Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Jenny , Wednesday, 30 July 2014                                                      

Skinny jeans are a rare appearance on my blog, Let me explain, if I am truthfully honest I have not owned a pair of skinny jeans since 2008, so this was something I have wanted to change for months now, and managed to find this pretty pair on Logostyle. I often find skinny jeans very uncomfortable and that's the reason behind never wearing them, especially for every day wear but I wanted to find a nice comfortable pair I could wear everyday as they come in great for throwing on with everything. 

Dr Denim skinny jeans have to be the best I have owned, as they completely flatter the figure perfectly and give a nice tight fit, just like a second skin ;) I used to always wear the Criminal Damage Hand Stretch Jeans in Black and find these super comfy! and that just reminds me that I should treat myself to a pair soon. I have had lots of other bloggers comment in the past about the Top Shop Joni Jeans, so I will have to check these out as the price tag can be hefty but they will last years and make for a great staple piece to have all year round!!

ASOS always have incredible sales and I noticed this beautiful mesh sequin top and really like the structured shape of it, especially the sleeves and daring deep V neck! I find the bandeau tops incredible for transparent tops as they come in great for covering up but still giving you breathing space to wear different types of transparent tops during summer and shirts. If you're looking for a multi-tasking top bandeau tops are the way to go and you should have a set in your drawer for day's you feel like wearing something more revealing.

I wanted to keep jewellery simple and summery with these pretty crystal pieces from independent boutiques on Etsy, including the Moonstone Bracelet and Quartz Arrow Head Arm Cuff. I also went with my Kasun London Pearl Ring as it's the most beautiful piece of jewellery I own and I can't stop wearing it!! :) 

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Monday, 28 July 2014


Jenny , Monday, 28 July 2014                                                      


When it comes to glasses, I could never imagine myself parting with a good £100+ to buy a pair of these iconic frames, however I decided to take the plunge and feel my money was more than truly well spent. Not only do these iconic frames suit every face shape, but they also have beautiful tortoiseshell detailing around the frames and arms. I think when it comes to investing in a good pair of glasses from a respectable brand you can't really go wrong, and these will last a lifetime, if well cared for.

I always keep my glasses in the case when not in use, and really like how thick the leather on the case is and the overall design. The lenses for these glasses are pretty large, but I like this as it suits my face shape more but you will find the newer wayfarer versions come with slightly smaller frames. 

The quality of these glasses really is astonishing so much so that I actually went and got the Aviators in Green, but I will hopefully get another review up on these soon!! The frame of these glasses provides maximum comfort and they are very hard wearing and scratch resistant. They are very light in weight and the hinge/joints are very well made, making these less likely to break/come apart with regular use, and if they do you can send them back to Ray Ban for free to have them repaired, with the warranty you receive when purchasing.

If you are looking for a pair of glasses this summer I can't recommend these enough!! It's worth the extra splurge, and you will be making a good choice when it comes to investing in these as they will last years and unlike cheaper options they won't break with continual use as I find them very sturdy and the arms/frame are made from a really thick material. I got my glasses with light tinted lenses, and they also come with complete UV protection and moulded nose pads for added comfort. 

Do you own a pair of Ray Bans? Are you thinking of investing in a pair?

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Friday, 25 July 2014


Jenny , Friday, 25 July 2014                                                      


When I received this hair care duo I was expecting it to be similar to most hair products but I couldn't be more wrong!! These have such a unique texture and I find the formula very thick and luxurious, and even better you only need the smallest amount of shampoo to get a great lather that deeply cleanses the hair. Not only does the shampoo give a great deep cleanse, it's also suitable for those with coloured hair, and really enhances the colour in my opinion!! It has enhanced my colour after the first use and left my hair very soft and shiny.

Hair after using the duo set, sleek/soft and shiny :) I have since re-coloured my hair, so it is looking more darker and duller here compared to my usual bright red hair as my henna is fading, but the results are still impressive! x

Thick Course Blowout Shampoo - Designed to reduce frizz and this is exactly what it does and you can even noticed a huge difference after the first use!! During summer I often find the warmer weather can dry my hair out especially causing frizz and making my hair really difficult to manage with more knotting and tangles, but after using this duo I could see and feel a huge difference in the overall condition of my hair. This really left my hair feeling weightless and very shiny, not to mention the amount of volume it gives and my hair felt really clean. My hair is naturally very thick but these days I wouldn't say it was coarse or damaged as its in much better condition now than it ever was, but even with this reassurance I never once thought this would make much difference to the overall condition of my hair as it is but I was so wrong!! Normally I stick to the same hair brands such as Tigi Styleshots Epic Volume Tween, Macadamia, S-Factor Diamond Dreams Tween or Argan Plus Luxury Wash, as these are the only brands I switch between at the moment and for the past year, but it was nice to try this set as a change and notice how much different my hair can look and feel once switching to something completely different with a unique approach to dealing with problems so many of us have as frizz mostly stems from dry/damaged hair but even during the Summer/Winter you can experience the odd frizz/dryness due to temperature change and environment, so it's great to have this as a rescue remedy. Did I forget to mention both the Shampoo and Conditioner come in a gorgeous mango scent that really lingers and it smells so delicious, I just love it and anything that smells amazing especially in hair care products! 

