Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Wow, what can I say about this little tub of LUSH D'Fluff strawberry shaving soap!! Honestly I am lost for words this shaving cream really ticked all the right boxes for me. I have been using drug store shaving creams for years now and figured I would try a more natural approach when it comes to shaving and this really is the GOD of all shaving creams on the market. This is my first shaving cream from LUSH and I noticed it on the website one night and realised it was a new product, which always excites me :) 

At the weekend I popped into my local lush and figured I would give this a try as the reviews online had the most positive feedback I have noticed on the Lush shaving cream range and I also love how its packed full of fresh strawberrys. This post really packs a lot of product for the price and I thought this would not last long at all but technically this should last you one to two months if not more and it comes with luxurious ingredients such as cocoa butter and coconut oil, I mean what more do you want in a product that will make your legs ever so smooth!! 

Opening up the tub to find a gorgeous thick air whipped cream that gently glides onto the skin, with a light texture and almost marshmallow like consistancy, I just couldn't wait to use this. The smell is not overpowering and again mild with hints of strawberry and cocoa butter coming through but I can't really smell much coconut, the scent is very gentle and dreamy. In the shower I would apply this all over my legs and notice that the shaving soap lathers very well once you get a good scrubbing motion going and it goes nice and fluffy. Once you have the product applied you can then go in with your razor or epilator and you will soon notice how easy the razor glides and how smooth your legs look, it really goes feel good to use and luxurious and after using this on the areas you want you will then notice once the shaving soap is removed you will be left with super soft, glowing skin.

This shaving foam stops razor burns or rashes from forming and it's the most incredible shaving cream I have ever used and leaves your skin feeling super soft and smelling beautiful all night. The next day I can still feel and notice the effect from this power cream and my legs are glowing, I just cant get enough of this stuff and will definitely be re-purchasing again. If your looking for super soft legs that lasts days and a healthy glow, this is definitely a product you should be trying straight away and if you already have make sure to leave your thoughts below! :)

The main ingredients include: 
  • Fresh Strawberries - Natural source of minerals, folic acid, omega-3 and powerful antioxidants. Great for soft, glowing healthy skin.
  • Rose Absolute - Soothing and moisturising with a pretty delicate fragrance.
  • Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter - Beautifully melts into the skin releasing softening, conditioning and moisturising properties that help to restore moisture, and leave your skin ever so smooth. Great for treating dry, itchy sensitive skin, and smells like chocolate. 
  • Organic Rose Hip Oil - Excellent for the skin and known to be a good blood purifier. An important source of Vitamin C, they also contain a high amount of Vitamin P, B-complex and vitamins and rutin.
  • Organic Free Range Egg Whites - Rich in minerals such as selenium and zinc, they also form a protective and conditioning coating on the skin. The vitamin A in these eggs also helps to maintain healthy skin by regulating its natural sebum production. 
  • Coconut Oil - Softens skin and leaves a gorgeous healthy glow, whilst deeply moisturising for dryer skin types.
What it promises:
  • Moisturises 
  • Softening
  • Silky Smooth Skin
  • Vitamin Enriched
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Soothes and protects skin  
What I like:
  • Smells delicious 
  • Zero razor bumps or rashes
  • Not drying and very moisturising
  • My skin is left glowing and healthy
  • Leaves my skin very soft and smooth
  • The scent lasts hours and my legs feel smooth days later
What I dislike:
  • -
How I would Apply: 
By applying a small amount of product to my legs and gently lather the product up to get a good, close shave on wet skin.
Product Expiry
14 months

What's your thoughts on the LUSH D'Fluff Shaving Cream? Will you be trying it?

xo, Jenny

Monday, 29 September 2014


Wal-G really surprised me with this gorgeous peplum top that clinches the waist in all the right places to give maximum volume and enhanced curvesThe top drapes beautifully and gives the illusion of a much slimmer silhouette with the fitted design to the bust and loose peplum bottom for more shape.

