This blush has such a beautiful creamy consistency that gives a nice dewy finish to the skin. Let me explain, this is no ordinary blush I would describe this as the goddess of blushes just because it’s so hydrating and soft giving a much easier way to blend than any original powder/liquid based blushers.
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Blush in Promise by Illamasqua – £18

When you apply this I normally like to use my fingers to dab it around my cheek bone and up around the arch of my brow into the temples to give a nice “C” shape then grab your blending brush to really work the product in leaving a nice natural finish. By blending a “C” shape from your cheek bones to the temples this helps give your face a lift making it a great technique for those mornings you want to look refreshed and energised ready to start your day. This blush does contain a rich pigment content making it “stand out” so you can really play with the product to have a natural or bolder makeup look 🙂 I will most definitely be trying out more shades from the Illamasqua cream blusher collection as they really are beautiful and easy to work with compared to others I have tried in the past, not to mention I just love the packaging!!

What do you think of this shade and have you tried the cream blushes yet?
xo, Jenny
  • Chao Mina

    great technique with the blush i love it! great blog 🙂

    • Jenny

      Thank you lovely x

  • Hey honey, love your style!
    What about following each other?
    Let me know xoxo
    Fashion and the City

    • Jenny

      Thanks Hara 🙂 x

  • Very scary in the pan but looks great on you 🙂

    Jenn | UK Beauty Blog


    • Jenny

      I know right :’D haha it looks terrifying but thank you lovely! xx

  • City Mermaid

    That blush looks great on you! I have always been wanting to try some illamasqua products.

    xo Franchesca

    • Jenny

      Thanks Franchesca I highly recommend you do! Such a great brand and the products last ages and give excellent results xx

  • Shayne ♥

    it reminds me so much of mac gaiety, which i plan to buy someday 😀 (i probably misspelled its name lol ) im going to compare their prices later. i guess the only thing im concern of is its cream. and ive never really worn cream blushes before. but we shall see hopefully i can find a way to swatch these here in the PH. PS : youre really beautiful 🙂

    • Jenny

      Wow I have not actually tried any Mac cosmetics yet 🙂 need to! This was my first ever cream blusher and I love it 😀 and thank you so much :’) xx

  • SheerBeauty (Kayla)


    Sheer Beauty Blog

    • Jenny

      Thanks x

  • casuallyawkward

    I have some serious hair envy for your gorgeous locks girl! I also love how flushed and beautiful this blush looks on you xx
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward

    • Jenny

      Aww thank you so much :’) xx

  • casuallyawkward

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  • Em

    Im always a bit put off by the neon shades but this looks great! (and not as scary)


    • Jenny

      Thanks Em 😀 and its not that scary I guess the trick is to keep blending 😉

  • This isn’t as scary as it looks in the packaging, and this is normally the thing that puts me off pink blushes. I can’t believe how much this suits you, pink and red really shouldn’t work…but they do. You look beautiful!

    Belle xxx
    Mascara & Maltesers

    • Jenny

      I know haha it looks very bright in the packaging but once applied to the skin it starts to blend with the natural skin tone and you just need to work it in until your happy with the results 🙂 and Thanks lovely!! xx x

  • i.s.

    great blush color!
    thanks so much for commenting on my blog – i’m now following you.
    hope you follow back and keep in touch x

    • Jenny

      Thank you and I already follow you 🙂 x

  • Ray

    Looks gorgeous!

    • Jenny

      Thanks Ray! x

  • Ru B

    I love how it looks on you.
    Not sure how it will look on you but I love it on you. 🙂
    Glitter And Blush

    • Jenny

      Thanks Ru 🙂 x

  • getcarriedaway

    such a wonderful colour!
    happy day!

    • Jenny

      Thank you 🙂 x

  • The Style Rawr

    Such a lovely shade, it’s perfect for your skin tone! I haven’t tried any Illamasqua products but Jade has a few which she really likes. When my favourite Benefit blusher runs out, I am tempted to swap to one of these or perhaps a Nars one!

