Monday, 1 September 2014


A very simple outfit today with different tones of grey and black....

Longline Blazer, ASOS - £26 (Similar Here) and (Here)

Right now I am currently loving simple pieces that really stand out with unique twists such as this beautiful Red Valentino Grey Bow Cotton Jersey Top from Harvey Nichols. I find the jersey very comfortable and warm with a very flattering fit and shape, I also like the mesh overlay and find this adds a nice touch to the garment with the large bow being the main center piece on the back of the top. This top will come in perfect for special and casual occasions, and I also like how you can just slip it on and the colour fits in perfect with this seasons colour trend. Grey is huge for AW/14 and it goes well with everything, so it makes the perfect neutral shade to have in your wardrobe this season. I wanted to keep this outfit smart but casual so teamed the top with these grey tailored trousers by Missguided and really like how well fitting these are and the quality of the fabric. 

ASOS never fail to let me down and I just adore this black long line blazer and find it great for throwing on over basic tops to really smarten things up. This blazer comes with pretty satin lapels down the front and a light fabric, making it perfect for Summer or Winter layered over knits or jumpers. I really like how the red lipstick goes against the black and grey of this outfit and wanted to wear a comfy pair of heels whilst walking around town, so I went with my SENSO Rubber Sandals as I find them very comfortable for everyday use. Accessories include these two Glow Brass Rings by Isles Jewelry and my Love Moschino Quilted Handbag.

I Hope you all had a lovely weekend!! xx

Jenny ♥

Saturday, 30 August 2014


Wow, it's been so long since I got around to do a instagram type post, and it really is due!! I love doing these posts as they are fun and simple and a great way to show you all what's been going on, if you don't follow me on instagram. 

Classic Raybans in Tortoiseshell | September Vogue + Emmi Caffe Latte | Pretty Lace Playsuit by Jones + Jones | Black Coffee To Go Crop Sweater and Fiorelli Mini Grab Bag| Snow Leopard Senso Heels | New A/W buys from Monki and The Serpents Club | More Senso heels, this time in Black Rubber | My favourite Foundation of all time, Nars in Mont Blanc | Tailored Trousers + Crop Top |

July/August has been super busy, so I have mashed all these photos into one post from the past few months as a nice weekend refresher. I have been blogging so much lately and its difficult to find a time for this type of post, so figured this weekend would be perfect, just before the end of the month!! And my god has this month went quick!! It's starting to get chilly again and I can't wait for A/W as it's my favourite time of the year and already boot/coat shopping ;) I have my boots pretty much sorted from last year, but still eyeing up these bad boys from SENSO Saxon booties, aren't they gorgeous!! 

I am currently deciding on booking for a HD Brow treatment, and think it's the right decision! ;) They look incredible so really eager to see the results. I have pretty thick brows, so it would be a great opportunity to get them in a nice shape and more defined, as I am useless when it comes to shaping my brows :'(

I will be spending most of today shopping, going to hit New Look again as they have some really incredible stuff in at the moment and so does Primark! I never shop in Primark tbh, only for lounge wear in the winter but I have noticed some really nice pieces on blogs and instagram, from shoes to dresses so definitely hyped about that, and can't wait to check it out!!

I hope your all having a great weekend!! xx

Jenny ♥

Friday, 29 August 2014


I love a good hair remedy and Alchemy was a new brand I have never tried before so I couldn't wait to try it out!! Hair Oils come in really handy for my hair especially when the ends are dry and needing a quick moisture boost. I always find hair oils pretty expensive, but that's because they are packed with nutrients and vitamins to repair the hair and keep it strong. 

This oil was very unique to the eye with the appealing packaging and bottle concept, I really like this idea and the wooden cork stopper to keep the liquid fresh and fragrant. The oil coats the hair beautifully, I normally apply to the ends of my hair as this is the most drying part and it also helps tame split ends and prevents them. Made with natural ingredients such as coconut, avocado, almond and castor oils which work in sync to promote hair growth, thicken and impact lustrous shine. Its topped off with a beautiful strong scent of citrus, and I find this really uplifting in the mornings and energizing!! 

I wouldn't say this was as weightless compared to other oils I have used in the past, I do find it more noticeable when applied to the ends of my hair and the serum is more of a liquid consistency and not really thick. I find thicker formulas easier to apply and the oil seamlessly melts into the hair and gives beautiful shine and smooth's out flyaway's, but with this formula it does take longer to penetrate the hair shaft and weighs down the hair a little, but I still like the oil and find the smell incredible!! I would recommend you apply this to dry hair and you only need the smallest amount, otherwise you will end up with very greasy ends as this oil is very rich.

I have tried using this on damp hair and feel it doesn't penetrate as well as it should do compared to using it on dry hair, which I prefer to do as you have more control over the amount you put onto your hair. I would highly recommend to never put this oil near the scalp as this would be too much oil and you will just end up with very oily hair, so do try and keep it on the ends of your hair to stop split ends and dryness. When it comes to hair oils some work better for different hair types it just depends on how much product you use and what works with your hair, my hair is more oily at the scalp but dryer to the ends so I find it better to use on the ends of my hair.

What I like:
  • Smells really nice
  • Natural Ingredients 
  • Gorgeous bottle design 
  • Leaves hair sleek and shiny
  • You don't need much product
  • Helps tame flyaway's and frizz
What I dislike:
  • I find the product very oily if you apply to much 
  • The oil is more of a liquid and its harder to control the amount applied
How I would Apply: 
I would apply this onto the ends of my hair on dry hair and comb the oil through to get a good even finish. 
Product Expiry
12 months 

Whats your favorite hair oil? and have you tried this?
Jenny ♥

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


My first pair of pointed court heels, and I must admit they take some getting used too!! I find the shape and detailing so elegant, perfect for casual wear or special occasions
Rainbow club provide a unique service when it comes to picking your perfect shoes called The Colour Stuido, and you get to select between a variety of shades from mutual colours, for all occasions and outfits such as Ivory, Black and Grey and then you have your more unusual colours from bright pinks, blues and pastel shades to match your outfit of choice. This service comes in great, especially for special occasions such as weddings, if you're looking for a particular colour to match your dress on the big day. 

These heels really are gorgeous and such a classic shape, making them perfect for casual wear and dinner dates. I really like how pretty the lace detailing is, and it adds a nice personal touch! Speaking about personal touch I went with this beautiful turquoise shade (my favourite colour) using the Colour Studio service Rainbow Club has to offer, and I just loved the outcome. The colour just pops, and looks great with white and black trousers for casual wear, I also like how the heel isn't high making them more than easy to walk in, once you get used to how small the heel is. 

I teamed these with my white ripped skinny jeans for a more casual look and feel, and really liked how they smarten up any outfit to make it more chic and sophisticated. Back with my trusty white shirt, I just knew this would look great with these jeans and the heels to give a nice laid back approach, but you can also smarten it up with a nice chunky watch and small necklace for evening. I decided to go with this stunning chunky quartz bar necklace by The Serpents Club as I just adore the designs and how pretty crystals look against basic tops and shirts to really bring them to life! This quartz crystal bar really is huge and comes with a pyrite finish and chunky gunmetal chain.

Jenny ♥