Wednesday, 27 August 2014


My first pair of pointed court heels, and I must admit they take some getting used too!! I find the shape and detailing so elegant, perfect for casual wear or special occasions
Rainbow club provide a unique service when it comes to picking your perfect shoes called The Colour Stuido, and you get to select between a variety of shades from mutual colours, for all occasions and outfits such as Ivory, Black and Grey and then you have your more unusual colours from bright pinks, blues and pastel shades to match your outfit of choice. This service comes in great, especially for special occasions such as weddings, if you're looking for a particular colour to match your dress on the big day. 

These heels really are gorgeous and such a classic shape, making them perfect for casual wear and dinner dates. I really like how pretty the lace detailing is, and it adds a nice personal touch! Speaking about personal touch I went with this beautiful turquoise shade (my favourite colour) using the Colour Studio service Rainbow Club has to offer, and I just loved the outcome. The colour just pops, and looks great with white and black trousers for casual wear, I also like how the heel isn't high making them more than easy to walk in, once you get used to how small the heel is. 

I teamed these with my white ripped skinny jeans for a more casual look and feel, and really liked how they smarten up any outfit to make it more chic and sophisticated. Back with my trusty white shirt, I just knew this would look great with these jeans and the heels to give a nice laid back approach, but you can also smarten it up with a nice chunky watch and small necklace for evening. I decided to go with this stunning chunky quartz bar necklace by The Serpents Club as I just adore the designs and how pretty crystals look against basic tops and shirts to really bring them to life! This quartz crystal bar really is huge and comes with a pyrite finish and chunky gunmetal chain.

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Monday, 25 August 2014


The Nars Sheer Matte Foundation has to be hands down the best foundation I have ever used!! The formula is very creamy and lightweight, making it a dream to apply by hand or brush. Whatever application method you prefer, this will give a flawless base. This foundation is much raved about, and I wanted a piece of the action to really see for myself how amazing this can be and let me tell you, I wasn't disappointed.

    Without Nars Foundation (Bare Skin with Slight Redness and Small Blemishes)
 With Nars Foundation in Mont Blanc (Natural Make-up Look)
 Full Make-up Look (With Foundation, Lipstick, highlighter, Blush and Mascara)
My skin does look slightly shiny but this is because I use a enhancing moisturiser and mask as I prefer a healthy glow and I also used GLAMGLOW Youthmud the day before these photos :P I am also wearing the YSL touche eclat in shade No.1 under my eyes and the Revlon Matte Lipstick in Red, with Illamasqua cream blush in Promise and Gleam Aqua Highlighter on my cupids bow, nose, eyebrows and cheek bones.

I opted for the second lightest shade in the range, and feel the collection is very true to colour and matches perfectly with my skin tone. Foundation can always be a trouble for me, especially as my skin is pale, so this was a great advantage for me to see that NARS had a wide selection of shades for different skin tones, compared to other high-end brands

As I mentioned above the formula is very creamy and light weight, giving a natural effortless look on the skin and making the application process quick and easy. Once applied the formula looks like a second skin and very natural, I also like how the matte really brightens my complexion up. I have oily skin so the sheer matte was recommend for my skin type, but I feel the sheer glow will be much similar and I am hoping to get my hands on this next, but I often find my shade goes out of stock quicker than others :(

The foundation looks very sheer on the skin and gives a beautiful finish with a healthy glow and it also comes oil free so you can build the coverage to how you prefer, if you want a less natural approach that is. I notice after using this for a couple of months now that my skin looks more smooth, softer and naturally brighter than it was before, with continual use of the Nars Sheer Matte Foundation every day and it has also evenened out my skin tone. It absorbs oil beautifully and lasts all day, even in the most warmest of weather, I find it stays put and doesn't melt or rub off easily, compared to other liquid foundations I have used in the past. 

