The first thing you notice instantly when using the FACEB4 Anti-Bacterial wash is the smell, and the same goes for the serum and they also don’t taste that great if you accidentally get the product in your mouth!! I always find myself in that difficult situation, especially when having a shower and you end up getting the foam/liquid in your mouth when massaging the product into a lather 😛
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Smell and taste aside, these products both work wonders together!! 
Being new to FACEB4, I was unsure what to expect, especially when I can be very picky as to what goes on my face/skin. On the first week of using these products together I noticed my skin breaking out a little around the chin and cheek area, but this soon cleared up after the first week. To some, this might sound like the worst thing to happen, especially before a big event, so I recommend you don’t use this regime if you have something planned, especially on the first week of switching products. When changing brands I always find my skin goes through a bad patch until the product starts to work normally within the second week! This is a normal reaction, especially with good products, as they bring everything to the surface, before clearing your skin up over time, just like face masks. 

After the first week my skin cleared up gradually and three weeks down the line my skin has not had a single breakout since. I feel really happy with the results and how healthy my skin looks, especially after using the serum, it makes my skin glow and looks naturally healthy which I love!! I think the serum has to be my favourite product from the range and I will definitely be buying this again, just from the incredible results it gives and it also comes packed with vitamins. 

I really like how the anti-bacterial wash gives a good deep clean and removes all my make-up instantly!! The results are great and I have been using this morning and night for four weeks now and still have some face wash left, however the serum was the first to go 😉 basically because I couldn’t stop using it. The dual pack is currently on offer at an incredible price if you’re wanting to try the range for yourself, I can highly recommend this especially if you suffer from troublesome skin, and want to get it under control at a good budget friendly price.

What’s your thoughts on the FACEB4 Dual pack? 

Jenny ♥
  • Anonymous

    Tried everything for my skin from face creams to exfoliates and face masks and even wearing no make up for weeks on end just to try and clear up my few spots and redness but nothing seems to help! I’ve never tried a faceb4 product before, hopefully it will be worth it!

  • Hannah Elder

    I’ve never tried anything from FACEB4 but am very intrigued!

    Hannah x

    • Jenny

      I think its great for troublesome skin and helps calm it down 🙂 xx

  • megcasson

    Great review, I want to give this a try.


    • Jenny

      Thanks Meg 🙂 x

  • Jessica Edmunds

    I love these they are great, although it hasn’t helped my skin that much- in fact it started breaking out more don’t know why 🙁 xx

    • Jenny

      I had a slight breakout at the start of using this kit 🙂 but after week 2 my skin calmed down and all my blemishes are gone xx

  • The Style Rawr

    Oooh, it sounds really nice! I’m about to try a new face wash but if that doesn’t work, I may consider this!

    Tara x

    • Jenny

      I think this is a good option for troublesome skin to get it under control 🙂 pretty well priced too for the whole set x

  • Building The Confidence

    This sounds like an awesome product! But what does it actually smell like that makes it so bad?

    xoxo buildingtheconfidence.blogspot.com

    • Jenny

      It has a very distinct smell its hard to describe 🙁 it’s nothing terrible just strange 😛 x

  • Shereeeen ♥

    This might sound like a silly question but where would you usually find a product’s expiry date? X

    • Jenny

      It’s not silly 🙂 tbh I never even realised this until a couple of months back and figured I would start adding it to posts as not everyone realises products have expiry dates 😛 You can find every product expiry date at the back of the packaging/container, its very small and shows a cosmetic tub symbol with a number i.e (6M) or (12M) basically meaning (6 months) expiry for each product, hope this helps 🙂 xx