If you’re looking for a nice warm scent for spring/summer, Yankee Fireside Treats is the one for you! Initially, I was a little hesitant as to whether this would be overly sweet; but in its true form, it’s very subtle and not overpowering at all.
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Yankee Candle: Fireside Treats
It has a beautiful mix of marshmallow and a smoky hint of fire, I just find this scent so comforting on a cold dark evening; all in all, it’s just a nice cosy scent. It’s soft and sweet and you can smell the aroma coming from the candle left un-burned with the lid off, but when you do burn this it really sets the atmosphere of long cosy nights with the smell coming off slightly stronger and it lasts much longer. If you’re not into the overwhelming sweet scents from Yankee, this candle definitely makes a nice alternative if you’re after something less overpowering but warming for the months ahead. The toasted marshmallow scent is very natural and true to smell, it’s a nice one to relax too without the scent being too distracting in the background. 
Have you used this candle or something similar? 
xo, Jenny