Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Jenny , Wednesday, 23 July 2014                                                      


SENSO is officially my new brand crush 
Ever since I clapped eyes on this brand through Instagram, I just had to have every shoe but made sure to limit myself ;) This can be very difficult at times, but I managed to restrain myself and left not so empty handed, but coming away with two gorgeous pairs from the Riley Spring/Summer14 Collection :)

If you have been a follower of my blog for a long time, you will notice that I like to collect shoes in different colours/styles if I like the brand and comfort of the shoe. My biggest collection to date will be my ASH Cool high tops, as I find these great for casual wear and very comfortable!! Anyway I will make sure to do a little haul on my ASH Collection, but for this post we are merely focusing on Senso. I find these heels very elegant and sophisticated, and they come in perfect for everyday wear or evening wear, depending on how you want to style them up!! I think these make a great investment piece to have in your wardrobe, if you're on the hunt for a timeless pair of heels that will last for years. 

Opting for more timeless styles, I went with the Black Rubber and white leather upper from ASOS and the beautiful Snow Leopard from SENSO. I can't imagine life without these, and find them very comfortable, in fact these are the most comfiest pair of heels I own :) it actually feels like wearing trainers. They are very lightweight and easy to style making them a great option for Spring/Summer with skirts and shorts!!

The quality of each shoe really is beautiful and I also love the lace up detailing to the front and padded foot bed, for added comfort. Hopefully in time I can get a few more pieces from SENSO and really like the Saxon and Sophy boots for winter :) If you are ordering from the UK, I highly recommend you try and find stock from UK retailers such as ASOS, mainly because when ordering from the official SENSO website you will get charged customs/tax. I ordered the Snow Leopard Rileys from the official site because I could not get them anywhere in the UK in that particular style and really loved the print for summer! However I got a massive charge of £65 customs on top of the price I originally paid, so this has put me off buying from the other designs overseas :(

The Snow Leopard Riley ||| - Comes with a beautiful padded leather upper and lining with a synthetic sole and faux pony skin material. Leopard print also makes a great timeless piece, as the print goes with everything :)

The Riley | - Comes with black rubber and leather lining with a man made sole, in black and white for a nice monochrome combination, keeping it minimalistic and perfect for day to night. 

Each shoe comes up slightly larger than your original size, however mines fit perfectly being a size 36 (3). The heel makes a great addition with the chunky block design, making the shoe a dream to walk in, and the lace up design to the front tightens the sandals to your foot shape for maximum support and style

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Sunday, 20 July 2014


Jenny , Sunday, 20 July 2014                                                      


These day's I count myself lucky to be blessed with mega long locks, and this takes so much time and dedication, but I would never go back and want to keep growing my hair much longer!! However sometimes it can be difficult to feel content with the same hair colour and style, so when I was contacted to review these gorgeous hair extensions by Kapello I jumped at the chance. After applying the full set of extensions it really brought back amazing memories of my teen days, when I used to love experimenting with hair extensions and different coloured hair that would change literally every month ha,ha!!

                                                                                                   With Extensions

I guess having this opportunity really brought back happy moments of my care free self and it allowed me to have that same attitude today! These hair extensions come in a large plastic case to keep them protected, and once you have removed them from the packet you can just discard of this straight away or keep it if you prefer. I got the shade Red/Brown as it was the closest match to my unnatural hair colour, and you can notice a slight difference in colour, but I love how they both blend together beautifully. 

Okay I must admit from the back shots maybe I should have brushed the extensions out a little, but apart from that they look amazing and I would definitely wear these for nights out or special occasions. They give so much volume as you can notice in the second picture and you can't notice the clips, making these great if you're looking for excellent quality extensions that last month's!! When I say months I mean around 6-12 months depending on how you care for them. 

You can find the perfect match for your hair on the website or you can mix it up a little and get a highlight effect or something more fun, like I have done for my shade, as I feel these still look natural and blend nicely with my hair. The set I received comes with 5 pieces, that's 1 x 18 inch, 1 x 16 inch, 1 x 14 inch and 2 x 18 inch side pieces, making this set perfect for a quick application, to give more volume.

I find the texture of these extensions very soft and playful, giving a natural finish!! Not only do these give incredible texture and volume, but they are so shiny and soft to the touch. These are very durable and long wearing and don't tangle as easy as the cheaper alternatives, and if you're a dedicated wearer these are definitely made to last and make a great investment set compared to fake extensions that damage and tangle easier. I also find cheaper extensions get frizzy quicker and start to break away with wear and always recommend using Remy Hair if you are serious about getting yourself a set, even if it is for occasional wear :) 

I only have one problem with this set and that's with the colour, as it's definitely different to the shade advertised on the website, but I don't think this will be a huge problem if you have a normal hair colour such as brown, black, blonde but for those with unusual hair colours that are hard to replicate this can be off putting. The shade advertised on the website looks more light auburn, but in person they are more deep in shade, with brown/red tones. Apart from this these are excellent quality and I can't wait to use them for special occasions as they make my hair look really nice and gives it more character with the added bonus of length and mega volume, which I love!!

What's your thoughts on these? Do you wear extensions?

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Jenny , Sunday, 20 July 2014                                                      


I have had these jars for the past 2 months now and really enjoying the vast variety in flavour from the Beanies Instant Coffee Collection. My favourites would have to be the Irish Cream and Chocolate Orange flavour as they taste exactly like the real thing!! 

