The thing I loved most about the Jerome Alexander magic minerals, was the fact it’s suitable for all skin tones and helps in the process of concealing blemishes, age spots, fine lines and helps to balance out uneven skin tones with the pretty colour pigments.
krystel couture, magic minerals, mineral powder, beauty blogger,
magic minerals, krystel couture, jerome alexander, beauty blogger,
jerome alexander, krystel couture, magic minerals, beauty blog,
Magic Minerals: High Street TV c/o
Now before we get into this review, I must admit this is not something I would normally think of buying but what really caught my attention was the fact this is a mineral based powder! This meaning the ingredients are natural and shouldn’t irritate my skin, so this is the reason why I wanted to give this a chance. I absolutely love mineral based powders and always swear by ‘The Body Shop All In One Face Base‘, so that’s what really got me excited about this, just to see how well it works on the skin and how long it lasts. This product isn’t cheap, but it’s not high end either, it’s more targeted towards high street brand foundations but slightly dearer, this could be down to the mineral ingredients and vitamins packed into this powder. I was slightly disappointed with the packaging this arrived in, however, and that’s the main reason why I’ve just included the main product in today’s photos. 
The packaging just seemed different to what you would expect when buying a foundation, the brush was also another item I never liked in this set. With that being said I do love my RT brushes, so I always verge towards these when it comes to using any type of product on my skin as they do the job efficiently.  The great thing about this product is the fact it’s an all in one, it can be used as a foundation, concealer, and colour corrector. The mineral powder is nicely compact and looks very natural on the skin with a slight glow, which I find really pretty, especially now we’re coming into spring/summer. As it’s such a lightweight powder this doesn’t feel heavy or go cakey on the skin, which is another thing I like about this product, and the fact it’s packed full of vitamins, this meaning no harsh chemicals or nasty ingredients. My skins very sensitive to products and I normally stick to mineral, natural or liquid formulas that don’t clog my pores and make my skin break out! 

The overall shade of this powder applies to the skin seamlessly and looks really natural, I did find it great for covering redness and spots but think it might be better used over foundation as a powder. The powder does give good coverage used alone and you can build it up which is great, but I just don’t find it enough for my skin type when used alone! If I noticed this online or in-store going by the packaging, I don’t feel it’s something I would be instantly drawn too, just because it reduces the quality of the product or makes it appear more gimmicky from my personal opinion. I did find myself pleasantly surprised with this product and find it great for more oily skin types, but the only downside is the fact it contains parabens, but they’re products aren’t tested on animals which is a positive aspect. Overall this product never ‘wowed’ me as such, but it definitely does the job and I like the fact it contains Vitamins C and E to combat UV rays and hydrate the skin, making it a great option this summer. 
What’re your thoughts on this? Do you like mineral foundations?

xo, Jenny