This foundation is a great option for all skin types, not just oily and it also contains powerful anti-oxidants to protect against damaging free radicals and the environment. You will also find turmeric extract in this formula to help improve skin's radiance and tone, not only this but turmeric is great for healing dry skin and skin conditions such as acne and eczema, whilst slowing down the ageing process of the skin. You will find that turmeric is the main ingredient in the Nars Sheer Matte Foundation that creates glowing skin and increased blood flow for a flawless complexion as it also gives a slight exfoliation when applied to the skin, and this helps to renew skin cells for brighter, smoother skin.

I will definitely be buying this again once I finish this bottle and unfortunately they don't seem to sell the shade Mont Blanc under the Matte formula and only the Sheer Glow. I was wanting to try the Sheer Glow next time but in the future I will have to find a similar shade to Mont Blanc for the Matte version and invest in a foundation pump from the Nars website.

What I like:
  • Lasts all day
  • The bottle lasts for months
  • You don't need much product
  • Gives a flawless, radiant finish 
  •  Improved complexion with oil control
  • Makes my skin glow and look more healthy
  • Beautiful shade selection to suit your skin tone 
  • I have noticed my skin looks more smoother, softer and clearer
What I dislike:
  • -
How I would Apply: 
I would apply this foundation by shaking the bottle and leaving it to sit for a few seconds, I will then apply a small amount to the back of my hands and rub gently to warm the formula up. I then use my fingertips to apply on my cheeks, forehead and chin and then blend in with my Real Techniques buffer brush for a beautiful, natural finish.
Product Expiry
24 months 

Have you tried this foundation yet? What's your thoughts?

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Friday, 22 August 2014


I am sure most of you will have heard of Nasty Gal by now, if not Google it and you will thank me later! ;)

Nasty Gal Black Mesh Insert Tee - £25 (Similar Here)
Black Faux Leather Roll Clutch, Missguided - £14.99* (Similar)

Nasty Gal has to be one of the best sites around for incredible unique pieces that just make your eyes pop out, whilst forever gasping at everything you see!! Last year I had a massive sale shop and couldn't resist getting this black mesh top and feel it looks sporty, but also sophisticated with some serious edge. I still need to check out the shoe cult line, but fear I could end up wanting everything and the last thing I want is high customs tax, so I keep reminding myself to stick to the UK or buy less, but that never happens, especially when they have such promotions as "Spend £50 get free Postage and Packaging "you know the score! ;)

I can't rave about these missguided tailored trousers enough! They have such a classic, timeless shape and I was really surprised to come across these, and almost instantly fell in love that I had to get myself a grey and white pair. They come in great for daytime and evening wear and feel very comfortable on, over loose fitting pieces such as shirts and knits or more bodycon tops. I also grabbed this black faux leather clutch by missguided and love how versatile it can be with the roll design, making it perfect for nights out, dinner dates or daytime wear. I also use this for nipping out to the post office, as I find it easy to carry and stash all my postage receipts in. It has a nice classic design with an almost leather look alike fabric and I find the inside has large(ish) compartments with zips for storage. 

My Senso rileys are my babies, and I just love how they add a nice finishing touch with the pretty snow leopard print and it really stands out against the all black with the simplistic design and finish. I think these will come in useful for A/W depending on how chilly it gets ;) but that won't stop me getting these out!! 

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014


When it comes to my hair I always like to use the best products I can buy/afford, I always find hair an important factor in my beauty regime alongside face masks. I always receive such wonderful compliments from you all on my blog and my instagram about my hair and couldn't wait to share my hair regime with you all. Hair care is very important, especially if you are trying to achieve shiny healthy locks that grow month after month, so it is vital you invest in good products that work for your hair and help maintain its health by avoiding damage from the environment to heated appliances. Neglecting your hair can cause some serious problems and I think we have all been there ;) but luckily we have a wide range of oils and masks on the market to combat this, and sort our hair straight out to restore shine and volume.  

As some of you might know I used to use chemical hair dyes in the past, around 3 years ago now and my favourite brand was the LIVE COLOUR XXL, but after using this frequently it had done some serious damage to my hair and I was left with dry ends and never ending frizz. My hair was very difficult to manage and control, and I also used straighteners everyday before turning to a more natural option of cutting down on heated appliances and using more natural methods to colour my hair and treat it. 

