Before I got my hands on the Foreo Luna for Combination Skin, I was constantly using my hands to wash my face every evening, and must admit this was not the most effective of techniques after trying the Foreo Luna skincare devices. You might be wondering why I’ve featured two different models in this post and the reason behind this is the fact my mum got hooked after I shared my thoughts with her and showed her everything the device has to offer! Her skin comes under normal/sensitive, so I picked up the pink device for her birthday a couple of weeks back and thought I’d share it in this post to let you see how it looks, and it’s basically the same as the combination skincare device, in terms of looks and layout. Both models are made to prevent breakouts and make your skin look it’s very best! They really make your skin glow from the inside out and give a really deep clean! It’s definitely worth looking into investing in one of these if your concerned about your skin or just want something that will give a thorough cleanse and massage.


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Details: Foreo Luna for Combination Skin & Foreo Luna for Sensitive Skin


I’ve heard so much about the hype around facial cleansing brushes and do admit after winning the Magnitone Pulsar a month back, I’ve been hooked!! It’s so much easier and much more effective. The only problem I have with the cleansing brushes is the fact you have to change the heads every so often to prevent bacteria and break outs, whereas with the Foreo Luna devices you don’t have to worry about this and in the long terms it’s a lot more cost effective. This device is super cute and I actually got this for my birthday back in January, so it’s given me a good couple of months to review my thoughts on the device and how well it works for me. It’s definitely a game changer, I can tell you that much…Honestly my skins never looked or felt so good! It really gets deep into the skin to remove all traces of makeup (which hand washing never done so well before), and leaves my skin feeling super soft after use.


I picked the aqua blue because first it’s my favourite colour, but secondly this is specifically targeted towards those with oily/combination skin! I did get this slightly discounted, again from This device is very hygienic with the non-porous silicone touch points and did I mention it’s waterproof? It’s definitely something I don’t regret buying and use it every day as part of my beauty regime. Every night I start by removing eye makeup using a gentle eye make up remover and giving my face a quick wash using my hands, I will then go in with my Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser or LUSH Ultrabrand cleanser by massaging it into the skin to lift left over makeup. Then using the Foreo Luna, I then start on the cheeks and work my way around my face as the device stops pulsating to let me know it’s time to move on to a different area of my face. This lasts for 2 minutes and after my face and neck are clean I will then turn the device off and then apply my moisturiser and use the Anti-Ageing massage mode to gently smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (which I don’t worry about in this stage of my life but it’s a good method to delay the ageing process, why not start young?).


Another good technique using the Anti-Ageing mode is the fact it lets your moisturising and other products work deeper into the layers of the skin for more beneficial results and it just leaves my skin glowing!! It removes dead cells and really opens up to a new layer of skin that completely changes my whole thought process on this device. Honestly I was very skeptical when reading all the reviews online about this and had to try it for myself and I can definitely say I’ve enjoyed using this every night and couldn’t be without it now. The Foreo Luna has been boasted to last at least 10 years if not more and this really appealed to me, especially when it costs so much for the non-mini version. You can pick up the mini luna version for half of the price but this comes without the Anti-Ageing mode and I just felt the massage mode comes in so useful and definitely makes a difference in the texture of my skin.


I charged this when I first opened it up from the box and its lasted me four months now from the end of January to May, and this is with regular use! It really is like having a daily facial in the comfort of your own home… With up to 8,000 pulsations per minute this really helps to increase blood flow and gentle removes dead skin cells. It unclogs pores of 99.5% of dirt and oil, and 98.5% of make-up residue. If you’re on the hunt for a new cleansing system then I’d definitely recommend this over the brushes, purely because it’s a great investment and you don’t need to change brush heads or charge this every day/week. It lasts and that’s why I’d suggest this product to anyone looking for healthier, smoother, brighter skin and this device works great for blemish prone skin like mine and definitely keeps them at bay!


What’s your thoughts on these cleansing devices? Have you tried them yet or will you?


xo, Jenny