Thick Course Blowout Conditioner - Basically everything I described for the shampoo goes for this too!! But being a conditioner this will provide much more moisture, hydration and shine as it's left on for a longer period of time compared to shampoo and really penetrates the hair shaft to leave your hair frizz free and very soft. The conditioner also helps in the aid of keeping hair clean/fresh whilst controlling volume and bounce and prevents the need of using shampoo as often per week. I think it's a great idea that this conditioner helps prevent the use of shampooing the hair so often as this can be just as damaging as you will be stripping the hair of natural oils and I would personally recommend to wash your hair 3 times a week if possible if not every other day! Try not to wash your hair every day as this can make the situation worse :)

What it promises:
  • Frizz Free Hair 
  • Soft, Shiny Hair 
  • Long Lasting Results
  • More volume and Bounce
What I like:
  • Easy to apply
  • Gives a Great Lather 
  • Doesn't test on Animals
  • Detangles and Smooths the Hair 
  • Noticeable, Long Lasting Results
  • Hairs Left Very Clean and Soft To The Touch
  • Very Nice Scent of Mango That Lasts For Ages
What I dislike:
  • -
How I would Apply: 
I would apply straight from the bottle and place in my hands to start massaging the shampoo into my scalp to build up a good lather without applying much to the ends of my hair, then wash out. The conditioner I would apply using the same routine as the shampoo but this time reversing it by placing conditioner on the lengths and ends of my hair and leaving out the scalp, as I find conditioner ways my hair down so I only give a good full hair treatment once a week :)

Product Expiry
6 months 

What's your thoughts on this duo? Have you tried these before or anything similar?

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Jenny , Wednesday, 23 July 2014                                                      


SENSO is officially my new brand crush 
Ever since I clapped eyes on this brand through Instagram, I just had to have every shoe but made sure to limit myself ;) This can be very difficult at times, but I managed to restrain myself and left not so empty handed, but coming away with two gorgeous pairs from the Riley Spring/Summer14 Collection :)

If you have been a follower of my blog for a long time, you will notice that I like to collect shoes in different colours/styles if I like the brand and comfort of the shoe. My biggest collection to date will be my ASH Cool high tops, as I find these great for casual wear and very comfortable!! Anyway I will make sure to do a little haul on my ASH Collection, but for this post we are merely focusing on Senso. I find these heels very elegant and sophisticated, and they come in perfect for everyday wear or evening wear, depending on how you want to style them up!! I think these make a great investment piece to have in your wardrobe, if you're on the hunt for a timeless pair of heels that will last for years. 

Opting for more timeless styles, I went with the Black Rubber and white leather upper from ASOS and the beautiful Snow Leopard from SENSO. I can't imagine life without these, and find them very comfortable, in fact these are the most comfiest pair of heels I own :) it actually feels like wearing trainers. They are very lightweight and easy to style making them a great option for Spring/Summer with skirts and shorts!!

The quality of each shoe really is beautiful and I also love the lace up detailing to the front and padded foot bed, for added comfort. Hopefully in time I can get a few more pieces from SENSO and really like the Saxon and Sophy boots for winter :) If you are ordering from the UK, I highly recommend you try and find stock from UK retailers such as ASOS, mainly because when ordering from the official SENSO website you will get charged customs/tax. I ordered the Snow Leopard Rileys from the official site because I could not get them anywhere in the UK in that particular style and really loved the print for summer! However I got a massive charge of £65 customs on top of the price I originally paid, so this has put me off buying from the other designs overseas :(

The Snow Leopard Riley ||| - Comes with a beautiful padded leather upper and lining with a synthetic sole and faux pony skin material. Leopard print also makes a great timeless piece, as the print goes with everything :)

The Riley | - Comes with black rubber and leather lining with a man made sole, in black and white for a nice monochrome combination, keeping it minimalistic and perfect for day to night. 

Each shoe comes up slightly larger than your original size, however mines fit perfectly being a size 36 (3). The heel makes a great addition with the chunky block design, making the shoe a dream to walk in, and the lace up design to the front tightens the sandals to your foot shape for maximum support and style

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