This afternoon I’m planning on staying in to catch up with various TV series and YouTube, whilst wearing these super cute ChattyFeet socks and binging on Ben and Jerry’s…


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I don’t normally get time to do more chatty posts and felt in the mood for doing one today! It’s pouring of rain at the minute, and the whole weekend has been pretty dismal in fact. I’ve just returned home from driving lessons with my parents, and tomorrow I have my main weekly lesson with my instructor, and definitely need to start revising for my theory test soon. It’s always nice to relax on your day off and catch up on tasks that need done, and I’m still getting through this months edition of Porter.

Later on today I’m probably going to book an appointment for my local Benefit Brow bar, as this month all profits are donated to ‘Look Good Feel Better‘, who support woman challenged by side effects of cancer treatment, and ‘Refuge‘ who support woman and children escaping domestic violence. These being great causes, and normally I book myself in every month anyway, so this makes it an even better excuse to get booked in at the end of the month, and you also receive a full size ‘Gimme Brow‘, which would be incredible to try out as I still haven’t got my hands on this yet!

Over the weekend me and Kyle went to the huge pet store in town, to buy live plants and aquarium accessories for our new tropical fish tank, which off course I’m super excited about! 🙂 We stocked up on tropical fish food, health salts and liquids to keep the fish in good health and prevent ‘New Tank Syndrome’, so we’ve taken extra special care to research and have the tank running for a good week now, to cycle the aquarium and get it ready for fish. We’ve bought some bacteria liquids to add to the tank to process ammonia, and the live plants help produce oxygen, making it easier for the fish to breathe once they arrive.

We haven’t decided on what fish to get but almost certain on a ‘Angel Fish‘ and ‘Bottom Feeder‘, so generally looking at around three to four fish for the size of tank we have.  So hopefully I’ll be able to get some photos up soon of the complete tank and the fish of choice. This is a new venture for me as I haven’t really had fish before, apart from gold fish so it’s pretty exciting and the fact its a tropical aquarium (I’ve been watching to much ‘Tanked‘, ha,ha)… So yeh, that pretty much sums up what I’ve been up to this weekend.

I forgot to mention going out for pizza and eating more Ben and Jerry’s! I actually picked up the ‘Satisfy my Bowl ‘ as it’s one of their newer flavours with a Jamaican theme and flavour to represent the iconic Bob Marley, and it tastes incredible! I love anything with banana and chocolate, so this definitely lives up to my expectation.  Normally I’m a ‘Half Baked/Chocolate Brownie’ sort of girl, but this was a nice change. ASOS also have up to 30% Off at the moment until tomorrow morning, so I’ve already bought some new Nip+Fab Venom Eye and body scrub, alongside the NARS eyelash curlers and Lord & Berry mascara treatment which sounds really nice, so can’t wait to try this!!

I will leave you now and thanks for all the lovely comments these past weeks, and I’m also working on new YouTube videos which I mentioned on Instagram a couple of day’s ago! If you’re looking for funky socks I’d highly recommend you check out ChattyFeet as these are super soft and definitely my new favourites at the moment for comfort, goodbye slipper socks!! 😀

xo, Jenny



  • Emma Waller (Emmajane01)

    This may just be my afternoon tomorrow.

    • Lucky you 😛 it’s not everyday I get a nice relaxing afternoon xx

  • I love your socks! I miss having ice cream #allergiessuck & I love fish as pets! As a child I used to have a huge 6ft tank with tropical fish!

    It would be great if you could pop over to my blog and maybe leave a comment 🙂


    • Thanks Sarah 🙂 that tank sounds epic! When I have my own place I’d love to have a huge tank it’s so relaxing to look at and I love fish haha x

  • Brittany S

    Your socks are too cute!!


    • Thank you 🙂 love the unique design to these and they’re so soft!! xx

  • This has reminded me that it’s been far too long since I’ve had Ben & Jerrys 🙁 haha. Those socks are great! I need to find me some more fun socks 🙂 x

    Sinead | Dreaming Again

    • It’s hard to resist when they’re on sale ha,ha but its hard to only eat half the tub! 😛 and thank you lovely x

  • I’m going to get my brows done by Benefit tomorrow actually so really looking forward to that! Especially the free Gimme Brow! Those socks are amazing!! x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

    • I’ve booked in for the end of May and the free Gimme Brow is very generous of them and I only noticed it the other day in my local paper 🙂 thanks so much xx

  • Serena Reidy

    I still haven’t tried Satisfy My Bowl! I’m going to have to buy it soon haha!
    Serena /

    • You really should it tastes incredible!! A great ice cream for banana lovers and its very creamy too xx

  • Those socks are so cool! They sort of even look like you – haha! Ben & Jerry’s are the best aren’t they? My favorite is Baked Alaska, comes with delicious white choco polar beers 🙂

    xo Mel || Sketch & Scribbles

    • Thanks lovely 🙂 and ha,ha I’d love to look like Kate she’s always so beautiful :’) I love Baked Alaska too! especially in winter mmm! xx

  • Haha, those socks are great! I’ve never went to Benefit’s brow bar, can you recommend it?
    Nati xx

    • Thanks Nati 😀 and I can definitely recommend it! Worth the money and I actually used to get my brows done at the HD brow bar and it was more expensive than the benefit service and the benefit brow bar actually do the same thing and give similar results, so it’s definitely worth checking out! xx

  • Oh my gosh satisfy my bowl sounds amazing must get my hands on that as I am an absolute fiend, and aren’t those socks so cute? I love them! I think benefit are doing a great thing, such a fab campaign and who can say no to make-up, all works out pretty well i would say xxx

    • Ahh its so good!! It might actually be my new favourite flavour 😀 and I know right! I love anything that helps charity so this sounds like a great opportunity and I’d also like to try the Gimme brow xx

  • Oh K.

    Yum! I don’t think I’ve had that type of Ben & Jerry’s yet. SAD. Ugh hearing about your buys makes me want to go get pizza and have an online shopping run! / creative lifestyle blog.

    • It’s actually a new flavour 🙂 and pizza sounds good to me at the minute ha,ha! xx

  • Ahh! Those socks!! Gonna have to check out Chatty Feet right now!! Also, there is nothing like staying in, have a lovely day! 🙂

  • Aww, these socks are so cute! 🙂 I want to try that ice cream now, mmm!

    Tara x

    • Thanks 😀 and you need to try it! It’s actually a new flavour and tastes amazzinngg!! Very rich with banana and a nice creamy texture with chocolate coins, so yummy xx

  • I loved reading this chatty post! Seems like your having alovely relaxing day 🙂 Those socks are so cute. The Ben & Jerry’s ice cream sounds amazing! I love banana and chocolate together! x x

    • Thanks lovely 🙂 you’ll definitely love this!! I think they should be on sale still but this is a banana flavour with chocolate coins and a caramel biscuit mix to the centre! Very creamy too! 🙂 xx