Tuesday, 31 March 2015


For a brand that's won numerous awards, this skin serum definitely is a life saver! Using high-tech natural ingredients to produce a serum specifically for acne, blemish prone skin. This aims to protect, balance and enhance the skin with a beautiful aromatic blend that really lifts the spirits and smells wonderful on the skin.

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Congested Skin Serum: Balance Me c/o

The great thing about Balance Me is the fact they don't include parabens, sulphates, petroleum, mineral oils, silicones, artificial fragrances and colours; making these products completely natural and great for all skin types, without causing irritation.This serum is really light weight and silky in texture, once you apply it to the skin it sinks in almost instantly and the smell really is beautiful, it's got a very natural antiseptic aroma to it with the mixture of pure lavender and eucalyptus oils. After testing this for 3 weeks I've notice a huge difference in the redness of my break outs and it's also helped heal fresh scarring and really lighten the area of the skin. 

You can dab this onto specific spots or to a large area, I normally apply mine to the cheeks, chin and forehead, as this is where I break out really bad. This is a gel so it will last a good month or so, and the pump comes in really handy for keeping bacteria at bay! This is expensive but again all the ingredients are organic/natural and effective overtime, this doesn't work straight away as you do need to keep at it to see results, just like most natural treatments. It's lovely on the skin and very cooling, which I love, especially if you're suffering from really sore blemishes! This comes down to the organic aloe vera gel and spruce knot, to really sooth and calm blemishes without drying out the skin. 

What's your thoughts on this serum? Have you tried it? Do you have a favourite blemish serum? 

xo, Jenny

Sunday, 29 March 2015


You might have noticed this week that I was posting daily #instastyle outfits as part of the Nica five day style challenge featuring this super chic 'Venice crossbody bag'.

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When I noticed this bag on the website I just new it was a keeper in my ever growing collection, and I just loved the engraved fabric and cute cat embellishment to the front of the bag. I just love cats, and figured this would be perfect for Spring/Summer and the cat emblems super cute and really unique alongside the general shape/design of the bag. 

Below you will find a glimpse into each outfit I styled the Venice crossbody bag with....

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This was a style challenge I was determined to defeat, and just felt at ease with the fact this bag goes incredibly well with everything you wear. Whatever the occasion this bag really is perfect with the gold tone hardware to the front and Nica branding engraved into the cat. Its such a nice classic piece that's small enough to store away in any wardrobe, but great all year round for carrying your essentials in style.

What's your thoughts on the Nica crossbody bag

xo, Jenny

Friday, 27 March 2015


Let's be honest here, when it comes to dry shampoo I don't really use it often! I wash my hair twice a week but try and avoid using dry shampoos, unless I really need to. I have always been committed to the 'LUSH No Drought' dry shampoo and this gives the results I want without the white residue. 

Dry Shampoo: Herbal Essences

Long ago I used to use the 'Batiste dry shampoo' and loved how much volume it produced from a single spritz but there was always something that really let me down about this product, and that was the fact it left my roots with a white residue, almost like the effects you would get from applying baby powder to your roots back in the day before dry shampoo was even available. I noticed this new Herbal Essences dry shampoo on offer in Superdrugand I have always loved Herbal Essences as a drug store brand for it's uplifting scents and effectiveness, as its cheaper compared to more expensive hair care brands and does the job. 

I was left slightly unimpressed with this product usage wise and found it very similar to the Batiste dry shampoo! It left my hair feeling very limp, weighed down and matte in texture. It never felt nice on my hair and just never done the job! I've always stuck to the LUSH dry shampoo as this works for my hair type, and the fact it contains natural ingredients, it just leaves my hair weightless and volumised, which I'd expect from these sort of products, but they just don't seem to agree with my hair. There was one thing I loved about this dry shampoo and that was the uplifting citrus fragrance. I think this is worth a try as it's not too expensive, but I will definitely be sticking to my LUSH dry shampoo for the time being. 

What's your thoughts on this? Have you tried the new Herbal Essences dry shampoos?

xo, Jenny

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


So here we are coming into Spring/Summer and I can honestly say I'm so happy to feel the warmth on my skin and the sun starting to make a re-appearance, goodbye rain! 

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Suede Ghillie Heels: TOPSHOP Premium

Every year I've started a tradition where I save up to buy my dream Summer shoe(s), normally around two new pairs that are luxurious and go with most of my outfits for the season. Around a couple of years back I've grown in age to really appreciate the work that goes into creating a pair of shoes from the gorgeous fabrics to the construction of the actual shoe. There's nothing worse than a shoe that's unbearable to walk in and really puts pressure on your feet, yes I'm talking about heels here ;-) I just always love to invest in a special pair that are so comfortable, that I can even wear them for casual wear if I wanted to. 

So here we have it my two new babies for the season and these really where a no brainer! Simplicity and style combined and the fabrics are even more dreamy, from butter soft nude suede to pretty reptile engraved leather. What can I say, I'm head over heels with these TOPSHOP Premium heels, like seriously these look so expensive and something you'd expect from a high end designer, I'm thinking 'Aquazzura' here. These heels really are dreamy, and honestly I can't stop looking and feeling them constantly! I keep them in the box like all of my shoes, but always find myself tempted to take them out just to appreciate them even more. Not only are these a dream to look at but they're also just as mesmerising to walk in! Let's be honest here, I had allot of doubt in my mind as to how comfortable these would actually be, coming from the fact they're a mule style, and you don't have much support. Putting fear behind me I just had to buy them to see, and honestly these are seriously easy to walk in and just so sexy! You have a lot of toe cleavage with these, and the way the lace wraps up the leg it's just simply stunning. These really do take a simple pair of cropped jeans to the next level! Keep in mind that you'll experience no blisters or pain with these because they're backless. 

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Leather Reptile Lace Up Flats: Dune London

Next up we have these beautiful reptile engraved leather Hobra ghillie sandals, just like the TOPSHOP Ghillie Heels these where also made in Spain which is a huge plus for me when investing in shoes, as I do prefer them to come from Spain or Italy, but these are however flat and perfect for everyday where with a sexy twist that really transforms any outfit. Now I must admit this is my first pair of Dune shoes and honestly, I'm so happy with these and the incredible quality of the materials used, and the overall unique design! I've got such a lust over pointed toe shoes at the minute and just find them so flattering. The pointed toe shoe just oozes elegance, and also gives the appearance of much longer legs, what's not to love! These are just so chic and I love the reptile print engraved into the leather and find it much different to my usual lust for suede shoes. You can really dress these up or down, depending on the occasion and I can definitely see these attracting a lot of attention through the summer months. 

If you're looking for a 'special' pair of shoes this season I'd definitely recommend the 'Ghillie' styles, whither it be flats, heels or sandals. 

What's your thoughts on these? Do you have a special pair of S/S Shoes? 

xo, Jenny