You might want to grab a cup of tea for this post as it’s going to be picture heavy and pretty darn long! As you might have guessed this Blog Photography and Equipment post is a follow-up post on my ‘Blogging Platform and Design Tips‘ one I submitted a couple of weeks back! Today I’ll go through all my blog photography and what equipment I use to give you a general idea of how I manage my blog from a photography perspective. Now I’m not saying I know everything, and have the best blog photography out there, as realistically I’ve just grown to really get into photography over the past couple of months and improve my blog imagery. I’m still learning and growing every day, and just wanted to create this post to compare my cameras and equipment so you and newer bloggers can have an insight into what most bloggers would use to create blog content.


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The olympus Pen EPL-7 comes with lot’s of different features and makes the perfect piece of kit to have for travelling with! It’s much lighter than your average DSLR and more compact. With my Pen I received the basic kit, this includes the body, pancake lens and flash attachment. You also receive the battery, information manual booklet & CD, plus your body strap for travelling with. The great thing about the pen is it comes in useful for Instagram shots and now outfit shots! You get the advantage of the flip out/down screen for different photography shots and it also comes with easy to use settings. I got mine in the black and silver edition to prevent it from getting dirty, as I’m useless at keeping white things clean, so avoided the white version for this reason. It’s a beautiful camera and definitely worth the price! I’ve had a camera similar in price to this at £400 and it never compared to the Olympus Pen, and I actually sold it to then invest in this! It comes with 16 art filters, which I haven’t used myself but it’s a nice feature to have for creatives. I find the processor really fast and this is perfect for me if I’m wanting to take lot’s of shots in a matter of seconds! It’s just a great all-around camera and as you can see from the images below it’s definitely got potential!


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Again another handy piece of kit I use daily for blogging! This Canon 700D camera is old now and you can pick up newer versions, but for the time being I’m happy with this camera and might update next year or in a good couple of years. The DSLR is my main go to for filming now and doing product reviews! It’s quick and easy to use and comes with the flip out screen, that I find very handy to see what I am doing. At the end of the day, I’m a true believer in the ‘Its the lens that makes the difference’ motto when it comes to how your camera performs! It’s hard to keep up with new cameras coming out every week/month so it’s always smart to invest in lenses and work that way. Some of you might wonder what’s the point in having two cameras? Well, I personally feel having both gives me a wide range of opportunities to play around and as I’ve mentioned, I actually use both for different things! Each has a specific good point and it would be hard for me to give up my DSLR in return for the Olympus, so I have decided to keep both cameras.


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I don’t normally like using this as a camera as I just find the images less sharp, clear and often dark with yellow tones! I don’t mind using this camera for minor images, but when it comes to something I want a good picture of I will always go towards my other cameras. The iPhone always has a really dark/yellow tint to the images and even when editing them and enhancing the brightness it just doesn’t work, in my opinion, it makes the photo look even worse! It does have it’s good points however if your out and you forget your camera, it’s always handy to have back up and you can get a good image in direct sunlight or in places with unlimited natural light.


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At the minute I only have two basic lenses for my DSLR and that’s the ’50mm’ and ‘18-55mm‘ canon lenses. The ’50mm’ comes in particularly good for outfit/style photos for a more in-depth close-up shot and blurred background, whereas the ’18-55mm’ is more for long distance photography and comes in perfect for my cosmetics/skincare photos on my blog, and close up photos on the tripod and filming.


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Olympus Pen:

I received the kit lens with this camera and that’s the ‘14-42mmpancake lens, this is much smaller/compact compared to the normal EPL-7 kit lens and lighter for travelling with. This lens is fantastic for all kinds of photography and makes a great addition to your starter kit. I’ve actually been using this lens for my outfit photography now over the DSLR and really want to invest in the ‘45mm lens‘ as John Lewis are currently doing a £30 cashback offer until August 30th, so I’ll most likely get this before then. The ’45mm’ lens will come in great for outfit photography to give a really in-depth blur background, so I’m excited to get my hands on this and finally complete my pen lens kit.