I first noticed Henna in my local LUSH and since then I have been hooked!! I always loved black hair but wanted something lighter and went with red henna for a nice vibrant look, and I just feel this shade has stuck with me ever since, and I don't feel the need to change my hair colour again. Red hair just looks natural on me and it blends nicely over my natural dark brown hair, I just like the effects henna gives from volume to colour. The Lush henna comes in blocks and it can be time consuming to grate the blocks into powder, and I also find it more messy when it comes to the actual application process. Since getting tired with the amount of effort you need to use with the Lush Henna, I decided to look for easier powder forms and noticed this brand on Amazon called "Renaissance Henna" and noticed they do all kinds of variety's and colours from organic to naturalI went with the organic henna mix in red and really love the outcome!! It's just as vibrant as the LUSH Henna in Coco Rouge and less messy, what's not to love! I find the application process much easier and using henna could not be simpler. 

How to Apply Henna (You can use these tips for Chemical/Natural Hair Dye also):

1. You will need an old bowl and your choice of henna, you will then pour the henna mix into the bowl and add a small amount of hot water to mix into a creamy paste using a wooden spoon. You are looking to get a nice thick, creamy consistency here, and only add small amounts of water whilst mixing the product to get the right balance. 

2. After you have done everything stated above, you will then add a good quality oil to your henna (this is not necessary but it does help condition the hair and develop colour better) I preferably like to use the Macadamia Oil range, but recently received two other oils that work just as great for a fraction of the price! I will list these below with some information about them (In the pictures above you will notice I have placed oil in the powder before adding water, this is just to show you the oil before mixing everything together).

3. I then always apply Vaseline around my hairline, behind the ears, and down the sides of my face and neck to stop dye staining my skin, and then wrap a towel around my shoulders with old clothes on, just in case dye stains my clothing! After this you will then apply gloves (I normally use disposable ones) ,and start by applying the product to your roots around the crown and working your way down. I find this process easier but if you prefer to work from the tips of the hair and leaving the roots for last, that is entirely up to you :)

4. After my henna/hair dye has been applied, I will then place a disposable cap around my head to trap in warmth (This gives a brighter/vibrant red) but you can also leave your hair unwrapped for darker/natural results

5. With the LUSH Henna I would normally be left waiting around 4 hours before removing the henna but with this new Renaissance Henna, I only have to wait between 1-2 hours to get incredible results!! If you are using Chemical Hair Dyes from the drugstore, these normally take around 20-30 minutes to develop and for Natural/Vegetable alternatives such as Fudge Paint Box and Manic Panic, these will take around 30-60 minutes to develop

6. I will then wash the henna out in the shower and use a good shampoo to remove all the product and this can take around 10 minutes. I will then use my Aqua Tangle Teezer or basic black wide tooth comb to go through my hair and untangle knots. After this basic routine I then wrap my hair up in a dark towel and leave my hair to dry naturally.

By following these simple steps above you will be left with beautiful hair that's volumised and vibrant. I would also like to point out that regular chemical hair colourants from the drug store normally last around 3-4 weeks and natural/vegetable dyes will last 2-3 weeks depending on the brand! I find "Fudge Paint Box" the best vegetable dye as it lasts 3-4 weeks and gives incredible colour results for the price. Henna lasts the longest out of the selection of dyes at around 4-6 weeks, normally I do a full application every 6 weeks, with a root touch up in-between this period. You will also notice how I talked about using Hair Oils in your hair dye/henna mix and feel everybody should start doing this, as it really helps the colour develop better and it also works to condition your hair and leave it super soft once washed off. 

