Friday, 28 November 2014


This Scholl nail beauty set comes with lots more accessories compared to the Scholl Compact Manicure Set in my last post. Simply put this is the advanced kit and comes with a pretty compact case to keep everything organised. 

This manicure and pedicure set also comes with a nail dryer and rechargeable manicure pen, making this perfect for traveling with as it gives you up to two hours of cordless use, and the dryer comes complete with batteries that you can just change. When you open the case up you will find lots of different attachments, thirteen in total and a Scholl manual with instructions and information on each tool and how to use the kit. 

The great thing about the other kits manicure pen is the fact you get the option of five different speed settings, but this sets manicure pen only includes two speed settings, but it's still adaptable to the work you are doing and gives you more control. This set is very similar to the Compact Manicure Set and the tools included, but it does include four different tools for more uses, which comes in handy. The dryer works really good and definitely makes a difference when it comes to drying my nail polish, as normally I would be left sitting  waiting for them to air dry for ages, but this gets the job done so much quicker and it also avoids ruining your nails, if they have not air dried properly.

This kit comes with thirteen attachments as follows;

1. Cuticle Lifter
2. Large Coarse Shaping Disc - To shape and file thick toe nails
3. Medium Shaping Disc - To shape and file thicker nails
4. 2 Small Fine Shaping Discs - To gently shape and file your nails
5. Filing Cone - Smoothes nail edges or gently removes dead skin
6. Rough Skin Remover - To remove hard skin
7. Thin Rounded Stone - To smooth the nail surafce and remove dead skin from around the nail
8. Thin Pointed Stone - For shaping nail corners 
9. Cleaning Brush - To clean your nails after shaping 
10. Polishing Cone - To smooth and buff for a glossy finish on fingernails
11. Polishing Disc - To smooth and buff for an extra glossy finish on toe nails
12. Hand Held Cuticle Stick - To gently push back cuticles 

This kit will definitely make a great Christmas gift for any nail enthusiast or if your lazy like me, and hate doing your nails the boring old manual way! ;) It's also great for getting your nails party ready this season without paying costly fees to have them done by a professional. You can have beautiful nails in the comfort of your own home, it's very simple to use and quick, with everything you need to get your nails in good condition, all you need now is a good hydrating hand cream. 

Have you tried this kit or something similar? 

xo, Jenny

Thursday, 27 November 2014


As soon as you apply this you can instantly feel it working to sooth and cool the feet! This is the first ever cooling treatment I have tried alongside the LUSH Fair-trade lotion that actually works to revive tired feet and leave them feeling super soft.

The great benefits about this lotion is the fact it makes a great cheaper alternative to higher end products and does the job twice as good in my opinion. I don't suffer from much hard skin but I do get sore/dry feet and this does the trick at helping to gently sooth them and it also works as a nice treatment. The lotion has a nice thick clear consistency, just like Vaseline and apply's like a dream! I normally apply this all over my feet and then use a normal bed sock or moisture sock to lock in the moisture and to soften my feet up overtime whilst reading or watching the TV.

It's very cooling and soothes, I don't find it greasy or messy to use and it dries up quickly to leave my feet feeling super soft and smelling nice with the active peppermint oil and mango butter to revive tired feet and hydrate dry skin. I just love how thick this product is and the gorgeous ingredients added in such as; cocoa butter, vitamin E, mango butter, Shea butter, peppermint oil and eucalyptus. The smell and effects are very uplifting and last for prolonged periods of time if you keep using the product every day, I normally apply this at night after work and let it work over night. 

Have you tried this yet? What's your thoughts?

xo, Jenny

Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Concealers make a great beauty essential for covering up dark circles/tried eyes after late nights, and the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer has to be one of the best I have ever used! It applies like a dream and matches true to colour, even better they have a wide variety of shades to match the most palest of skin tones.

