If you ask me Balance Me have to have one of the best face washes I’ve used up until now! It smells incredible and you can really feel it working deep into the skin to help combat blemishes and remove dirt. The Balance Me Pure Skin face wash is a little on the pricey side, but a little really does go a long way with this and I’ve definitely noticed a huge improvement in the condition of my skin since starting this.


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Product Details: Balance Me Daily Essentials Pure Skin Face Wash  c/0


WHY Do I like IT?

Featuring a blend of skin calming essentials oils and natural ingredients this face wash helps to balance troublesome skin, and I can definitely vouch for that as after using this my skins left feeling clean and tighter to reduce pore size and just looks so much fresher with a natural glow. It removes make-up effortlessly and foams really good using the tiniest amount, thus making your money go further whilst benefiting from the purest of ingredients to leave your skin happy and non-irritated. They’ve also included anti-oxidant rich moringa and rice bran oils to brighten and illuminate dull skin with every wash, which I desperately need as my skins always looking dull and tired, especially during stressful periods or when my skins breaking out more than usual.

I actually love this and don’t have anything negative to value this on but do find it slightly pricey, but a little goes a long way as you don’t need to use much product, so could definitely see myself buying this again in the future.



I think this would be perfect for mornings to get you ready to start the day with the uplifting scent and essential oils, but I mostly use this in the evenings to remove my makeup as it just leaves my skin super clean and even removes the most stubborn of mascaras! I haven’t yet tested this with waterproof mascaras but could imagine this can do the job as the mascaras I use can be pretty stubborn without the waterproof technology.



Product Shelf Life: 6 Months


What’re your thoughts on this cleanser? Have you tried any Balance Me products?

xo, Jenny

  • Alina Isaev

    Balance me is fantastic. love the face wash too as well as their face and hand cream too

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  • I love it but do agree it’s pricey!! I’d love to buy it again as it will last months so works out good for the price on that front! xxx

  • Jessica Wynne

    Wonderful review! I have never tried any of their products but I need a new face wash!


    • I’d recommend the hand creams if your new to the brand <3 they smell so good and I have't tried any of the face masks but would love too! x

  • I also love REN but always switch about brands/products but this is a nice one to try xx

  • Haha thanks lovely and you should try something from the brand they’re so good!! xx

  • You really should it’s so good and smells even better! xx

  • You really should try something! Such a wonderful brand and the ingredients are divine xx

  • Georgiana Teglas

    I tried some products from this brand and I have mixed reactions. I loved their hot cloth cleanser, but really disliked the face cream. I do like the fact that it contains a lot of natural ingredients, so I want to try more. Great review, I really want to try this now.

    • I’ve tried the eye cream & never noticed much difference with this but do love this face wash it works perfectly xx

  • Kat Horrocks

    I love balance Me, any product that contains more natural ingredients I’m interested in trying 🙂

    Kat |

    • Oh me too! I love anything with natural ingredients xx

  • This sounds like such a lovely product! Skincare is certainly one thing I’m prepared to invest in if it works/is good for my skin!
    Tara x

    • Me too! I always have problems with my skin breaking out so anything that helps with this is worth trying xx

  • I’ve never heard of this brand before but I’m now super curious to try it out! It sounds great, even if it is on the pricey side!

    Bree || The Urban Umbrella

  • I’ve tried quite a few things from Balance Me, but not this! It sounds really nice, and like it would be right up my street! Definitely going to keep my eye out for this now! Great post x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

    • I’ve tried a couple of things from Balance Me and it’s hard to pick a favourite as I’ve been impressed with most of the products I’ve tried so far! xx

  • Thanks for sharing this post, so useful 🙂
    xx Elisa

  • lauren stevens

    I havent tried any of these products but it sounds great! I always get those really pesky spots that pop up at the worst of times and take forever to leave! I definitely need to give cleansers a try xx
    Lauren |

    • I’m so bad for break outs but this definitely helps and it smells incredible! xx

  • Love the review! This is something I really want to try. When it comes to washing my face, I like it to feel super clean. So this sounds like it will do just that and more…

    • This makes your skin feel very clean! I’ve only come across one cleanser called ‘Cor Soap’ that leaves the same clean feeling, definitely worth a try xx

  • nora

    This sounds amazing, just as amazing as those macarons!

  • Sounds amazing! Also really want those macarons!

    xo, mikéla /

  • You had me at removing stubborn mascara. I definitely have to try this!
    Randi with an i

    • It’s worth a shot, so far I’ve been impressed with this xx

  • Jamie RS

    great product! i gotta check it out 🙂

  • I always hear people raving about Balance Me, but I’ve never given them a try. This sounds amazing x

    • Ohh you really need too! Such amazing products and they smell even better! xx

  • Yousra Nawied

    I’ve never tried this before, but I would love to!

    Yousra |

    • You really should or even something else from the brand! I highly recommend the hand creams x

  • Wow it must be good! I love the photography as well, makes me crave macaroons! / / x

  • great product! lovely post and I am loving your blog 🙂

  • Your skin looks great! This does sound like a good product. I have never used it though.

    • Thanks Joanna and you should try this out! It’s pricey but does a fantastic job xx

  • Lovely Post. I’ve never tried this.

  • Stripes n Vibes

    Great review, I’ve never tried this before, but it sounds so good!


  • Corinne C

    I’ve tried this range before but didn’t like it – found it left my skin feeling like there was a layer of product still on my skin!

    Corinne x

    • Aw that’s not good! 🙁 I actually loved this and other products from the brand, I guess it depends on your skin type but would recommend the hand creams they’re gorgeous and smell so good xx