For those of you who have not heard of Cinzia Araia, let me introduce you to her incredible footwear designs and inspiration behind them all.
As soon as I clapped eyes on her footwear I instantly fell in love, each piece unique with its own story behind the design and the inspiration that went into creating the finished piece. I have a deep passion for Italian design when it comes to footwear and most of my collection stems from Italy! I save up my money just to collect beautiful shoes and I find them very comfy especially for heels to walk in and the fit really is true to size. 
Just looking at her shoes inspires me in so many ways with the different shapes, design and volume so I will end this with some of my favourite pieces from her new and past collections. 
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Every piece of footwear from the Cinzia Araia collection inspires me and I feel this is what I have been longing for in a shoe. That being said Cinzia not only studied fashion design to become a reputable shoe designer but also a clothing designer, she was brought up around shoes and shoe design through her family business quite simply put it was in her DNA this was her true calling and for the many customers like myself this was a breath of fresh air in shoe design. As Cinzia most often states “people do not realize how much work, research, and effort goes behind every single pair of shoes” and any fashion designer can really relate to this statement as you really need to understand and know your craft. Once you begin to understand what inspires you as a person/designer you will soon start to create a collage of interest and from there, your design begins and this is how Cinzia started to understand her identity and from there she creates a product that represented her as an individual.
Cinzia not only wanted to “create a shoe” but she wanted to push the boundaries in shoe design by building something that was out of the ordinary or as I would say “unique” she wanted to create new forms and structures that make each new season a challenge with even more experimentation. 
The main things that inspire Cinzia’s designs are the mixture of nature, dreams and the unconscious. Her world is not “retro” or “vintage” but new age simply put “futuristic” she states the future is not just her starting point but also her point of arrival. She thinks about the future and creates for the future and this is what inspires me most as I always love to think my style is more futuristic than modern as I take true passion from this and hope to grow as a person from these experiences. Just like any artist inspiration is not just taken from fashion but also sculpture, paintings, illustrations and architecture. 

Do you have a favourite footwear designer? 

xo, Jenny
  • Those shoes are gorge and kinda goth. I like it

  • Looove this set – I have two I love it that much!

    You’re blog is lovely, your outfit photos are beautiful!

    Steph, from Steph’s Inside Voice xxxx

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  • These all look great! so cool, love your collection.You’ve gathered such a beautiful collection of shoes..Admire your blog always!!

  • Sandra Martinez

    Hi dear!! I really enjoy your blog, its SO COOL!!
    Your style is so perfect 🙂
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  • Sammy C

    Awesome shoes! I absolutely love the lace up boots!

  • I bought the Starter set and I need this set as well because these brushes are the best make up brushes EVER ^^

  • Jenny

    I love these too for Winter I actually have a similar pair but highly doubt I could walk in the heel as its super high :’) but its a great design xx

  • Hannah.

    So glad I saw this post, I’ve been wanting to get a brush set for a while and wasn’t sure which one to get, this has everything I need!


  • Tania

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! i clicked over to check yours out too and TRIPPED when I saw these brushes because I was literally just browsing them like five minutes before. Will definitely be purchasing them now that I’ve got your positive review!

    xx freshfizzle

    • Jenny

      Aww that’s okay Tania 🙂 and haha that’s insane! I have found myself in similar situations before must be a true calling ;D you should get them <3

  • Great post! Xx

    • Jenny

      Thanks lovely x

  • Janne

    wow this looks amazing 🙂

    • Jenny

      Thank you 🙂

  • Woww….gorgeous shoes, specially the first and tha last ones! Thank you so much for stopping by, would you like to follow each other on “GFC” (blog followers), and Bloglovin’? I promise I’ll follow you back <3


    “Saúde & Beleza – Health & Beauty”

    • Jenny

      Thanks lovely 🙂 x

  • Love all the heels collection it’s so sexy and chic (: x

    • Jenny

      Thanks 🙂 xx

  • Putri Valentina

    wow those boots are so cool!


    • Jenny

      Thank you <3


    love your blog xxx

    • Jenny

      Thanks lovely xx

  • Amazing post!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?! Let me know!!


    • Jenny

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  • Such edgy and unique designs!



    • Jenny

      Thanks lovely xx

  • Shoes are a girl’s best friend 🙂

    • Jenny

      Couldn’t agree more! ;D xx

  • Love the second one the most!

    Much Love, M

    • Jenny

      They are gorgeous I would love to own these for Summer but the heel height is mega high ;D x

  • lovely shoes 🙂

    • Jenny

      Thanks 😀 x

  • lovely! I adore the shoes!
    I have a new look on my blog; come visit!
    Kisses from Miami,

    • Jenny

      Thanks lovely 🙂 xx

  • Jessica Edmunds

    I love the bottom right pair! I love these shoes, they are so original and unique and not something just churned out in the high street stores, love them xxxx

    • Jenny

      These are my favs too! Especially for Summer but can’t find them anywhere 🙁 the heel height is also perfect for everyday use! and I love high street but can’t ever seem to find what I really want but when I do it costs a bomb but do love these designs xxx

  • wow, those shoes are amazing !

    • Jenny

      Thanks lovely xx

  • Raquel T.G.

    wooooo they’re amazing! super fierce!! 🙂

    • Jenny

      Exactly! love them 😉 xx

  • Jen27

    Killer shoes! Love the designs- so bold and unique, yet wearable 🙂


    • Jenny

      Aww thanks Jen <3

  • wow! wish I had every pair. Thank you for visiting my blog!


    • Jenny

      Thanks sup and me too haha! x

  • Wow these shoes look so cool. The sandals are my favorites. I don’t have a favorite shoe designer. I love soo many 🙂


    • Jenny

      Aww thanks lovely and same haha can’t have enough shoes can we! ;D xx

  • The Style Rawr

    Eeep, that pair in the bottom right are amazing! Italian shoes are always so well made, I have a new pair of brogues which were made in Italy and they’re the nicest pair I own. <3

    Tara xo

    • Jenny

      I just love them <3 they are my favourites too! really want them but can’t find them anywhere 🙁 and I know I love italian design I will have to check your blog would love to see these as I have never owned brogues before :'( xx