Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Jenny , Wednesday, 23 April 2014                                                      


Ahh this has to be one of the most gorgeous bubble bars I have ever smelt!
With bold lashings of tangerine, mandarin and bergamot essential oils this massive bubble bar is bursting with juicy citrus ingredients making it the best smelling and uplifting bubble bar yet!

If you are a huge fan of the comforter bubble bar (my favourite) then you will "LOVE" this. Brightside has a very rich luxurious smell to it making it perfect for lazy days to really get you moving with the uplifting essential oils. Just like the comforter bubble bar you can also get up to four uses from this bar (I normally chop my bar into 4 chunks using a sharp knife)

 I went through this crazy phase a year back, stalking YouTube for "Lush Storage ideas" and just loved watching how everyone stored there Lush goodies and the most important part "how to get the most use out of them" and that's where I picked up some tips of cutting bubble bars and bath bombs into halves, to get more use out of the product.

The reason why this is my favourite type of bubble bar is not only the fact you get more use for your money compared to the other bars at Lush, but also because it has a rich/strong smell about it and the fact you can store chunks in your drawers/wardrobe to make everything smell just as sweet ;)

These bars provide so much bubbles compared to other bubble bars I have used from Lushand love how relaxing every bath is, just smelling this bar puts a massive smile on my face and leaves me feeling energised and ready to go, I just love it so much and the fact it smells of fresh oranges making it a lovely summer edition, (if only they stocked it all year round) :( 

What are your thoughts on this bubble bar, and have you tried it yet?

Sunday, 20 April 2014


Jenny , Sunday, 20 April 2014                                                      


Easter, one of the best holidays ever year, purely because you can indulge in so much chocolate and not feel guilty about it (well maybe a little) ;) 

If you are one of those people that feel guilty having more than your fair share of chocolate then look no further than the "carrot bubble bar" this tiny set of three bubble bars was once a massive carrot (last year) but this year that one carrot comes in threes all tied up in a neat bunch making them the perfect excuse for lots of pampering over Easter weekend or as a nice gift for those who don't like indulging in lots of chocolate.

Stating the obvious the carrot bubble bar smells like carrot, yep carrot, but not only that, it has a very distinctive light tropical smell, nothing too fruity or strong I am afraid, but don't let that put you off as it might be subtle but the scent really is lovely and lingers gently on the skin for hours, after soaking it up with one of these bad boys! 

The great thing about the carrot bubble bar is the fact you can use it over again and get at least three baths out of each single bar making it well worth the splurge for more product. Not only does this tiny carrot give you a huge amount of product to play with, but each carrot creates so much bubbles and its amazing to think each bar provides three uses especially for the amount you get and the size of the actual carrot :') 

I find the whole design the most cutest thing ever and very unique and it actually looks like a real carrot making it that little bit special. If you are looking to stock up on some Easter bubble bars they last for up to a year if you are a fan of the Lush Easter collection.

I hope you're all enjoying the long Easter weekend, and Happy Easter!! :D 

What are your thoughts on The bunch of carrots bubble bar, Have you tried these yet? 

Friday, 18 April 2014


Jenny , Friday, 18 April 2014                                                      

Some things I have been lusting after lately, and I almost forgot how much fun it is just to create a nice collage of everything a girl could dream off! (If only I had the money) ;D  I recently just treated myself to a large shabby chic mirror and looking forward to getting some use out of it, (this way it saves me not having to wait "FOREVER" to get in the bathroom, yes it can be a hard life!!!) :'D 

Anyway I have not really had time this past week to just sit down and have a general chit chat with you all and looking forward to catching up on everything especially my blog comments :| normally I reply but I have been super busy lately, so I will make sure to get right on this over the weekend, and check out all your fabulous blogs for those of you that are new to Krystel Couture! :)

I have not done wish lists for so long and figured it would be nice and refreshing for Spring/Summer to get some inspiration and give you guys an idea of what I have been loving the past few weeks, and I must warn you this list is ever expanding, and will continue to grow haha!

For Spring/Summer I am currently loving pastel shades especially mints and lilacs and anything with lace to give a nice feminine touch. I really love this crotchet kimono by a new brand I have recently come across (Little White Lies) and just love the label and all the light pieces making them perfect for summer! I really like the block sandals making them toughen up any outfit with the pretty strap detailing and buckles to the ankles giving them a nice tough edge, and also more importantly, heat friendly letting your feet breath during those extra warm days ;) 

Back to black again and really into this gorgeous piece of "art" from forever unique that being the beautiful Alaina dress, with mesh and lace my two favourite things incorporated into one fitted dress, that really flatters your natural shape not to mention its hand made! Something more "casual" being the pretty Zoey dress by Poppy Lux with a real festival vibe and I love the different fabrics making it perfect for warm days giving a nice unique touch. Last but not least I would love to have the extra cash lying around to afford this beauty, that being the black length jacket by no other than Rick Ownes! His work really is incredible and I love all the fabrics and beautiful soft drapes and I especially love how this jacket has a tie around the waist to give a beautiful fit and shape.

Recently I have found myself buying to many crystal pieces especially from Shop Dixi :') so figured I would search around for other independent stores online to seek out something extra ordinary and this pretty Amethyst piece caught my eye from Druzy Dreams! I have so much Amethyst clusters lying around my room it's hard to keep track but I love collecting crystals and find them so pretty to look at, maybe I will get a post up on this soon, we will see ;) 

I noticed this panel dress on FCUK and just love the details making it perfect for nights out during summer to keep you cool alongside this really bold leather jacket by, you guessed it forever unique! I just adore the zip detailing and how tough this piece looks if only it was in my size! :'( I need this in my life! 

Going into the realm of bags recently I treated myself to the Love Moschino flap in black but would love to get the white version too! The bag really is spacious, and makes the perfect accessory for every occasion and looks great with just about anything giving a nice chic element to the most toughest of outfits. Lace shorts are something that has been high on my wish list for months now especially for summer as I find them so flattering and delicate and these look super pretty especially with the pattern on them. 

I must admit I don't own a jumpsuit and would love to make the effort to start getting into them more as they can be easy to style and this one looks just perfect with the zip pockets and statement collar!

So what are your thoughts on these pieces? Is there anything your loving at the moment? 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Jenny , Wednesday, 16 April 2014                                                      


I was looking for a nice sleek wash bag for going away on a short vacation a couple of months back to keep all my cosmetics neat and organised for the occasion and noticed this Ted Baker wash bag on for half the original price at £12, and I just loved the cute bow and pretty detailing!

The size of this wash bag really is perfect for storing all of your essentials and the beautiful shape to give you more room. The bag features a center bow in pastel pink with Ted Baker logo attachments to the center and zip. 

The bag has a beautiful patent finish making it easy to clean and wipe down! However it is easy to get finger prints on the fabric but because of the patent finish you can easily wipe this away. This bag makes the perfect edition to a stylish get away keeping all your cosmetics clean and organised in once place and also comes in great for using at home if you don't like clutter :)

What are your thoughts on this bag, and do you have a wash bag?