Concealer: NARS Cosmetics

 These concealer wands are very hygienic and easy to control, the overall formula of the concealer is very rich and creamy in texture and applies like a dream. I got this in the shade "Vanilla - Light 2" and find it perfect for my pale complexion, vanilla also has a slight cast of pink undertones making it more natural. I would say this is more full-coverage when it comes to blending the product in, also these concealers do not oxidize quickly, meaning they will not darken when applied to the skin or dry out. 

I normally like to apply the concealer using my Real Techniques Contour Brush to blend the product in, I could definitely vouch this concealer as buildable without caking and it's the most natural looking concealer I have found, and another thing I love about this range is the fact you get the option of so much shades, making it perfect for pale and darker skin tones. This doesn't crease under the eyes and I always apply concealer before my foundation, but I have noticed different routines vary between each individual person, but this is my preferred way. 

I have seen myself leaving the house with just this concealer under my eyes, and the rest of my face looks radiant and fresh without the need for foundation! This works beautifully and leaves me feeling confident to leave the house bare skinned. It works wonders at concealing redness, veins, dark circles and blemishes and lasts hours, I would say a full day. I put my make-up on at 10am and don't remove it until 10pm at night when I finish work, and this definitely stands the test of time alongside the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation. This can be pricey but it definitely lasts and works! I could see this lasting me around 4-5 months. 

What's your thoughts on this concealer? Have you tried it yet?

xo, Jenny

Monday, 24 November 2014


have been wrapped up in bed all weekend with the cold! I figured a small winter warmers wish list post would be beneficial, especially at this time of the year when we need to start layering up for the winter. I have been looking at lot's of capes and blanket scarf's as of late, and really like how easy they are to en-corporate into every day style, and off course evening wear for those long chilly nights ahead. 

You might have already noticed that most of the items on my wish list are from ASOS, I always find myself browsing the website when I am bored and save everything I like into my saved items, and it always piles up to the point I can't bear to even look at it anymore, ha,ha!! I always go through everything and mentally ask myself, do I really need this? 

Some of these pieces are winter essentials and I always like a good pair of leather gloves to keep me warm, I have a couple of basic gloves that are easily washable for everyday wear, but I do find leather/suede gloves more appealing for evening wear and they look very luxurious too. Another thing that has recently caught my attention are these "Swing Earrings" very popular in the US at the moment but they go by a different name, this however has slipped my mind, but in the UK they are "Swing Earrings or Ear Cuffs" they make the perfect accessory for pierced ears and swing around the back to show different designs at the front. You can get a large variety of pearl, crystal and ball studs but most of the crystal ones are currently out of stock at ASOS, Boo! :( I noticed Zara are selling a similar pair here, but hopefully other brands get these stocked soon as they look super chic. 

Blanket scarf's are always a life saver, more so on frosty windy days to cover your face and body to keep you super snug! I love this one from ASOS and it comes in a soft fluffy fabric. I also really need a "Camel Coat" and looking for that perfect piece to add to my winter coats! However they are pretty hard to come across and I have my eye set on two from Missguided and French Connection with a massive price difference, but I might wait it out for the sales and see which I prefer! Away from clothing and onto something I love for winter and that's candles, Yankee candles always smell divine and the scent lasts ages after burning! I recently went into my local Yankee store and noticed "Candy Cane Lane" the smell is incredible and smells like candy canes with a mixture of mint and candy combined together. Very uplifting and perfect for any sweet tooth this Christmas! I actually just bought myself one from Amazon as they are hugely discounted! :D can't wait to burn this baby! x

*This post was much longer than expected and make sure to enter my current Chi Chi Dress Giveaway and I will also be introducing my yearly Christmas Giveaway during the first week of December so keep your eyes peeled for that :) Hopefully I feel better tomorrow, and I will get replying to all the lovely comments left on my blog since Friday evening and catch up on everything soon. 

P.S Black Friday sales start this week! So excited!! :DD

xo, Jenny