Transun are running a blogger competition to submit your three favourite places you’d like to travel to… Ofcourse this opens up the opportunity for me to share my top three bucket list destinations, and share a little about me along the way.


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What attracts me to Barbados is the gorgeous seas and beaches, but also the nature. Wildlife reserves are something I always want to visit to immense myself in the vast cuteness of the wildlife and my fascination for each specie. I always love taking photos of nature and always enjoy being around animals and getting to know more about them. Waking up to the tropics really would be a dream and something I’d love to experience in the next couple of years, as it’s just magical and definitely an experience not to miss. The clear turquoise sea and white sandy beaches,  just sell it to me and getting to explore the surroundings, and one attraction I’d love to visit is Harrison’s Cave, full of beautiful underground streams and waterfallsSnorkelling around shipwreck ruins and swimming with turtles, octopi, tropical fish, rays and sea horses really would be fascinating, and being able to capture this on camera would make it even more special.


This has been on my bucket list for so long now! Prague really does remind me of Edinburgh in certain ways, and I think this is what most appeals to me! Rich in history and lot’s of attractions to keep you occupied during your stay. I’ve always been interested in history, especially dark history within Europe. The main attraction for me is the historic buildings and gothic architecture, just like Edinburgh, Prague also had a major out break of the plague in 1713-14. I always find the vast history interesting and could definitely see myself soaking this up and doing a couple of Ghost Tours on my visit. You’d never have thought I’d be into the paranormal or extraterrestrial life, but this has always fascinated me since a child and it’s always been something I’ve been interested in. Edinburgh do great Ghost Tours such as Auld Reekie, Marcat and City of the Dead, and one of the scariest I’ve been on is the Auld Reekie Terror Tour , the trick is to go late at night or during the colder months of Autumn/Winter if your wanting to experience anything. Now I wasn’t expecting to experience anything on my tour, apart from learning about the history and tales of the past, however things took a turn for the worst once we made out way into the South Bridge underground vaults. Standing in the group I started to experience an uncomfortable sensation in the ‘Torture Exhibition room’ and all I can remember is fainting, to then be picked up by my partner from the ground as it all happened so quick! I was then left next to the main entrance door to catch my breath and decide if I wanted to carry on with the tour. I was eager to carry on and a couple of other visitors from the group also experience dizziness, as you could image this was pretty scary! We then carried on into the vaults which I find eerie to say the least, and damp. In the vaults we walked down the long corridor with small rooms to the right hand side, inside each room was the ‘Wiccan’s Circle‘ or ‘Witches Coven‘ which ever you prefer to call it, and next to this was a large empty room called the ‘Haunted Vault’, which then lead on to the ‘Stone Circle‘ room, now this room is where I felt most most insecure. I never dare step inside the stone circle, as people have reported to being scratched and physically attacked, so I wasn’t feeling brave enough to take that step, but I did however encounter a strange smell of burning smoke, which nobody else could smell that I asked within the group. This was strange and exciting at the same time, as when we went to the next room, the tour guide then went on to mention the Great Fire. This was a larger room where Edinburgh families gathered to protect themselves from the fire, as they thought the stone would not catch fire,  but things took a turn for the worst as the stones acted like a huge oven. I did feel really uneasy in this room and kept getting spells of dizziness and most importantly sickness, which in all honesty I couldn’t wait to get OUT!! I could have went into further detail, but this isn’t really the main subject, but if your looking for a thrill or love history I’d highly recommend Edinburgh. I used to watch Most Haunted and they’ve spoke highly of Edinburgh for it’s historic culture and activity in the vaults, and the same with a recent group I’ve been getting into recently called Ghost Adventures, who also went down the Niddrey street vaults and places in Prague. I’m quite the thrill seeker and love trying new things, and definitely got more than I bargained for on that tour, and heard other bloggers and thrill seekers speak highly of Prague for it’s ancient history and paranormal activity.

(The Wiccans Circle inside the Niddrey Street Vaults, this is the only image I captured that night as it was around 11pm and we couldn’t take much photos because it was so dark underground..)

