst keeping the case in good condition too! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve dropped my phone now to find the case in perfect condition. I’d definitely say the cases are scratch proof and always look good as new, making these an absolute bargain for your money!


So if you after something a little different or a quirky gift, these make for a great option, and will definitely come in useful if you’re like me and always have your iPhone to hand.


What’re your thoughts on these cute cases? Do you have a favourite iPhone case brand?

xo, Jenny