Monday, 26 January 2015


This is a beautiful everyday palette packed full of neutrals and a large pretty pink shimmer blush; perfect for blending and creating subtle daytime looks, but you can also take this palette to night or mix with other shadows. 

Sleek MakeUP: Dancing Til Dusk Eye and Cheek Palette c/o

It comes in the usual matte packaging with magnetic closure and cheek brush, also included in this palette is a sponge eye applicator (but I don't use this much, and stick to my usual Real Technique eye brushes). There are two blushes; Mirrored Pink (pink with Silver shimmer) and Sahara (a matte orange that reminds me of the desert, with the pretty deep sand shade). Sahara is one of those shades just like 'Antique' that I also use as a bronzer, as the shades can easily be used both ways and still look natural.

From the eyeshadows we have Cappuccino (beige/tape matte), Mineral Earth (cool-toned brown shimmer), Taupe (champagne shimmer) and Regal (cool-toned purple/brown matte) all from the 'Au Natural Palette'. The colour pay off really is impressive and just like other sleek products I always love how pigmented they are and how long lasting they can be once applied. You can view my recent review of the 'Midnight Palette' here, they make for great palettes if your a sleek beginner or want to trial run the products, before committing to a particular shade.

What's your thoughts on these palettes? Have you tried them?

xo, Jenny

Thursday, 22 January 2015


So, Krystel Couture has reached the two year milestone this month! Not only this, but yesterday I turned twenty two! Ahhh where does time go?!  My blog has opened up so many doors for me since I first started out back in 2013, I have experienced some incredible opportunities, and back in June I traveled to London for the Company 2014 Blogger Awards after being nominated under 'Best Blog Design' which was surreal!! I really want my blog to grow more this year and work harder on my photography and content. 

I have met so much incredible people on this journey, and found so much inspiration since starting out, and this has really made me grow as a person and developed my style and view on things. My blogging year has been beyond anything I could have ever expected. I am incredibly proud of the work I've put into my blog and the amount of hours per day/week I put into writing up posts and trying different photography techniques .. Hopefully 2015 will bring more exciting/amazing opportunities in my life and my blog, I love growing as a person and learning so much from you all and always love the sweet comments you leave, it just makes my day :') 

I am so happy with the way my blog/personal space has evolved and look forward to bringing more exciting things this year to share with you all :-) Having a birthday so soon after Christmas can be daunting, but it's always something I look forward to, especially when it involves cake ;-) I am now eagerly awaiting the delivery of my cake from the bakery, but me being me I ordered it to late for it to be ready in time for my actual birthday, so I will be collecting it tomorrow alongside food and maybe a little drink or two to celebrate Twenty Two years on this earth :D 

I have been a little inconsistent this week with blog posts and just thought I'd take a little step back over my birthday to relax, and I will now be posting every second morning around, as my sleeping routine has now changed as part of my New Year's Resolutions so I can fit more things in during the day, including my new workout routine :-) trying to start a healthier lifestyle with more sleep and a good routine. I say every second day because I have decided to stop posting everyday, purely because I was finding it difficult to reply to everyone and do other tasks throughout my day, so for now I will be back posting 3-4 times a week instead.

xo, Jenny

Monday, 19 January 2015


I've been dying to get this outfit up, and feel it's perfect for the colder weather! Polo necks are my number one go to when it's chilly outside and find them perfect for wearing alone or layering with. This outfit has been put together as part of the Qantas Fashion Project, and what I would wear on my flight to Melbourne Australia

Cape Blazer: Style Moi c/o | Jeans: ASOS c/o | Boots: G-Star Raw | Vest: ASOS | Bag: Love Moschino | Polo Neck: Marks and Spencer | Lipstick: Nars Annabella c/o

When traveling, comfort comes first and I figured since it's so cold here it's best to layer up and have a vest on underneath for when it gets warm. The cape blazer comes in perfect for layering with, and the fabric is great for keeping you cool and warm depending on the temperature outside. I always love a good blazer and feel it brings an outfit together very nicely with the chic tailoring! 

Ripped jeans are always a great option for off duty cool, and I find these the perfect pair for traveling with for comfort and style. They really make the outfit stand out, but still keep it relaxed with the torn element and keep the outfit lively. Again I just love these boots they're so versatile and come in perfect with the large heel, yet they're so comfortable with the incredible suede/leather mix. 

xo, Jenny

Sunday, 18 January 2015


Having trouble with blemished skin for years, it has been a constant battle trying to find products to help with this problem! Luckily I have had blemish free skin for just over a year now with the odd one popping up now and again, but scarring still remains a deep-seated problem. 

Years of abuse to my skin has left me with deep scarring, that has been almost impossible to heal, until I recently went to try Chromogenex treatments at my local salon. I get these treatments every month, giving the skin 28 days to renew and I have noticed such an improvement, that my skin now looks almost scar free! During these treatments I have been on the hunt for products to help the healing process and speed it up, and this is one of the creams I recently noticed on the Manuka Doctor website

After getting Chromogenex your skin can get warm from the heat blasting treatment, and you can notice when washing your face that it goes red where the treatment has been applied, so I find this cream great for cooling the area down and soothing the redness. This product really is fast absorbing and gets to work straight away! I have applied this directly to spots also and it brings redness down and helps treat blemishes and scarring. I have not noticed instant results with this cream, compared to the "Manuka Honey Blemish Serum" and "Maunka Honey Rejuvenating Mask" (Both great for blemished/Scarred Skin), but overtime I feel this does help improve the overall condition of your skin and treats redness.

I don't think I would purchase this again and go for the "Blemish Serum" instead, as I received much better and quicker results using the Serum than I did using the Blemish Cream, so I will just pay the extra money next time and get the Serum, as I find it more effective on my skin, but the cream does come in great as its very budget friendly for a quick fix.

Have you tried the Manuka Honey Blemish Cream? 

     xo, Jenny