Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Jenny , Wednesday, 16 April 2014                                                      


I was looking for a nice sleek wash bag for going away on a short vacation a couple of months back to keep all my cosmetics neat and organised for the occasion and noticed this Ted Baker wash bag on for half the original price at £12, and I just loved the cute bow and pretty detailing!

The size of this wash bag really is perfect for storing all of your essentials and the beautiful shape to give you more room. The bag features a center bow in pastel pink with Ted Baker logo attachments to the center and zip. 

The bag has a beautiful patent finish making it easy to clean and wipe down! However it is easy to get finger prints on the fabric but because of the patent finish you can easily wipe this away. This bag makes the perfect edition to a stylish get away keeping all your cosmetics clean and organised in once place and also comes in great for using at home if you don't like clutter :)

What are your thoughts on this bag, and do you have a wash bag? 

Thursday, 10 April 2014


Jenny , Thursday, 10 April 2014                                                      


It's that time again for yet another giveaway :) 
I figured since my last Real Techniques post was such a success and everyone commented on how much they love the core collection, I would be real generous and give you the chance to win a kit for yourself! You can view my thoughts on the collection (here) and also find out what brushes you get in the kit and the different uses for each one in the set! 

All you need to do to enter this great giveaway is enter the Rafflecopter details below and the giveaway will last for 1 month ending at midnight on the 11th May 2014.

I would also mean the world to me if you could take 20 seconds of your time to Vote for me in the Company Style Blog Awards 2014 under "Best Blog Design" and the "Pastel me Pretty Competition" it would mean the world to me! Thank you so much for all your support over the past year and I really want to be in with the chance of at least reaching the Awards Shortlist for Best Blog Design 

Thanks guys and I hope you love the giveaway as much as I do, and it's also open internationally so get entering :) Good Luck! x

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Jenny , Tuesday, 8 April 2014                                                      

Being the avid shoe lover I am, these beauties from Cinzia Araia really found a place in my heart when I first set eyes on them! There was no doubt in my mind that I had to have these in my arms when I noticed the huge discount on (Great Discounted Designer Website!) 

I just fell head over heels (excuse the pun) with the design and texture of the leather! These are the shoes I have been missing in my collection, something fresh and futuristic! I will be keeping an eye out for more footwear from Cinzia, as I really want to get more in the future. They are the most comfiest wedges I have worn yet and so easy to walk in :')

         Savannah for Nelly Black Shift Dress, Nelly - £28 - (Similar Here, here)

It's pretty mad, but I actually had to buy shoe insoles as the wedges where a little on the large side, but I couldn't see myself parting with them anytime soon! You can notice the insole ever so slightly but when walking in them you can't tell! My feet are a tiny size 3 so it's difficult to find shoes in my size and the fact leather stretch's over time I just hope my feet grow! ;)

I have had this wool trench coat from Lipsy for over 2 years now and just love the quality! Luckily enough I was able to grab it from ASOS for only £80 and always find it so warm for Winter

Sunday, 6 April 2014


Jenny , Sunday, 6 April 2014                                                      

    Image from Style Fare

What was the first blog you ever came across?
I would like to list just #1 blog but that would be impossible! When I first started blogging I was into so many different blogs but from the top of my head I can remember reading 5inchandup, shewearsfashioninthefrowfaiiintstylerawr, missmakeupmagpie, fashioninflux, milkteef, I have been a cult follower of these blogs ever since and never miss a new post ;)

Favourite blog reads?
Fashion/Style: Wow I have so much personal style blogs I follow, as I find these easier to relate to than fashion blogs purely because my blogs main focus is personal style! My main style inspiration would be Steph from Faiiint her wardrobe is just to die for, and her vast variety of draped pieceswhilst sticking to a strict palette of black. I always find myself glued to Amy's blog from The Little Magpie as I just love her style of writing and outfits, she always gets it right! I also enjoy Tara and Jades different style as part of a blogging duo over at The Style Rawr, they also have something different for everyone and just love there jewellery and jean choices they always make me want to buy everything :'D not to forget their lovely photography and writing style. My last blog for style inspiration would have to be the beautiful Kavita from She Wears Fashion, following her blog from the very start I have always been inspired by her photography and ubber cool outfits! She mixes different pieces together and I love her sports luxe posts the most, but also her more feminine creative approach to style.

Beauty: I most always find myself reading through Gemmas blog at Miss Make Up Magpie for the latest beauty finds and old ones as she always has something for everyone. Another favourite beauty blog of mine has to be Sleep and Water she includes such beautiful photography and I find myself addicted to her nail polish reviews, they are so pretty! Emma from milkteef is another beauty blogger I love and always find myself wanting to buy everything she mentions, she also does incredible honest reviews. Kayleigh at Couture Girl is another blogger I adore she is so sweet and insanely beautiful just love her make-up reviews and photography.

Best blogging friend? 
Ahh, this is a hard one as I have not met anyone I speak to online in real life, but I do enjoy everyone's comments and feel everybody that's part of the blogging community could come under a friend! There are a few bloggers I have come close to since first starting out and I hope this grows overtime and to meet new bloggers and hopefully create friendships as time goes on!