    Tara xo

    • Jenny

      Thank you and at first I thought it would clash with my hair but it actually works nice together and I think it would look amazing on blonde, brown and black hair tones with paler complexions 🙂 I would love to try some Nars products myself especially the glow foundation! x

  • megcasson

    Such a gorgeous colour.

    • Jenny

      Thanks Meg! :)x


    This is such a beautiful colour on you! I always go for powder blushes as I can never get on with cream ones, but this looks like a really nice rich colour & looks very natural too, may have to give it a try! Also, great tip on the c-shape application, one of my friends told me that a few years ago & it’s been my secret weapon when I’m looking tired in the morning ever since! 😉

    • Jenny

      I have used powders mostly also but always find they spilled and the product was difficult to apply as the powders are very loose. Its very rich in colour and gives a nice shade once applied to the skin I also find it not messy as its compact and very creamy giving a dewy like finish 🙂 And that’s amazing haha I think I picked the tip up from one of my beauty study books back from college times but its a great technique 🙂 xx

  • Shereeeen ♥

    Such a pretty shade. Love it X


    • Jenny

      Thanks lovely 🙂 x

  • Jenny

    Thank you 🙂

  • Jenny

    Thank you Melissa and I really love the shade even if its the most brightest blush I have ever owned haha! x

  • Becky Smith

    I bought a powder blush (Hussy) and cream blush (Seduce) in the sale. I’ve tried the powder one so far as powder is my favourite type of blush and I love it but haven’t really got round to trying the cream one yet. I’m sure it’ll be amazing as most Illamasqua products are x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    • Jenny

      The seduce blush looks so pretty and deep in colour making it perfect for beginners to the brand as I always find the brighter colours intimidating if your new to working with the products <3 and I have to agree when you say most Illamasqua products are amazing x

  • Mitha Komala

    love the shade! you look beautiful <3

    Letters To Juliet

    • Jenny

      Aww thank you :’) x

  • MrsVain

    It’s prefect for your skin I think 🙂
    Mrs Vain

    • Jenny

      Thank you 😀 and it does work great with pale skin surprisingly! x

  • LOVE this shade! So pretty! I also love that you did a picture with the blush on your cheeks so we can get a real feel of how the blush will look! 🙂 Nice post!


    • Jenny

      Thanks Tracey 😀 I wish I done swatches also but keep forgetting this! Not a very great blogger am I 😉 but happy you liked the pictures I guess it gives a good(ish) outlook of the shade x

  • Great color!


    • Jenny

      Thanks! 🙂

  • This shade is GORGEOUS wow!

    Char | Char’s Insights

    • Jenny

      Thanks Charlotte 😀 I was skeptical at first considering how bright it is but it blends nicely to create a more minimal look x

  • Nati

    it looks very natural and that’s amazing 🙂 really cool review xx


    • Jenny

      Thanks Nati 🙂 xx

  • Jade Wright

    I usually wouldn’t think pink blush suited red hair but you look absolutely stunning and really pull it off! Beautiful. I’ve never used this sort of blusher before – I always go for powdery forms…. think I’m going to buy this in my next beauty haul!

    PS the packaging is gorgeous! 🙂

    New follower! x

    • Jenny

      I was thinking the exact same when I was deciding what shade to purchase as normally most shades don’t go well with red hair but this surprisingly looks nice against my hair and I highly recommend this version because unlike powders its compact meaning no spillage and basically you get your monies worth! xx

  • beautyqueenuk

    It is such a pretty shade and looks really lovely on you x

    • Jenny

      Thank you 😀 x

  • such a pretty colour, great advice on the C shape way of applying blush I need to try it 🙂
    Gemma x | Gem Seren Blog

    • Jenny

      Thanks Gem and the C is a good tip for refreshing the face to make you look more flushed and energised if you had a late night or your skin looks dull in the morning x

  • Ooo I love that pretty color! We have similar complexions so I’ll definitely have to give it a try!


    • Jenny

      Thanks Madame and you really should it actually looks nice on paler skins I would say 🙂 x

  • Picked this up in the last Illamasqua sale, it is such a nice blusher I’m in love with it too.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

    • Jenny

      I need to grab some stuff in the next sale and really glad you like it too as its more natural than it looks in the pot x