The oils I have been using lately and loving are:

Old Wives Tail - £13.99*, (This is the oil I used in the henna picture above): This hair oil is very thick and luxurious and comes in great mixed with my henna! I love how it leaves my hair very shiny and frizz free once washed off. I must admit this oil was not suitable for my hair used alone as a mask treatment, as the oil would not wash out!! So I decided to try it with my henna mix and prefer this method much better and I feel happy I can get some good use out of such a wonderful handmade product. This Argan and Rosemary oil treatment really nourishes my hair and deeply conditions with Shea Butter, Vitamin E and pure Organic Argan Oil, these power ingredients help to stop damage and breakage, whilst the Rosemary Oil stimulates the scalp and encourages healthy hair growth, making this a great option for mixing in with hair dyes. Each product from Old Wives Tail is made with luxurious ingredients, all being organic and not tested on animals with 10% of the profits made from each sale going towards charities that save animals from being tested upon.

Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment - £25.99, This is a oil treatment I have been using for years and just love the results from this, whether used alone on damp/dry hair or mixed in with my henna. I really like how this instantly tames dry, damaged ends and leaves my hair very shiny and silky smooth. Another good thing about this oil is the fact it contains natural UV protection and extends the life of colour treatments, so this is another great reason to add a dollop or two to your hair dye mix. This amazing oil also reduces drying time by up to 40-50% and makes my hair much more easier to manage! It's definitely a keeper and something I can't live without.

Alchemy Grapefruit Hair Remedy - £17.99*, I recently received this through @etailpr and keep using it on my ends and really like how nourishing and luxurious this oil is, I also really like the unique bottle design and find it very different to other oil treatments. I find the smell very uplifting and citrusy!! I can't wait to use this in my henna mix next month, and really enjoy using it alone on damp hair and notice how it improves the ends of my hair. This is made with natural ingredients also from coconut, avocado, almond and castor oils which will work in sync to promote hair growth, thicken hair and create lustrous shine. Not only does this oil make my hair look incredible and controls frizz/damage it also helps with dandruff and keeps your scalp healthy with added grapefruit oil

If you're looking for good oils to mix in with your hair dyes, then I can't recommend these three enough, and find anything that promotes hair growth, shine and contains natural ingredients are the ones to splurge on to gain maximum resultsLast but not least I wanted to talk a little on the henna hair colour I use and hopefully I can convert some of my wonderful readers to try something new, healthier, natural and less damaging for your hair and switch your chemical dyes to henna, especially if you have a "normal/simple" shade such as brown, black or red.

The Henna I used and will be using from now on is called "Renaissance Henna" and you can find this on Amazon or through the Renaissance Henna website. I was looking for a vibrant red and I got incredible results from this and this is a 2-in-1 organic herbal mix, it's a deep conditioning hair treatment and henna colourant. The mixture once mixed with hot water comes out beautifully and turns into a really nice thick smooth consistency with hints of floral undertones from the mixed herbs, it smells nicer than pure henna and more mild. I found this henna easier to work with compared to the LUSH block, and I also encountered zero mess when it came to applying the henna and afterwards :) I will keep buying from this company and feel very happy with the results and price of the henna packets!! I got the 200g pack at £13.99 and this contains enough powder for three full treatments and my hair is now very long, so if you have shorter hair this will definitely last longer. 

Henna Hair in Natural Light (Deep Red with light ends, You will also notice more shine from this lighting, from the oils used on my hair)

Henna Hair in Direct Sun Light (Vivid Colour with Multiple Tones of Red, You don't notice much shine in this lighting but you can notice more colour definition and health)

Henna does change colour, and you will notice in "Natural Light" my hair looks darker, this is because henna coats the hair follicle and unlike chemical hair dyes it does not penetrate the hair shaft, this leading to dryness and damage. In direct sunlight my hair is more vibrant and lighter in colour, with different tones of red, this is because henna basically coats your natural hair colour (Mines is a darkish brown), and it shows up a deep red in darkness/natural light but in direct sunlight it will turn a lighter shade of red. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know your thoughts below? 

If you want to know more about henna you can have a look through the Renaissance Henna Website here, they have lot's of information on henna and the benefits if you're interested in trying it out. 
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