Illamasqua Fable comes under a must have item for me purely because it’s a great all rounder when it comes to daytime and night-time lipstick. This shade really is perfect giving such a beautiful neutral tone, as it’s not in your face bright it’s very timid but you can build it up if you want a more neon pink shade for that perfect night time look. 
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Fable Lipstick by Illamasqua – £19.00


The reason I love this shade so much comes down to the fact anybody can pull it off just like the classic nude making it the perfect first time buy if your wanting to test the water with this brand or lipstick shades for that matter 😉 I normally stick to my classic purple/berry hues when it comes to lipstick, because to put it simply every time I buy a lipstick shade it never looks right on me so “throwing in the towel” I decided to stick to what I know best. Fable was some what different I just knew I had to try it after watching some reviews and swatches I thought it would be the perfect shade to try before going extreme with the bolder shades in the range.

Illamasqua is notorious for its highly pigmented products and for good reason they really are beautiful! This lipstick is very pigmented and I can notice a huge difference in my complexion just after applying it really brightens and highlights my pale skin so I feel confident I have discovered my perfect match! I would not say the lipstick was pasty when applied but it is very “drying” and I do mean very, however this can be easily solved with a nice lip balm and it’s not a big turn off for me as I like to apply lip balm anyway especially in winter as my lips are prone to dryness. You can also use a scrub I love the LUSH scrubs they are brilliant and not to mention “edible” mmmm 🙂
This is a (Matte Lipstick) and you don’t find these very often they are like the rarest of rare like seriously! Not only is this matte but it’s a creamy texture and this makes it very easy to blend with your finger tips especially if you want a less drastic/bold look. I apply this after exfoliating/moisturising my lips straight from the tube then blend out with my finger to give a more natural look, (You could always use a lip brush too!) after this vagarious regime I then apply a highlighter on my cupids bow and around the edges of my upper lip to create a more fuller effect a great plumbing technique. If you do not have access to highlighter you can always use white eyeliner or white eye shadow both work just as good for highlighting.
Yep, you could say I am completely over the moon with this lipstick and just love the end results it also lasts hours even when you’re drinking/eating.
Have you tried any Illamasqua lipsticks and what’s your thoughts?
xo, Jenny