Thursday, 5 March 2015


The cut and shape of this 'Sofia' dress by Style Me Celeb instantly called out to me! The design is so dreamy, and makes you look really polished teamed with a long duster coat for a romantic dinner date. 

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Coat: River Island | Dress: Style Me Celeb c/o | Sandals: Senso (Similar)

I actually wore this dress for Valentines Day and loved how slimming the shape is and it really enhances all the best features, and just makes you feel a lot more confident as it instantly sucks everything in. The immaculate white finish and flesh toned underlay really adds to the appeal of this dress and it just looks stunning on! Very figure hugging and warm, this bandage dress oozes sex appeal and can look great for all sorts of occasions. There's something ever so sophisticated about this dress but at the same time appealing to the eye! 

The fabric is heavy weight making, it a great choice for Autumn, Winter and Spring when the evenings are cooler! This dress also comes with non transparent mesh mix inserts to the sides. I just love how clean and minimal this dress is and I think it makes for the perfect investment piece if you're looking for a dress that can be worn numerous of times for different events. I teamed the dress with my favourite pair of shoes, that being the Senso Rileys in Snow Leopard and just feel they look super pretty against the white and the grey tones of this River Island duster coat for Spring. 

A huge throw back but I actually have another dress from Style Me Celeb which I posted about here back in January 2014. I still have this dress and wear it often, so hopefully I will get another post done of this soon! :)

Are bodycon dresses your thing?

xo, Jenny

Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Do I ever leave the house without my hand cream? No! It's just one of those vital items that I can't seem to live without, and before trying out this lovely hand cream from Balance Me I was using 'The Body Shop Hemp hand cream' which I swear by. This hand cream on the other hand is no different to the hemp hand cream, and actually has a much more pleasant smell. Every day I find myself rapidly cleaning the dishes at home before loading them all into the dish washer to get a deep clean, but I'm always left with dry hands on top of the job I do at the minute. 

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Hand Cream: Balance Me c/o

All this cleaning really takes the moisture out of my skin and leaves my hands feeling really tight and dry. The environment is also another cause of this, or if you suffer from severe dry skin or eczema (which I have on my wrist), making these hand creams a great option for instantly hydrating them and really softening the skin. The Balance Me hand cream really is beautiful and slightly pricier than my normal hand cream mentioned above, but the scent really is wonderful and utterly uplifting! It just leaves me feeling much more happy and it's a joy to put on every day. Packed full of natural ingredients, yarrow oils, fatty-acid and vitamin rich shea butter your skin will just soak up the moisture as soon as it gets into contact with this dream cream. 

During the winter I always find a small patch on my wrists always gets really dry and flaky, so a deep moisturising hand cream is a must for me to keep them looking good and soft, and I've definitely noticed a huge improvement in my cuticles, nails and skin after using this. It's really helped to keep my hands protected from the elements and very hydrated during times of need, not to mention it's also improved the skin around my nails/cuticles. The overall formula is very rich in texture but instantly dries into the hands once applied, where as The Body Shop hand cream does take slightly longer to dry in, which I do find a pain, but it's still something I would continue to use alongside this and other hand creams.

What's your thoughts on this hand cream? Have you tried it?

xo, Jenny

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


I have a lot of tweaks and improvements to make so the editing really isn't the best, but hopefully you enjoy my first YouTube video and it's a lot harder than I could imagine trying to do these! I figured I'd do a February favourites as my first proper talking video to get a feel for it and the editing, and let me tell you, the editing really does take up so much time! I was sitting for a good 5 hours editing this ha-ha! But hopefully next time it's much quicker now that I know what to do.

Let me know what you think and what I could improve on as this is all new to me, but it's something I've wanted to do for months now but keep putting it off, but finally decided to just do it. There's just not enough time in the day for me to share lot's of amazing products I love with you all on my blog, and I've always wanted to include more food/homeware type posts, but never get the chance with working full time and doing other things in my life, such as walking the dog :P Hopefully YouTube allows me to show you lots of different things I've been loving and using that I haven't already shown on my blog so you can see more into my life and the things I like without it being a deep in-depth review, but more of a fun chilled way to see things. 

Hopefully in time my videos will get better and I feel this wasn't too bad for it being my first time, but noticed I do say 'but' and 'emh' a lot just because my mind goes completely blank :') Anyway I'll stop talking now and I will most likely switch my camera to the Canon 700D next time, as I used the Samsung NX Mini to film this as the settings seem completely different! My lips looked more pink in the video than red and my hair looks much darker. This is my first time using the Samsung NX Mini so I will sort the settings out, as I haven't had much time to look into that yet, but the camera is great for photos on the go, instead of me having to carry my Canon everywhere.

I've also listed everything in the Description Box alongside times for everything I mention; if you don't want to watch the full video but want to see a specific item.

Video Details Below ❤

00.18 - Pandora Garnet Birthstone Ring
01:09 - RayBan Clubmasters
01:40 - Retro London Elwood Glasses 
02:28 - OnePiece Camo Onesie 
04:14 - GLAMGLOW Supermud 
05:49 - Aveda Madder Root Shampoo & Conditioner 
08:38 - New Balance Burgundy 574 Trainers
09:16 - Nature Valley Oats 'n' Honey Cereal 
10:52 - Nars Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc 
11:43 - Nutribullet 
13:00 - Nutriblast Superboost 

xo, Jenny 

Saturday, 28 February 2015


Coming to think of it I've never had the chance to post a multi functional outfit on my blog before! Something you can wear to work, but easily switch it up with a pair of patent black heels and a dark lip, for an extra glam look for night-time drinks.

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Shoes: Ted Baker (Similar) | Trousers: Hybrid c/o | Bag: Modalu England| Top: Monki (Similar) | Blazer: AllSaints | Lipstick: Nars 'Jeanne

This outfit works great for work attire and evening wear with a twist, and I'm currently obsessed with this All Saints blazer I managed to snap up in the sales a month or so back (which you might have already notice me mention in my last post here). It's sharp tailored look really smartens up everyday attire, but works just as hard for date nights, interviews, events and work. Clean, minimal and sophisticated, this really is the best investment piece I've bought so far and one of my all time favourite blazers I've owned.

Another piece that works great for investing in is a great pair of long length tailored trousers! These ones by Hybrid are perfect for having in your wardrobe, or a similar pair to take you from day to night. Sleek in design and well fitting, a must have wardrobe essential! Keeping it slightly causal I went with this texture top by Monki, a brand I stalk regularly on ASOS and the main website as I just love how versatile their clothing is and the all important minimalistic style to each. I would have went with a crisp white shirt but wanted it to look and feel more relaxed for going out with after work! I really like how the Modalu Pippa bag works with the all black attire and it really brings the beauty of this bag out.

xo, Jenny