These might not be everyone's cup of tea but I personally love the distinct flavour and it's something unique on the market that gives coffee lovers something different to try in a large selection of flavours. Each coffee comes naturally sweetened, so you don't need to worry about adding more sugar as each jar comes 100% sugar free!!

Each jar comes packed full of instant coffee ready to add hot water and milk too!! These coffees are perfect for everyone and suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians with only 2 calories per serving, what's not to love!! ;)

Chocolate Orange - I find this really true to flavour with beautiful hints of chocolate orange and this one can be a little overpowering flavour wise, and naturally sweet but not sickly.

Caramel - This has a very light flavour with hints of caramel coming through, but it's not so strong that it overpowers the coffee. I find this perfect for mid-afternoon/night-time and again it's not sickly sweet.

Gingerbread - Very mild in flavour with hints of spice and warmth throughout!! I love this for afternoons as it really warms you up and has a lasting taste. I do find this very rich and flavoursome, making it a great option if your after something a little different and it would be perfect for Winter.

Irish Cream Liqueur - Being a huge fan of Baileys I had to try this!! I love how it blends perfectly with the coffee and it's definitely my favourite flavour by far and gives a very distinct creamy taste to the coffee.

Every jar from the Instant Coffee section comes with 50g of Instant Coffee making this a nice option to try various flavours out and you can either buy online from the Beanies Flavour Co website or your local Sainsbury's. These really do last months and make mornings more exciting when you have a variety of flavours to choose from, as I always find drinking the same flavour of coffee can get very boring, especially if you drink it every day like me.

What's your thoughts on these? Have you tried flavoured coffee before?

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Friday, 18 July 2014


Jenny , Friday, 18 July 2014                                                      


Having used numerous mascaras from the YVES Saint Laurent collection in various different shades from the highly popular black to burgundy, I just knew this set was for me!! I love how these sets include everything you need from eye skincare to cosmeticsThe Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat No.1 Superb Eyes Setmakes the perfect gift for someone special, or as a little treat for yourself :) 

 This set comes beautifully packed with each product stored in a black moulded case to keep the products perfectly displayed if you decide to keep them in the kit, but I removed everything straight away and popped everything into my Ted Baker Make-Up Bag, as I find this much easier to find everything in the morning, especially if you're in a hurry!!

Being familiar with the YVES Saint Laurent mascara collection, I was eager to try a few other products from the make-up line, including the eyeliners and most popular of all the Touche Eclat Luminous Radiance!! You even receive a mini version of the water proof eye pencil in Black Ink. 

Long Lasting Waterproof Eye Pencil in Black Ink - Lasts for 16 hours once applied and comes in a gorgeous creamy consistency that's easy to apply to the waterline and the eyelids, making this a great choice for smokey eyes or if you prefer thicker eyeliner below the lids for a more dramatic effect. I find this really easy to apply and the colour is very pigmented and rich, making your eyes really pop, once applied to the water line of your eyes. Another great thing about this eyeliner is the fact it comes in a waterproof formula, making it last even longer during warm summer days, swimming or if your hitting the beach!!

Volume Effect Faux Cils in High Density Black Mascara - This has been an award winner and rightly so! I have been using this constantly and can't seem to put it down as it gives such beautiful volume and really curls the lashes nicely with great hold that lasts all day!! This mascara comes with a unique coating of pro-vitamin B5 and Aloe Vera to really fix those curves in place, and give incredible lift/volume. I find this lasts the whole day without losing shape or volume, making it great for summer especially when the warmer weather kicks in. The formula is very pigmented and the right consistency, making it not dry or greasy once applied to the lashes!!

Touch Eclat in No.1 Luminous Radiance - This has to be the best highlighter I have tried especially for under eyes!! I love how this instantly banishes tiredness and you can apply it in lots of different ways by using it as a highlighter, concealer and illuminator. After applying this I instantly notice the huge benefits it gives and the creamy formula conceals really well, either by using the applicator brush or gently blending the product in with your finger tips. This must have product helps fight signs of fatigue, fine lines, dark circles and leaves your skin looking luminous and glowing. I find the price for this highlighter very reasonable considering the results I have had and it really does give a healthy glow to the skin and conceals problem areas perfectly especially the under eye area :) I will be looking to get this a shade lighter next time in No.2, but shade No.1 is the perfect match for my pale complexion and normal skin tones.

Forever Youth Liberator Eye Serum - You will not get instant results with this product but over time you should begin to notice a huge difference :) I have been using this on and off and notice how awake it makes my eyes look and I also love the light texture, and find it very cooling when applied to the under eye area. Overtime I think this will work wonders and should start to prolong wrinkles and improve the skins surface as the under eye area can be very delicate, and begins to age more easily. I really want to get the full version of this so I can get a good idea of how well it works over time, as the mini tube you receive in this kit comes with a very small amount.

Top Secrets Eye Make-Up Remover - This instantly melts away make-up even waterproof eyeliners/mascaras, and I am really pleased with the results and currently contemplating buying the full version. The price can be off putting, but for the results I am sure I can justify this spend as more of an investment remover as it does come in handy and more of an essential, especially if you wear mascara or eye liner daily!! Another thing I never realised when using this mascara is that it contains natural ingredients from Chamomile to Pro-Vitamin B5 and these basically help to strengthen the lashes and sooth, making this even more appealing, especially for those with more sensitive eyes. 

Have you tried this set? What are your thoughts?

Jenny ♥