This nifty little hand cream not only helps soften hands but it also supports a good cause to help save the bees. If you are not aware recently over the past few years or so bees have been dying out due to pesticides used on our crops and polluting the atmosphere, this in return killing bees and many other beautiful parts of nature, such as plants and living animals/insects. It’s not only chemicals that are causing these sudden deaths but the constant weather changes in the environment. Bees are a very important part of our existence, they pollinate the plants/trees that release oxygen into the atmosphere and if these plants do not get pollinated they will surely die out this simply meaning our food supply will be more restricted and less oxygen in the atmosphere.
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Hand Cream: Neal’s Yard Bee Lovely Hand Cream
Now on to the product itself and all one word to describe this hand cream would be “Incredible”. The scent really is uplifting packing lots of fruity notes from orange essential oil to a dash of organic honey. The scent lasts for hours after applying this as its very strong! Some people prefer strong scents others not so much, but I personally love strong scents. I always feel more energized after applying this in the morning and happy as the smell really is amazing! It works very hard to soften up the hands also leaving them super smooth and soft, the colour of the cream is naturally white and it’s thick in the substance which is a nice aspect as there’s nothing worse than a watery hand cream which I have experienced before. The creams its self can be slightly pricey, but I do feel it’s worth it for the amount of product you get and it lasts a good few months as you only need a small amount as it packs so much moisture. 
The packaging really is pretty and I just love the honeycomb detailing and the lid is easy to remove which is a bonus! I really like the ethics of the brand as it states they donate at least £10,000 a year to bee lovely projects to help save the bees which really is thoughtful and when buying this hand cream you have also contributed to this great cause.The Hand cream is formulated without, Parabens, Nano Particles, Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic Colours, Mineral Oils, GMO Ingredients to name a few. With that said this can really add to the price of the product because it’s all natural and most natural cosmetics cost a vast amount more than chemically produced so I always try and keep that in mind when purchasing. I got this sample hand cream from Marie Claire Magazine a few months back and loved it ever since.
White Tea Leaf – Contains antioxidants, helps improve the function of blood vessels and helps to decrease blood pressure. 
Orange Essential Oil – Has a fresh, sweet, citrus smell and packs uplifting properties, whilst relieving stress. It is refreshing and relaxing and commonly used to treat anxiety. It also helps treat swollen tissue by stimulating blood circulation.
Product Negatives:
  • Can feel Sticky if you apply too much
Product Positives:
  • Nice Informative Packaging
  • Smells Incredible 
  • Uplifting and energising
  • Pretty packaging
  • Leaves hands feeling super soft
  • Good company ethics 
Have you tried this Hand Cream? What are your thoughts?
xo, Jenny

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  • I LOVE this hand cream! The smell is incredible and a small amount goes such a long way I feel it will last forever!
    Fab post.

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      A small amount does go a long way which is nice giving you good value for money the scent is incredible too 😀 x

  • I LOVE this hand cream and the smell is just delicious !

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  • I love organic products, I really want to try this!

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    This sounds like such a fantastic hand cream! I love honey scents 🙂


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  • I really want to try this, seems lovely!

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      You really should the smell is incredible 🙂 x

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    I was having a conversation just the other day about how great bees are! I’ll definitely be buying this when my current hand cream runs out.

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      Haha its amazing how that can happen I have been here before 🙂 numerous of times and I highly recommend this 🙂 x

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    I love and use only natural products free of harsh chemicals and this product seems to be perfect! Thanks for sharing this!
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      Thank you and I try to use chemical free products whenever I can 🙂 this would be perfect for you and thank you so much x


    Lovely review, must try some soon. Bee’s be best! xx Love you to check out my blog.

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    lovely review! i gave my sample to my mum, but i have loved it whenever i’ve borrowed it!

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    I got a sample with a magazine too and I really like it, love the smell but it takes quite a bit to absorb


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      It does take a time to absorb depending on how dry your hands are but it does smell very nice I cant fault it 🙂 x

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    Aw cute packaging! I always love ethical products like this one x

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      Thank you and same I always try to buy ethical products and do my bit this was a lovley sample which I will be buying myself 🙂 x

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    I love beeswax products so much, I will have to get my hands on this (no pun intended) and do my bit to help save the bees! 🙂 xo

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      Same here they smell so yummy and leave you feeling so soft 🙂 x

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    I love the fact that it supports a good cause. It looks like such a lovely product.

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      Thank you and same its always nice to support causes that matter to us most 🙂 x

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    I love this handcream too, it’s sooo lovely isn’t it? 😀 I will definitely buy the full size once my sample runs out. Thank god for magazine samples 😀 xxxx

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      It really is I just love the scent smells delicious 🙂 and my sample has lasted ages I got mine from the Marie Claire magazine a few months back 😀 xx