Sky Hi Trainers: Nike | Trousers: ASOS (Similar, Similar) | Top: Wal-G c/o | Leather Jacket: Y.A.S

I adore the unique design to the front and feel this top will come in perfect for casual and evening wear paired with some skinny jeans or a pencil skirtThis is more of a laid back outfit for those casual day's where comfort comes first and had to team these PU leather trousers with my new Leather Nikes in a classic Hi-Top Design with fabric upper and breathable mesh lining, making these the perfect excuse for laid back cool. Nike has always been my No.1 sneaker choice over the years for comfort and style, and these definitely tick all the boxes with their sleek monochrome black and white palette and mixed fabrics

Trainers are always my favourite footwear for casual/lazy days and these really are comfortable even with the concealed wedge and look great with everything!! To keep warm I went with my leather jacket and love how the shoulder details match the knee patch detailing on the trousers to really bring the outfit together and this combination can take me from day to night with a quick shoe change into something more classy such as my Ted Baker or Brian Atwood Heels.

xo, Jenny

Sunday, 28 September 2014


A couple of weeks back now it was my brothers birthday and I was on the hunt for something special in the cake department. Normally I would buy cakes from Goodfellows Bakery but these can be pricey from £40-£60 but unfortunately at the time the website was down so I had to look elsewhere for a nice cake and I was not prepared to buy anything from the supermarket, as I just find they're very bland compared to homemade cakes.

I must admit I am a terrible cook when it comes to baking cakes and the sorts so this was most definitely not an option for this occasion, so I figured Google would be my next best option. I wanted something homemade and fresh with a reasonable price tag and I noticed in my search after a quick browse and instantly knew this was the one. Trying to peel my eyes away from all the incredible cakes on offer, I had to pick between two so I went with the coffee and chocolate sponge cakeCoffee had to be my favorite as I love anything with coffee and really liked how moist the sponge was and the intense flavour, I also realised the top has decorative cocoa beans that are made from chocolate and not coffee, so this was a nice touch. 

I loved the butter cream filling and how light the sponge was, making it very yummy and flavoursome. The chocolate cake was also similar to the coffee cake with a nice light, moist sponge and chocolate butter cream filling. The top of this sponge has a mixture of white and milk chocolate butter cream with chocolate shavings to decorate. This sponge cake was less flavour some than the coffee and for that reason I was not to impressed with this one, but again this does come down to personal taste and preferences as my brother and family loved this cake, but it just wasn't for me. Each cake I bought was the smallest version ("7 at £12.50 each and you will get 8 slices out of this size) you can also opt for the larger option at (10" for £19.99 and you will get 16 slices out of this). 

When you first enter the site you will find it extremely hard to pick a cake as you have so much options to choose from!! I really wanted to try the "Sharing Sponge" as this looked incredible with x2 slices of each cake, making it a great option for dinner parties. I would highly recommend SPONGE and you can also get personalised cakes and create your own with the choice of flavour, butter cream and topping to suit your personal needs. They also do Gluten Free cakes and cute Baby Sponge/Party cakes that come in 8 flavours, not only this but you can also get your cake gift wrapped with candles and a personalised card, making this a great gift option for someone who loves cakes. 

xo, Jenny

Friday, 26 September 2014


I have never used a moisturiser this intense before and what I mean by intense is the fact you can actually feel this moisturiser working and penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin. The cream has a slight tingly sensation as soon as you apply the thick cream and its really invigorating and completely awakens tired skin.

The thing I love most about this cream is not only the fact you can feel it working but it also helps to brighten and rejuvenate the skin and when I apply my make-up you can really notice how bright my skin looks compared to using different moisturiser brands. I always enjoy using this first thing in the morning to waken my skin up and like how it instantly stimulates blood to the surface of my skin for a nice dewy glow

The cream has a nice thick consistency and you don't need much when applying to the face and neck and it dries almost instantly!! I feel this cream has helped to firm up my skin and makes it look more even and moisturised. I have yet to see long term results with my acne scarring and only half way through the tub so this stuff really does last month's!! I have noticed a reduction in blemishes and redness as this cream helps to treat and reduce bacteria with the antiseptic properties from the Propolis Extract.

What it promises:
  • Hydration
  • Anti-Aging Shield
  • Thick Creamy Texture
  • Plumps & Tightens The Skin
  • Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles
What I like:
  • Very moisturising 
  • Plumps The Skin
  • Not tested on animals
  • Brightens and Tightens 
  • Thick Rich Creamy Formula 
  • Natural/High Quality Ingredients 
  • Leaves My Skin Very Soft and Smooth
What I dislike:
  • -
How I would Apply: 
By applying straight from the tub, and I would store the tub in the fridge so it leaves my skin nice and cool when applied.
Product Expiry
24 months

Have you used the Nip + Fab Bee Sting Range? 

xo, Jenny