Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Hey all, I haven't done a style post in so long!! It feels good to be doing outfit posts again, as I hate having everything focused on beauty and skincare, so hopefully this will make up for my shortfall.

 Cape Blazer: Style Moi c/o | Knee High Boots: Stuart Weitzman  | Petite Jeans: ASOS 
 Longline Blazer: Style Moi c/o | Petite Jumper: BHS | Lipstick: Nars Annabella

These boots are my babies and something I have wanted to invest in for months, and finally managed to in early November, as a little Christmas present to me from me :) I just love these ripped skinny jeans and how well they go with almost everything in my wardrobe. They're surprisingly not that chilly to wear, and the knee high boots keep my legs nice and warm, but I accidently ripped the knees open more, oops! :'D I guess it's just part of the look and I prefer it, but I definitely want to get similar styles from ASOS over the new year.

I have been lusting after cape blazers for months now and just love the whole sophisticated look about them, and they look great styled with these roughed up jeans and more laid back pieces for a nice chic off duty look. I layered both the long line and cape blazer for extra warmth, and really like how smart it looks; perfect for dinner dates or shopping trips. Another piece I am currently loving for winter is this super warm petite turtle neck jumper from BHS, it makes the perfect layering piece to keep cosy.

Honestly this week is passing so fast and I can't wait for Christmas now; Already getting excited and more so the fact I will be off for a long weekend, so that's a bonus! Not long now two more sleeps :-)

xo, Jenny

Monday, 22 December 2014


 Until a few weeks ago, I hadn't heard of Mary Elizabeth skincare, and really wish I had of done so much sooner! This nurture balm really is incredible, and the scents very uplifting for the long winter ahead. 

Nurture Balm: Spearmint and Tea Tree  c/o

The nurture balm actually reminds me of the LUSH fair trade foot lotion, as they both similar scent; it's a nice creamy peppermint/spearmint scent. The scents very refreshing and strong, so it lingers for ages on the skin and it just makes this balm such a pleasure to use as I love sweet smells. The spearmint is very cooling and feels amazing against the cold air if you're using it for hands, nails or lips

All the products including this little balm are natural and use organic ingredients, making this the perfect option for those with dry/sensitive skin or as a nice little treat for the winter to protect hands, lips, and nails from the environment. Enriched with gorgeous vitamin oils, this definitely keeps my hands and lips in tip top condition! The consistency is very thick and melts in my hands as soon as I remove it from the tin. It's very luxurious and a little goes a long way with this, and I also like how it's again, much similar to the LUSH lip balm tinsmaking it perfect for traveling with, and popping in your handbag for everyday use. 

Overall I just find this very nice to use daily, and I also apply it on my cuticles to hydrate and push them back before applying polish :) I just can't get over how good this balm smells and love the fact it includes tea tree and it's ALSO packed with natural goodness and moisturising Shea butter. It's made me eager to try out other products from Mary Elizabeth, especially the hand cream as I always need a good hydrating hand cream at this time of year. 

What's your thoughts on natural products? Have you heard of Mary Elizabeth before?

xo, Jenny

Sunday, 21 December 2014


This was one of the first ever mascaras I blogged about when I first started blogging back in (2013), and you can view the original post here; I received the travel size version of Benefits they're real mascara in the May issue of Ellie magazine last year, and with this I received lot's of comments on how the formula was slightly different to the "normal sized tube".

Mascara: They're Real by Benefit c/o

After trialling this mascara for a couple of weeks now, I have to admit the formula is definitely different, and I have noticed better results with the full version mascara; compared to the mini sample version I received last year. I must admit this mini version put me off trying the 'full' version, but I am really glad this was sent out to me by Debenhams in the (Christmas Hamper) to try out, as it's completely different formula wise and not as tacky; the results have really impressed me.

First things first, the brush is much different to most conventional mascara wands on the market, and definitely enhances the full blown effects this mascara gives. The brush is easy to wiggle between each lash hair as each tiny comb on the wand is precisely placed out with lots of space in-between for optimum results. I do find the lash comb more sturdy and structured compared to other wands, and it evenly dispenses the product to stop clumping and flakiness; your then left with intense lift, volume and curl

The shade comes in a deep midnight black and really enhances the eyes with maximum effects! I prefer using this to false eyelashes, as it's so much easier to apply and gives similar results. It's very long wearing, but easy enough to remove with regular eye removal product (I like to use The Body Shops chamomile eye make-up remover). It's definitely a mascara I could see myself buying again alongside other cult favourites of mine (Illamasqua Raven and Too Faced Better Than Sex). 

Have you tried Benefits they're real mascara yet? 

xo, Jenny

Friday, 19 December 2014


This was one of those products that just made me go OOOH. As soon as I noticed this in the parcel I was very curious as to what it does: in terms of skincare. You can tell by looking at the packaging that it's a skincare product, but it's nothing I have ever heard of or seen before! 

Balm: Papaya Gold PAWPAW  c/o

I have never heard of the brand Papaya Gold before but, after some heavy research, I soon realised this was not even a UK born brand but further so, down under, as to speak: Australia. It soon clicked in my mind the amount of beneficial ingredients packed into this little tube, most originate from Australia and New Zealand. Bio active Manuka Honey is the ultimate source of antibacterial properties, in return Manuka Honey slowly releases antiseptic properties to heal and treat infections. Manuka Honey can be consumed or applied neat to the body; I normally take a teaspoon a day, if not a couple of times a week, especially during winter to keep infection and viruses at bay. 

Manuka Honey is great for treating blemishes and burns, so applying this to the skin neat can be tricky, and very sticky too! Making this PAWPAW balm the next best thing! This balm contains Manuka Honey 20+ as the second main ingredient and the UMF rating is over 20; meaning this has the optimum therapeutic effects when applied to the skin. The balm contains no parabens or sulphates with natural ingredients, making it a dream to use and carry around in my handbag with the cute travel sized tube. The main ingredient in this balm is pawpaw, "papaya to us", and this is a rich source of antioxidant nutrients such as carotenes, vitamin C and B. 

Not only is this super fruit packed with lovely ingredients, it also smells and tastes delicious, very uplifting and fruity just like the tropics and as you all know I love fruity smells. This balm never leaves my lips and I can't get enough of it! These balms are becoming quite the handy essential and, you might have noticed a similar balm in my last post called "Dr.PAWPAW", so make sure to check that out too! Definitely a must have balm this winter to keep your lips hydrated and hands moistursed, it has multiple uses and comes in perfect for traveling with. 

I will be investing in more of these balms and find it the best thing for keeping my lips hydrated alongside the Epic Blend lip balms and, it's also great for applying to my hands as a deep treatment hand cream; without the left over greasy residue some creams/balms make. Papaya also contains more super ingredients such as potassium, copper, fiber and minerals, together these ingredients promote health, lower inflammation and improve healing from burns. These really are powerful natural ingredients and something that always makes me smile when applying to my skin, as it's all natural and it instantly relieves my troublesome areas, such as dry lips; my lips just soak up this balm and they're left feeling ever so soft, and they also look more plump and feel very hydrated, I just love the effects.

What's your thoughts on these types of balms for winter? 

xo, Jenny