Kasun London only recently dropped their new collection “God Loves Fangs“, and I am totally smitten! I first heard about Kasun London through Steph’s blog, and instantly fell in love with this gorgeous pearl ring wrapped in turquoise jungle vines from the “Endless Beginnings Collection“. 
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Ring: Kasun London
I‘ve always been a necklace kind of gal when it comes to statement pieces, but wanted to invest in a nice ring that can be worn for special occasions or everyday use and this ring fits the bill perfectly! The ring features a large Swarovski pearl and I find it truly breathtaking, especially because I love pearls and Swarovski crystals, so this makes a great edition of having the best of both worlds. This ring is very natural and reminds me of the true beauty nature holds, and it’s a very personal piece of jewellery to me, as it always keeps me grounded, and I just love raw elements in jewellery. 
Kasun London describes the “Endless Beginnings Collection” as a symbol or reminder that, whatever the situation, it is always possible to create a new beginning and this steams the idea of the collection featuring rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, made from Swarovski crystal pearls thus representing the ‘seeds of change’, with the enamel vine leaves symbolic of Spring, nature’s own new beginning. Spring is always a time for new beginnings and cleaning out old rubbish from the past year to start fresh and learn from your mistakes to take a positive turn and I feel this ring helps recreate that.
Every piece has been designed and expertly crafted by the Kasun team, making it a uniquely personal piece to own. Each piece is very elegant and made from the finest materials, making every piece of jewellery not only last a short period of time but last for many years to come, making it a great investment if you want something extra special for yourself or someone you love! 
The packaging makes this piece, even more, lust worthy with the exotic wax seal to the jewellery box :’)  
What do you think of this ring? Are you a fan of Raw Jewellery?
xo, Jenny