A couple of weeks back I came across a luxury brand called ‘Whittard Chelsea‘, believe it or not, they used to have a local store close to where I live, but this sadly shut down a couple of years back. I’ve been on the hunt for some luxurious hot chocolate to get me through the colder nights, and whilst browsing the WC website I also came across these cappuccino coated espresso beans.
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krystel couture, cappuccino flavour espresso beans, chocolate,
espresso beans, coffee, krystel couture, chocolate espresso beans,
Chocolate Espresso Beans: Whittard
These really are game-changing and something I’ve never tried before, so I was ecstatic when I noticed these online and quickly added them to my shopping cart. These do come in the older packaging, as they now have newer packaging with more espresso beans in the pack, the only downside to this is that fact they’re more expensive! They make such a nice treat during the day or first thing in the morning for a quick fix before your coffee, or even with your cup of coffee, these go great. 

They give you an instant hit and the outer milk chocolate cappuccino coating just melts in your mouth, to then release them under a layer of dark chocolate which really brings the flavours out. Once you’ve got your way through the different chocolate coatings you then find yourself at the espresso bean, it’s such a lovely crunchy texture and packed full of flavour that really heightens the palette. These make the perfect gift for any coffee lover and come in really nice packaging! I also love cappuccino flavoured chocolates, so knew these would be an instant hit, but you can also select from different flavours on the website.
What’re your thoughts on these?
xo, Jenny