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At the top of my list would have to be Greece, in fact this will soon be ticked off my bucket list as I’m expecting to travel there late September for a wedding in Rhodes. To say I’m excited by this would be an understatement and it just comes around so quick! This has been planned for a good year now, so it’s all finally coming together. Greece has so much Islands it would be impossible for me not to have the urge to visit them all one day, but Rhodes has definitely been somewhere I’ve grown to learn more about and love. The beaches really are beautiful and one thing I enjoy most about different cultures is the cuisine, and getting to try new thing’s you wouldn’t normally get back here in the UK. Greeks meditarian cuisine really appeals to me as it’s super healthy and I’m a sucker for a good quality olive oil! I’m always buying different olive oils after reading up on the incredible health benefits, and enjoy using it for cooking and mixing in with salads. If theres one thing I enjoy when traveling is my thirst for knowledge and history, and Rhodes makes a great medieval city to explore the ancient sites and get to know more about the history and modern culture. The architecture really is breathtaking and definitely something I can’t wait to explore whilst doing other activities, such as snorkelling in the crystal clear waters and chilling on the beautiful white sands during the day. The beaches really are beautiful and you have so much to choose from whilst exploring the valleys, if you prefer to walk and explore whilst on holiday. Another great thing about Rhodes is the fact you can easily travel to Lindos or Turkey during your stay, and Lindos is packed full of hidden alleys with small boutiques and cafes, as you make your way to the aquamarine bay.


So there you have it my top three bucket list destinations and hopefully you’ve learned something new about me and got an insight into what makes me tick and what I love to do when traveling 🙂


What’s your top 3 travel destinations? Do you have certain activities you most enjoy when on holiday?


xo, Jenny



  • I visited Barbados a couple of years ago and it was amazing! Stayed at a place called The Sandpiper, a family run hotel which was just so beautiful. The beaches are beautiful, the people are friendly, and the rum is so cheap 😉

  • Emma Kelly

    I really want to visit Jamaica, Austrailia and St Lucia! xx

    Glossy Boutique

  • Tokyo would be interesting 😉 definitely somewhere I would consider visiting too! x

  • Serene Kurd

    Jenny I absolutely love the outfit & the blazer is so gorgeous <3 xoxo

  • I have so many places I want to go to! This post has ignited the wanderlust in me!

    Pop over to my blog and see what I’m up to!


  • Ellie Adams

    Loved this post hun, Prague is definitely on my bucket list, alongside LA and Bali. I would love to revisit NYC and Dubai again soon too, because I loved them 🙂


    • Thanks Ellie and hopefully I’ll visit Prague in the next few years after other holidays it would be incredible!! NYC would be another place I’d love and Dubai but not sure if I could handle the heat haha xx

  • just take me with you when you go please lol xx

  • These places are amazing. I hope you get there one day. There are so many places I would love to see. I can’t pick just three 😀

    • I feel your pain! It was hard to pick three as I’d love to visit so many places too! I’ll have to get saving 😉 x

  • Barbados is very beautiful and the people are so welcoming and friendly. Prague is a different kind of beautiful – very historic! I’d love to visit Antarctica, the Galapagos islands and Iceland! The world is such a big place and travel is the only thing you can buy which will truly make you richer. 🙂

    Tara x

    • I know, I actually noticed all of your Barbados posts when you went and loved how amazing it looked :’) and Iceland would be beautiful but I’d love to travel anywhere tbh just for the experience and enjoying different cultures, and your definitely right! I’ll just need to get saving and stop buying clothes ha,ha! xx

  • Zarrah Jane

    I want to go to Prague too.

    They said there’s a lot of things to visit there


    Check my new post.