So now I will compare both the Canon 700D and Olympus Pen EPL-7, below you will find images from both cameras so you can see how different each is and how well the photos come out. I’m blown away by the Olympus Pen and the image quality and beautiful colours that shine through in the imagery, that I just have to call it my favourite! I love my DSLR, but do feel to get optimum results you need to be a professional to get really stunning imagery from it! I’m not a professional and just play around with the settings and take it by chance, but the Olympus Pen really brings depth to the imagery and makes it look almost fantasy like and mystical.  When doing my main blog photography, such as cosmetic or skincare reviews I normally shoot up the ISO to give an almost white appearance and clear shot! This enhances the brightness of the image and makes it the main focal point. I always use the ‘Manual’ setting on my DSLR now under the ‘M’ symbol on the dial, and find this perfect for inducing high ISO and creating the imagery I want! Auto doesn’t really compare Manual anymore and I just find using the camera that more enjoyable now.


Olympus Pen Photography:


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I actually haven’t used the Olympus Pen that much but hoping to get out more with it and really experiment with the different settings and features…


DSLR Photography:


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IPHONE 5S Photography – (More yellow in tone and less sharp/detailed)


11277970_802589689789638_180705115_n 11304530_802589696456304_793396366_n 11647289_802589693122971_705522029_n




The most common software I used when I first started blogging was Photoshop Lightroom, a cheaper alternative to Photoshop with all the main features you need for basic editing. Since investing in the iMac a couple of months back I’ve now been more drawn to the iPhoto software already installed on the iMac. This software lets you import your images directly from the SD card then edit straight away. You can create different folders to store different images, keeping things organised and clutter-free! iPhoto has changed my life and it’s very much similar to Photoshop Lightroom and a great piece of software to have at hand for hassle-free editing.



When it comes to taking pictures on my phone I normally try to avoid this! I just find the quality less superior compared to my handheld cameras and it’s much harder to edit and lighten the images! So what I mainly do is take all my photos on my DSLR then import them onto my PC and send to my phone! This way I don’t have to edit the images and I personally find it easier! However when on the go you might not have time to faff around with all that and want quick, beautiful photos. These are the main apps I use ‘PhotoShop Express‘, ‘Moldiv‘ and ‘VosCam‘, all of these being free apps to download and edit images.



As some of you might know I’ve started up my YouTube and hoping to commit to this full time, alongside my blog! I used YouTube on and off for a good couple of months and when I first started editing, my partner showed me how to use Sony Vegas, a pretty expensive piece of software for editing video clips. You can get cheaper versions of Sony Vegas but again since getting the iMac, I’ve been using the iMovie software. Again this is just as easy to use as Sony Vegas and comes free with the iMac and I’ve actually enjoyed using this more than Sony Vegas and find it easy to use and it comes with some really cool features too!



These are a must and I actually have a couple of accessories I use all the time! For blog photography and filming I always use my Soft Box. I picked mine up from eBay instead of Amazon for only £40, basically, it was much cheaper for the same thing! In fact, the Amazon kit was £80, that’s £40 more than what I paid, so make sure to look out for this when investing in your lighting kit! I don’t use the lightbox for everyday photos on my blog such as cosmetics, skincare review photos of the products, only when taking sample photos of me wearing the makeup I’m reviewing and for filming for YouTube.


olympus pen flash, Canon remote, DSLR remote, IMG_1505 IMG_1510


For my normal images, I just bump up the ISO on my camera and use natural light! My living room doesn’t have much natural light, even although we have two massive windows, it just always seems dark, so I like using the softbox for filming and doing make-up tutorials. Other accessories are my lenses off course and another one I use constantly is the Canon remote control. This is great for make-up tutorials and taking close up face shots to review the make-up! It just saves so much time without the need for the camera timer, and it also autofocuses for you! A great piece to have in your kit for reviews.


I also use a Tripod for filming and make-up tutorials or anything where I need my face in the shot! The tripod I have was around £40 from John Lewis again! We picked this up in-store in Edinburgh, so I’m not entirely sure if it’s online anymore. Another handy edition is DSLR lens filters! I picked up this kit from Amazon and you get a wide selection of different lens filters. These can be attached to the lens of your camera and each one has a different purpose. These are mainly used for absorbing UV light, thus making photos in direct sunlight sharper and blocking out shadows. You get lot’s of different types depending on your needs, and they do come in useful at different times of the day and exposures if it is overly cloudy or sunny, you can pop one of these on to deflect the light and create better images.


