This makes the perfect brush for a flawless full coverage finish, however, I was not at all convinced and left very disappointed with the end result. I do find this brush very soft just like the rest of the collection and that’s always a thumbs up for me but this brush was different, much different just in the way it applied my mineral foundation it was very hard to rotate the brush without it dragging my skin. 
The brush picked up a large amount of product but when blending into the skin you could not see any product at all which was much unexpected it’s like the brush just ate everything up :O I was hoping to get a medium/full coverage with this brush and a flawless finish but instead I was left with a light barley visible finish making it very costly to use especially if you’re having to use more foundation to get the coverage you’re looking for. 
Don’t get me wrong this brush does have its good points and that being the unfolding design which turns the brush into a side brush to give a great contouring advantage I did try this feature and felt it done the job okay but not perfect I later had to blend it in with another brush from my core collection as it left my cheeks with patches of bronzer and this was not a great look to go for 😉
My overall conclusion would be to stick to my other Real Technique brushes as I just feel this is not for me 🙁
Have you used this brush and whats your thoughts?
 xo, Jenny
  • Love your outfit! I’m thinking of an all in black post next time!

    Love Emma xx

  • Fran Leanne

    You’re very brave to wear those boots but you completely pull them off. Fab outfit x


  • Laura Hyatt

    Oh I’ve heard so much about this, its such a shame you didn’t like it too much. Proves that sometimes the hype doesn’t always means its good xx
    Heroine In Heels

  • Scottish Stef’s Nails

    aw its a shame you were disappointed by this brush!i have just bought the core collection so I’m hoping that i love them as much as everyone else does:)xx

  • Jenny

    I have seen every comment so thank you for commenting I am just finding it harder now to reply to everyone! so don’t feel you have been missed out if I have not replied really appreciate it! 🙂 xx

  • Gemma Talbot

    Those boots are simply amazing! Need in my life x

  • Francesca

    loving the colour of your hair right now!!


    • Jenny

      Thanks Francesca 🙂 x

  • Joana Sá

    Hi dear
    Thanks for your comment some weeks ago on my blog
    So beautiful all black outfit, love

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  • Lily Doyle

    I have a few of the real techniques brushes and am impressed with them, but would like to purchase some more. is there any that you would recommend more than others?

    • Jenny

      I highly recommend the core collection and the blush/contour brushes they work perfect and really happy with them however I find this brush I just reviewed and the due fibre collection had not done much for me either and this is the new limited edition one I was excited to try :S I like the coverage but feel the bristles are not as compact giving a less than average finish than the main brushes would x

  • Cheyenne Davide – UK style blog

    i love your hair colour pls! x

    • Jenny

      Thank you haha :’) xx

  • Nuša Pavlič

    Ohh such a bummer this didn’t work for you! But I’m really gad you posted this review, everybody’s always raving about RT so this was a nice refreshment.

    ♥, moonchild beauty blog

    • Jenny

      I know I mean they are great brushes don’t get me wrong but some are not that great 🙁 but RT still have the best brushes I have used yet especially from the main core collection! X

  • Putri Valentina

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  • Lourdes Suito

    such an honest review!
    I followed you!

  • Corinne

    Oops, I hate it when things are disappointing!

    Corinne x

  • Novarellie

    I haven’t tried this one (I dont know if it is available in Aus) but i do have most of the other real techniques brushes. I find kabuki brushes and mineral makeup difficult to work with in general. What do you normally apply your mineral makeup with? Great post btw! 🙂


    • Jenny

      They should be available but I have noticed it’s hard to find online so just maybe it could be limited :O I have a Kabuki from The Body Shop and its perfect gives good coverage and easy to work with but this one was just difficult and really eats the product up 🙁 I normally use my Kabuki from the Body Shop for mineral foundation or my buffer brush from RT core collection and thank you 🙂 xx

  • Shame to hear your not enjoying this brush, tbh this brush has never really appealed to me! Thanks for stopping by my blog hun x

    Jess x

  • Gemma T

    This brush never appealed to me.. I have the whole collection bar this. I just don’t get the point of it! It’s also quite pricy for a kabuki brush too xx

    Gem //

  • I think I will be sticking to the other brushes as they work brilliantly. Kabuki brushes aren’t the best to begin with!

    • Jenny

      I find them great I have a Body Shop one as they give wider coverage with minimal effort and it gives a nice finish but this one just didn’t work for me 🙁 x

  • maybe you should try this brush with other powder products like finishing powder or bronzer. for a mineral foundation I personally like the buffing brush, it’s bristles are much more dense so hold the product well! x

    • Jenny

      Good idea I only tried it with a mineral foundation right enough so might give it a try with some powder blush/bronzer. I use the largest buff brush from the core collection and find this the best and it gives a great finish x

  • casuallyawkward

    Thanks for the review, it was honest and it’s a nice warning that maybe this brush just isn’t one of their best

  • Ana

    I have one kabuki, the blousher one, I love it!

    • Jenny

      I have The Body Shop Kabuki and love it however this was not that great unfortunately 🙁 x

  • Natalie Loves Beauty

    Oh no that’s too bad! 🙁 I was thinking of getting this one too so thanks for the honest review!

  • This one has never be tempting to me but it is a shame that it didn’t work out for you 🙁

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  • I have a similar brush that I use for bronzer, but I only apply this with the very lightest touch. I think as you say, for anything other than the most subtle look, other brushes tick the boxes a little better. Thanks for the review.
    Love vicky

    • Jenny

      Yeh I just feel it gives a bare/light coverage and eats up all the product making it less than value for money haha xx

  • Miss Louise

    I was wondering how that brush would work! Looks cool, but sounds a bit.. dysfunctional! Thanks for the review

    • Jenny

      Ahh same its certainly different 😉 x