You might know if your a long time reader of Krystel Couture that I’ve got a huge obsession with clay-based face masks. My obsession first started when I treated myself to the GLAMGLOW Youth mud mask a good couple of years back now! The way the clay masks draw out dirt and impurities really is astonishing and definitely an advancement in cosmetic technology.


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Product Details: Clayspray Red Clay Mineral Treatment Masque c/0


Being a huge sufferer with the occasional blemish, that just doesn’t want to budge, these masks really help to keep my skin in great condition. I used to suffer from really bad acne and scarring but luckily this isn’t much of a problem anymore, but because of my pat I do tend to get a huge breakout at once in the same area of my face, mostly the chin. This can be a problem and tough to tackle, so normally I apply a good clay mask once or twice a week to really clean out my pores and treat scarring the blemishes may have caused. If I’m not using masks I always make sure to apply my blemish serum most nights to try out the spots, making them easier and safer to remove once they dry out.


What attracted me most to the Clayspray red clay masque was the fact the ingredients are 100% natural and contain 100 million-year-old clay mined from the mountains in Iberian Peninsula. I actually received three samples to try out and not the full product, but I’ve heard they come in a spray like a pump making it more hygienic and this also stops the clay from drying out. You soon notice when using the clay masks how quick these actually do dry out and it’s super quick, let me tell you!! I’ve already used the other two masks before doing these photos, we’ve all been there, right? but as soon as you open the pack and start applying the mask to your face it starts drying up almost instantly, as soon as it comes into contact with the skin.


The clay mask is damp, but once applied it starts to harden up and let the pores appear, as it deeply cleans the skin (if you’re used to using GLAMGLOW Supermud, you’ll understand this process and find it somewhat similar). Let me tell you this has to be one of the messiest masks I’ve ever used! Definitely a shower job! Removing this from the sink really isn’t an option unless you want a huge mess and brown liquid staining the sink. It’s a lot of work to clean up after removing if you do opt for removing it from the sink! I prefer the shower as that way there’s zero mess and you know everything completely removed. Having oily skin I loved this mask and really noticed the benefits after trilling the masks for a month, I used one sachet per week and because I have a small face I managed to get two uses out of each sample pack.


It leaves my skin so soft, and I also noticed a huge reduction in my blemishes over a period of two weeks and they just looked less fiery and starting to clear up! Another thing I liked about this mask was the fact it really draws out impurities and you can see it working at the same time. Pores where left much smaller and my skin just felt really clean and looked naturally glowing, it’s definitely a mask I’d love to buy again in the full version and try out other products from the range as I’m a sucker for anything natural that really gets into the deeper layers of the skin and gives them a good clean out. This mask is a red clay base with the added bonus of spring water and hydrogels for extra moisture where your skin needs it most! This face treatment is aimed towards those with more oily/blemish prone skin, whilst absorbing impurities and sebum, in return leaving the skin smooth and cleansed with a fresh matte finish. This mask also contains iron and comes in suitable for use on the face, neck and back, basically anywhere prone to blemishes.


What’re your thoughts on this mask? Do you like clay face masks?


xo, Jenny


  • Aw thanks so much lovely! Really happy you liked my review and you should try this mask, it’s definitely one that works xx

  • This isn’t to hard to apply but it does dry quicker compared to the GLAMGLOW masks 🙂 so you have to be extra quick but it’s not a big deal if it does dry, normally I will apply more over problem areas, such as my chin xx

  • Thank you <3 this is definitely a good one to try xx

  • My skins been fine until a couple of weeks ago and it’s breaking out bad 🙁 this mask is great or soothing redness and clearing them up, I’ll have to look into Freeman, never heard of this brand before, thanks for sharing! xx

  • I’d highly recommend this mask, definitely one of my favourites alongside GLAMGLOW <3

  • Thank you lovely and its great for leaving you fresh faced xx

  • i love clay mask as well. they are really amazing in drawing out impurities. need to give this one a try

    • They definitely are! Clay is one of my favourite formulas especially when I have a bad breakout xx

  • I’ve not tried many clay masks, but this looks like a good place to start for me!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    • This one is great1 I actually want the full version as apparently its a spray formula which sounds amazing! Definitely a different way of applying compared to most masks that come in a jar or sachet xx

  • Serene Kurd

    Ohhh wow Jenny, this masque sounds amazing! I love the types that feel like you’re exfoliating and this one looks absolutely great! 🙂

    Serene xoxo

    • Thanks Serene, I love scrubby masks too! This ones very gentle but does the job nicely xx

  • Kathrin

    this sounds fantastic sweety, great review!
    Happy rest of the week!

    <3, Kathrin

  • Lui

    I love this mask! It keep my skin looking flawless always and hydrated. It’s a great impurity lifter.

  • I’ve never actually tried a clay mask before! I’ve always wanted to though, the way they just seem to pull everything awful out of your skin and give it a fresh start!! Thanks for the review 🙂

    • Thanks Ellie, and it’s a great mask to try especially if your wanting a nice pamper night or spa like treatment from home xx

  • Ellie Adams

    This mask sounds amazing, I love clay masks but find that they can be quite oily, so this sounds perfect. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your impurities extracted after one of those masks (sexy times) ha 😉


    • This one isn’t oily, inf act it’s more drying as its marketed for oily skin types but you do get other versions from the brand for different skin concerns xx

  • I always find clay masks are perfect for blemish prone skin as it really gets all the oils and dirt out 🙂 this ones definitely worth a try and very similar to the GLAMGLOW range but smells much different almost earthly like with a mineral sort of smell, almost like zinc or iron xx

  • I love the LUSH face masks and when compared to more expensive ones they make a great cheaper alternative 🙂 my favourites are cup cake and catastrophe cosmetic <3

  • I love the pic of you with the mask on haha! It sounds good and isn’t a bad price! 😉

    Tara x

    • Ha,ha thanks! and the price is reasonable for a clay based mask I’d say but would definitely try the full version as I love it x

  • wow this mask sounds amazing! I’m obsessed with clay masks, they make such a difference in my skin! 🙂

    • Thanks lovely and they definitely do! Having oily skin I can notice a huge difference after removing the mask xx