Name a blog that enables your purchases?
I have to admit it would be Faiiint! I feel we have similar interests when it comes to style as I find some of her outfits futuristic and I just love anything unique that has character to it! Emm another blog I always find myself maxing my credit out on would have to be The Little Magpie, I adore her choice in footwear and trousers, and last but not least The Style Rawr especially for jewellery! If I am honest I find myself reading so much blogs, I end up buying on a whim if I like something, and feel it relates to my person style. As for beauty like I mentioned above all my beauty choices come from my own personal experience or from beauty blogs who highly recommend certain products to name a few they would be: Gh0st Parties, Miss Make Up Magpie, and the lovely Couture Girl :)

6 blogs everyone should be reading
The fact I read over 400 blogs this really is a tough one! I would more than definitely recommend the blogs I mentioned above and I will include a few more below that I am crushing on at the moment :) I keep all of my favourite blogs on my blogroll (here).

1. Olivia from Olivia Emily - Gorgeous girl with an incredible sense of style! She pulls of grunge chic so well and always find myself crushing over her choice in footwear!

2. Jennifer from The Native Fox - Her fashion sense is so dreamy, I just adore her simplistic looks teamed with bold accessories. Jennifer really has it all covered and love her feminine style mixed with more grungy pieces. Her designer pieces are also to die for especially her handbag and shoe collection! A wardrobe to die for :)

3. Claire from Hey Claire - My ultimate girl crush ;) just love her personality and she is more known for her YouTube videos where she does everything from vlogs to style hauls. I love little Bruce (isn't he the cutest), her cat named after Bruce Lee and reminds me of my own cat :') The thing I love most about Claire is her grunge style and gorgeous hair. If you haven't seen Claires channel, I highly recommend you get watching.

4. Francesca from Opinion Slave - Features eye catching photography and style! I love her bold approach and sports luxe style!

5. Fabliha and Tasfia from Insidein-Insideout - These twins really know how to put an outfit together! I find there style very eye catching and unique with bold prints and the most incredible shoes. Having a more sports luxe approach to style, I could raid there wardrobe any day and love their choice in footwear and accessories!

6. Stephanie from Coco Chic - Very minimalist yet beautiful, her style has a very sporty chic elements to it with a black and white palette keeping it crisp and clean! Her wardrobe really is incredible and I just adore her photography also!

Blogs that inspire you?
I would most definitely have to say style blogs! I love looking through different style blogs and find it so creative how you can style things in so many different ways! I also enjoy fashion blogs but feel my heart is more set on style! I love dark fashion blogs and more free spirit style blogs, as I don't feel restricted to one style but enjoy cooperating a little bit of everything into my personal style but still feel I lean towards futuristic, feminine, sports luxe piecesI would love to name a few blogs that inspire me here, but to be honest every blog inspires me in a little/large way from beauty to style, so I will just keep this to a minimum :)

Favourite blog design or look?
I love different blog designs as I feel it makes a blog stand out! I love minimal designs with an easy to navigate approach as I feel this keeps me more engaged especially if the text/font is easy to read and the images are large so you can see the product/clothing. My favourite blog designs are Milk Bubble TeaShe Wears FashionMiss Make Up MagpieFaiiintWonderful You, Coco ChicAmy Valentine, Kayture, The Style RawrMascara and Maltesers.

What is your favourite thing about blogging? 
The creative freedom it provides! I love learning new things all the time and growing as a person. Blogging has brought all this to me and really helps you grow in different areas and skills. I enjoy the photography aspect and still learning today on different techniques and editing, I also love how my style changes and I find new ways to play with style. The best thing that comes from blogging would have to be the community and the inspiration I get from other bloggers all over the world and building friendships on the way. I feel when you start reading so much blogs you just bounce with creativity and it really opens doors to new opportunities and meeting people that understand you and your interests. 

Name a blogger that you would most like to see write a book in the future
Wow this is a tough one! I have decided to go a little of topic on this one! ;) Steph from Faiiint has so much talent in the design area and I would love to see her new line and really excited for the reveal, so keep your eyes peeled for this soon! I already have a few snoods from Steph and noticed a few pictures on her instagram using such luxurious fabrics and tags it makes me more anxious having to wait just to see what the collection includes especially the leather and silk pieces. I just find her such an inspiration and wish her the best of luck when she launches her label FAIIINT

I would love to see Sandra from 5 inch and up write a book or design a footwear collection, as she already has her own collection for so it would be nice to see more designs or even a shoe line incorporated into this. It would be refreshing to see a book on her style and equally gorgeous shoes! 

Another blogger I would love to see write a book or even create a label would be Kristina from Kayture, I always feel inspired when reading her posts and beautiful photography! She has a unique approach to fashion and would love to read a book on all her travel trips and different designer collaborations I would find this so interesting and inspiring.

So, that's my answers to the blogger love tag that the lovely Fee from Makeup Savvy created. 

What are your favourite blogs at the moment?