So hopefully this has helped the majority of you or given you some ideas/tips and if you have any questions, feel free to ask below! 🙂


xo, Jenny

  • Wow, you use a lot of gear! I have a Canon Rebel t3i and that’s what I use most of the time. My favorite lens is the 50mm f1.4. LOVE OF MY LIFE. I also use my umbrella lights a lot for late night photography.

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    What a lovely detailed post & just so utterly thorough! Well done! xx

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    Wow this post is very useful! I really want to have a good camera!!! xx

  • This was a really great post, thank you! So helpful. I’ve recently got a new Panasonic LX7 and am just about getting to grips with how to use it properly but I am oh so envious of your Canon! You have so many extra bits too which all seem great!

    Jasmine |

    • Aw thanks Jasmine happy to have helped! I love the Canon but my partner wants to upgrade sometime next year so I will most likely be selling this on! I love Panasonic and think it’s a excellent camera brand and would have went for a Panasonic model if I never bought the Olympus x

  • Usagi Matsumoto

    How much did you buy the Olympus pen for? Did you also get this from eBay? I’m interested in getting one now!

    • So sorry for the late response! I bought mind for £499 it’s more expensive in black! You get it in white for £399 🙂 I bought mine from John Lewis but Curry’s and Very also sell them! x

  • Thanks so much lovely and it’s beautiful isn’t it? thank you and really happy you liked this post xx

  • Thanks Chloe <3 you should look into a DSLR for your first blogging camera, they're great for everything x

  • Happy you liked it <3

  • Thanks x

  • It really is isn’t it? :O I love my DSLR so it was hard to sell it on so I’ve decided to just keep both 🙂 the olympus is a good option for traveling with tho and the iPhone is good but I personally find the other cameras better, image wise xx

  • Thanks so much xx

  • These ones is definitely a great choice! xx

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    This was very helpful. xx


  • I have the same issues when I shoot with my iphone. I’ve been meaning to pick up some filters so thanks for reminding me 🙂


    • I don’t mind the iPhone but do find the images less clear compared to my other cameras xx

  • Visa

    great post! love how you broke it down and made comparisons for the cameras and the editing.

  • Thank you for the great information, I have been planning on investing more into my blog in terms of equipment so this was really helpful 🙂

    • Thanks lovely and you should definitely get a DSLR, as they’re great for everything x

  • This is such an amazing post, full of so many helpful tips. – Love it!

  • Wow. You REALLY know your stuff! So impressive! I’m so envious of all these fantastic bloggers (including you!) and all their cameras and lenses. The truth is I just can’t afford them as a student with no income 🙁 Desperate for an Olympus Pen as my DSLR can just feel like so much to lug around recently! Loved this post though, so informative x

    Martha Jane |

    • Thanks so much!! :’) I actually got my DSLR before I started blogging as a hobby to do photography ha,ha but it comes in useful for blogging too and I did then buy into lenses and other equipment <3 thanks so much and happy you liked the post xx

  • I have the Canon and I love it, the only problem is the portability as it isn’t exactly the lightest thing, however the pictures are always flawless so I can’t complain!

    Infinity Of Fashion// Lucy Jane

    • It’s not to heavy but very bulky ha,ha! That’s why the olympus is great for traveling with, thanks so much lovely 🙂 xx

  • Oooh, I’m so jealous of your cameras! I would do anything to get either! Hahaha! I actually plan on getting the Canon 600d but the 700d looks amazing too! Especially since the photos you take are gorgeous <3

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin’

    • Aww Thanks lovely and I’d highly recommend the DSLR as your first camera <3 it doesn't matter what make or model as they all produce great quality photos xx

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    The Olympus Pen looks amaaaaze!! I want one!!

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    • Thanks lovely and I’d recommend a DSLR for your first camera as it’s useful for everything xx

  • Interesting that you keep both the Canon and the Olympus around. Does the Olympus not have the same quality when it comes to filming?

    Rachel |

    • Hey Rachel, the olympus has the same quality if not better when it comes to filming! I’ve loved using it for outdoor photos over the Canon now but still use my Canon for my main blog photos <3

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    Lovely post! I love looking at what people use for their photos! I use the Canon 60D with the 50mm Prime! – A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


    • Thanks Stacey, and I love the 50mm lens it’s incredible for outdoor photos <3