Thank you to the beautiful Jenny for allowing me to take over her blog for the day. I have created a post about my top four body scrubs that I cannot live without in my beauty routine. I am a big fan of body scrubs, I usually have a larger collection but lately, I have been reaching for these top four. I know that I can trust Soap and Glory as well as the body shop, so these two brands had to pop up in my top favourite scrubs.
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The Body Shop: I am a big fan of shopping in the Body Shop, the products smell heavenly and you know you will enjoy using them. They smell almost edible, the Raspberry one in this collection looks like jam. It helps to remove dead skin cells and creates a softer, smoother finish. I love to use this every time I bath or shower. It won’t last very long due to me wanting to over use it and then I will have to re purchase it, it honestly is incredible. It feels gentle on the skin but it does the job, its perfect to use just before you apply your fake tan to create a smooth base to work on. My tan came out smoother and looking very natural with the help of this beauty of a product. I love the texture of this one it is gentle on the skin yet works wonders, it feels like you are rubbing jam onto your skin. 
The second body scrub from the Body Shop smells gorgeous, it’s the most gentle one too. I love how it smells and how soft it feels on the skin, almost like you are using a body cream in the bath. I love the apricot smell and it feels nourishing on the skin. Both work wonders yet are so different, this is what I told myself when buying two at the same time but it turns out it’s true. 
Soap & Glory: My go to pamper night brand, they never let me down when it comes to their products. My first body scrub I purchased whilst running my blog and it has had a firm place in my beauty drawer. I love this product, from the smell to the quality everything is perfect with it. If you are not sure on what drug store body scrub to buy I highly recommend this one, I always use it before applying my fake tan. It leaves my skin feeling clean, exfoliated and a great base for my tan. I find that my tan sits well on my skin and looks a lot more even after using this in the bath. This is truly my go to pamper night product, I have reached for this product for many years.
& Other Stories: This luscious scent leaves the skin super polished and smelling perfect. I purchased this when I was in London for the weekend as a treat, it was in the sale too which is a bonus. This product certainly brought me back to life after a long train home, the smell left my skin feeling great and smelling great. How to use this product, all you have to do is smooth over damp skin, rub it in and wash off. 
Delicate jasmine petals and lightly sprinkle brown sugar. I love how in the light this product sparkles, it’s a great looking product. You can smell the twist of lime juice in the scent which brings it to life, perfect for the summer months to get the perfect base to apply fake tan. I love to use this product on nights that I want to pamper myself, its one of those products you want to keep forever. It’s a great little addition to my body scrub collection, I have so many that I love to use. This one is one of the best body scrubs I have ever used, I may need to go online to purchase more. I love the sugar texture to this one, it really works on the skin, lathering up to a brown foam that feels nourishing. I think this product is a real winner when it comes to body scrubs.
I hope you enjoyed seeing an insight into my body scrub collection and thank you to Jenny for allowing me to work with her on this. If you want to check out my blog head over to Kemples and I also have some amazing news to share with you. I am up for best Established beauty blog in the Cosmopolitan awards so if you would like to vote for KEMPLES the link is on my blog or head over to the Cosmopolitan website. I really appreciate all the support and it is something that makes me tear up with happiness every time I think about it. x

Check out Jenny’s post over on my blog!! 
What body scrubs do you love?
  • The Style Rawr

    I have a Soap & Glory one which I’m not overly impressed with but I love Body Shop products so I should give one a whirl!

    Tara xo

    • Jenny

      I really want to try the soap and glory scrub I hear so much rave reviews about it!! I have used the body shop ones and love them especially at sale prices 😉 x

  • Love your blog! Thanks for checking out mine, will definitely be giving you a follow I need some beauty inspiration in my life!

    Have a great weekend 🙂

    • Jenny

      Thanks so much Cluni 🙂 really happy you like my blog!! xx

  • Haven’t tried it yet but you convinced me to get it

    • Jenny

      Thanks 🙂

  • Love your blog! x

    • Jenny

      Thank you so much <3

  • Thank you for such a great post over on my blog!! <3 so happy to have worked with you on guest posting!



    • Jenny

      Thanks Abi 🙂 and me too!! really loved your post and I need to try the Soap and Glory scrub now!! x

  • Loving this guest post,in need of some
    Body pampering and body scrub is first on my list,this bodyshop one sounds good enough to eat 😀

    • I’ve had the soap and glory one before which worked wonders but wasn’t too keen on its scent 🙂

    • Jenny

      Thanks Kayleigh really happy you liked the post 🙂 and I love the body shop scrubs they are incredible especially when they are on sale 🙂 x

  • inêsvieira

    I really love the body shop scrubs. they do such a good work, and not only the skin gets renewed, but it also gets moisturized and with a great scent


    • Jenny

      Ohh same they are gorgeous!! 🙂

  • beautiful blog<3
    Maybe want follow each other? if yes, just follow me and i follow you back 🙂

    • Jenny

      Thanks so much 🙂

  • Vicki Skitt

    The body shop scrubs look soooo good! I need some in my life
    love victoriajanex

    • Jenny

      Thanks Vicki and you should try them out they are fab!! Especially when they are on sale xx

  • Desperately want a soap and glory in Australia!!

    • Jenny

      Awe I hope you get one Nic you could try boots or similar drug stores they might stock them <3

  • Scrub of your life is AMAZING. Words can’t describe how much I love it and I really want to try that Peachy one from the Body Shop!

    • Jenny

      Ahh I need to try this one still, but the body shop ones I have and love!! <3

  • loulabeth ♡

    I love all the S&G body scrubs too, Scrub Of Your Life is deffo one of my faves though! I was with Abi when she purchased the & Other Stories scrub & have to agree with her when she says it smells great, I bought the hand wash that has the same scent & it smells delish! (: I really love the S&G Smoothie Star scrub as my all time favourite!

    L x // bloglovin’

    • Jenny

      I really need to try this scrub still and I have only used the hand cream and like the smell of that 🙂 I need to try the S&G scrub xx