The best thing about the colour wow products is the fact they don’t strip the hair of colour and help protect and prolong the life of colour treated hair. Raise the root is a hair thickening and lifting spray that can be applied directly to the roots with the handy spray nozzle for easy application.
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Thicken and Lift Spray: Color Wow  c/o
I don’t normally use many products on my hair apart from natural oils on the ends of my hair to prevent split ends and frizziness, and then a volume spray or serum on the roots for lift and bounce. I was excited to try this thickening spray from Colour Wow, as the other products (Shampoo/Conditioner and Styling Cream) have really impressed me from the line and knew this would not be a letdown. Now that my hair is getting longer by the week, I have noticed my hair lacking more and more volume, making it hard to get natural volume now without the use of products. 
I would apply this to the roots before blow drying and massage it in gently using my hands, just so there’s even coverage for maximum results. This product does noticeably lift the roots and leaves my hair with more volume and shine, without it weighing my hair down as the day goes on! 
What’re your thoughts on this? Do you use something similar?
xo, Jenny
  • Jenny

    I know it sucks! I want long hair so bad but I look silly when my hairs flat :’D I look better with volume but it just doesn’t seem to be working in my favour! Maybe I will cut it shorter if it gets ‘really’ flat x

  • You always have such lovely photos on your blog posts! I don’t need my hair to get any thicker (haha) but it’s good to know of products to recommend to others! x Jenn | Every look tells a story.

    • Jenny

      Aww thanks so much <3

  • ♥ SHA

    It looks like a great product, need to try this 🙂 xo

    • Jenny

      Thanks xx

  • The Style Rawr

    You always have loads of volume but this sounds pretty nifty! I probably need more volume but I don’t know if it would suit me!? Ha!

    Tara x

    • Jenny

      Thanks 😀 and maybe not! I notice some people look good with volume and others don’t :O I am one of those people that look horrible without volume 🙁 x

  • It seems like you’ve found an awesome product Jenny! Thanks for sharing!

    • Jenny

      Thanks lovely x

  • Lily

    I’ve never of this brand or product before, but I love volumising sprays. Definitely will try this out x

    • Jenny

      Thanks Lily and you need to it’s great! I love the Aveda Volume Spray too! both work fab x

  • Gabrielle

    This is interesting to read as like you’ve said, you tend not to use products on your hair apart from natural oils and I’m very similar. I use argan oil on the ends and protein spray before blow drying, but that is normally it.. I’m kind of intrigued by this product as I’m always look to improve my hair’s volume! 🙂


    • Jenny

      Thanks lovely and I always love a nice oil on the ends of my hair, just makes it more nourished and prevents split ends x

  • Chelsea Marrs

    Love these images! I’ll have to try this product, I never use volumizing sprays but now I’m curious!

    Chowing Down by the Bay

    • Jenny

      Thanks so much <3 I always like some volume so always have them to hand 🙂 x

  • Nina Kobi

    Thanks for sharing this post.
    I would love to try it . xx

    • Jenny

      Glad you liked it <3

  • Kelsey & Kenecha

    This product seems amazing, I find my hair is always so lifeless even when I do cut it. Guess my hair just hates me LOL sad thing is my hair was always like this even as a kid my mother would say how she wouldn’t know what to do with my hair haha. Need to try this out, I hope it will help!

    • Jenny

      Aww haha that’s like my hair now 🙂 this is a great product for volume and my second favourite to the Aveda Root Lift, both work fab! x

  • I want to try this this product,sounds really great and I think your hair is so beautiful!
    I adore your blog ,Jenny 😀 <3

    • Jenny

      Aww thanks so much beautiful :’)

  • Jenny

    Thanks lovely and mine too! My hairs getting really flat now with it growing longer and looking for more products to give it more volume and body now! x

  • Marta S

    I really want to try this brand! Specially the Blow Dry spray, all their products get such nice reviews! I’m in need of some volume since I have super long layers so I might add this product to my basket. xx

    • Jenny

      Thanks Marta and they really do! They’re pretty expensive but give great results, I need to try the Blow Dry Spray it sounds really good x

  • Ramida Dusdeevutikul
    • Jenny

      Thanks 🙂

  • I have never heard of this brand before but I love the sound of this! My hair is always to flat :/ Thanks for sharing lovely <3

    • Jenny

      Thanks Ana and I only heard about this brand a couple of months back and really love the Shampoo/Conditioner really nice products! My hairs starting to get more flat as it grows 🙁 so using more products now to give it volume and body x