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

  • Lovely places! I would love to go to Sweden, London & Korea 🙂

    Stephanie |

    • Thanks lovely and London would be great to visit, I’d definitely like to go again myself as its HUGE!! very busy too but so much to do and see! xx

  • Amazing choices! I’d love to go to Japan.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

    • Thanks and Japan would be incredible! It would be so busy but after reading Victorias (InTheFrow) travels post I’ve fallen in love! xx

  • I went to Barbados when I was 11, so I don’t really remember a whole lot but I do know it was incredible. Seriously stunning beaches, and the people were SO lovely xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    • Ohh wow lucky you!! I’d definitely love to go one day it sounds and looks incredible :’) xx

  • Prague is a must for me as well. I would actually love to visit most European cities. I’d love to go to Russia as well!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    • Russia and Italy are definitely places I’d love to visit such a great choice! Europe has so much to offer and would be cheaper as a first place to start out xx

  • Lauren at adorn la femme

    Hi Jenny,

    I hear the architecture in Prague is magnificent! I would love to go to a Grecian island, too, for the warmth and natural beauty!

    Kiss kiss,



    adorn la femme

    • It looks magnificent and I wish I was on an island now! Hopefully one day 😉 xx

  • Aisha

    I had visited Prague and it’s very beautiful! xx

    • Wow lucky you!! I can’t wait to experience Prague so I’d better get saving 😉 xx

  • Oh my gosh great picks that I now have to add to my own list as I am obscenely UNDER travelled, I have to admit I do adore greece though and would go back every year if I could, I would love to visit prague now my dad has been a few times but probably very different experiences considering it was a stag do!!! xxx

    • Me too me too! I always spend my money on shoes or clothes ha,ha but definitely eager to save to get more traveling done as I actually haven’t been abroad in years!! Definitely something I need to change this year, haha!! I think stag do’s are pretty common in Prague as I did watch a documentary once, think it was Stacey Dooley :’D xx

  • I love Barbados and Rhodes! I’ve never been to Prague but would love to visi!t!

    Rebecca Coco

    • I think it would be a beautiful place to visit and lots to do! Lucky you and so envious you’ve already been to these places ha,ha! xx

  • Prauge would be amazing, a friend of mine went and the pictures she took we re beautiful!

    ↠Mondays & Mimosas↞

    • Ohh wow, I’ve noticed pictures on pinterest and other blogs and it just makes me want to go even more! xx

  • Milica
  • Dania

    I ve been in Barbados, it s really a fantastic place!


    • Thanks Dania and I can’t wait to visit one day, definitely on my wishlist 🙂 xx

  • Barbirella

    Amazing post. I’d love to go to Iceland, Peru and Bora Bora 🙂

    • Peru and Bora Bora sound amazing!! I’d also love Iceland for its beautiful scenery, such great choices!! xx

  • Allure Obsessed

    Amazing roundup!!! Thanks for sharing. xx


  • Great post Jenny! Thanks for sharing this with us! 😉



  • Julia Riebs

    Love the post! I definitely want to travel to Japan and South Korea again! ♥ Thanks for your comment!

    • Japan would be incredible! I’ve noticed Victorias (InTheFrows) travel posts and it looks amazing xx

  • Nina

    I would travel all over the world if I could. Great post. xx

    • Me too Nina!! It would be incredible to have such an opportunity but definitely one to save for haha, thanks! xx

  • Lovely post, my bucket list keeps getting longer! There are still so many places I need to visit!

    Anika |

    • Thanks lovely 🙂 and I wish I had the money to visit so much places on my wish list haha xx

  • I’d love to go to hawaii, New York and london although I’ve already been there a few times!

    • Oh wow Hawaii would be incredible!! I’ve also got New York on my travel wish list to visit in the next couple of years, I’ve always loved it since watching Gossip Girl :’D and I was in London last summer and would love to go back, such a huge city you can’t do everything at once so it would be nice to go again xx

  • i would also would love to visit Prague, hopefully soon. Great list.

    El |

  • Vina syah

    Agree with you about Prague, although I have not been there, but I heard so much about it from my friend who originally from Chez when I was in Germany. They’re so rich of history and all!

    Much love,

    • Incredible and they definitely are… would love to visit soon as it’s somewhere that I’d find interesting to learn more about 🙂 x